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Open Tournament
« on: March 11, 2017, 11:20:51 AM »
For those of you that are good at reading and adjusting to a ever changing shot should do pretty good. Team event started drier than I have seen in the seventeen years that I have participated. In my mind at least I thought I had a chance, I'm just not very good at making minute adjustments being a once a week house hack. For instance I had a 199 in the second game of team event and followed it up with a 159.    In doubles and singles there was for me a lot more oil, not complaining just giving my feel of it. Doubles 193-188-169 another fall off in game due to poor adjusting. Singles started with a 245 followed by 149-158 dam to start it off I thought I had something. Outside for me was out of bounds like it always is for me. Like always, I had a great time at Nationals with the friends I go with. I just need to learn to adjust faster and bowl better. Next year they tell us that tournament will not start until the first week of April which is not the best time for us as we have a couple of participants that farm for a living and they would be in the field by then.


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Re: Open Tournament
« Reply #16 on: May 31, 2017, 08:54:11 AM »
I just got back from Vegas, and although I didn't light it up, I thought the lanes were fair and very playable. I had a double or turkey going into the 10th frame 4 times (3 times was in the team event, ugh), and split all 4 times, costing me lots of pins (of course).

To me, and the other OC experienced bowlers in our group, the S & D shot was pretty much the same as past years. The team shot is indeed demanding...I used my Track legion Solid all 3 games and was migrating left on the approach as more frames were bowled. So basically, from what I read on here and elsewhere is correct....use a solid with medium surface (the legion is 2000). The main deal is to repeat your good shots, something I failed to do.

This is interesting! Everyone has there own scheme that works. Two of my team mates migrated left (high rev players) during Teams, the last two games. I did the opposite, and migrated right, going up the boards with very little hand, and surface on my ball. Closed out my last game with a 4-bagger!
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