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Quick report
« on: April 07, 2004, 01:59:56 AM »
Alright please excuse my long pose.  I made it back a few days ago from Reno.  Aside from gambling poorly, bowling poorly, and 17 hours in airports, it was a great

The shot is tight esp in team.  I couldn't get the ball to wrinkle in team at all.  I have a fair amount of hand and couldn't pay my Eraser particle pearl to move.  I hacked around the first game with 3 balls and a few different lines to a huge 148.  I then decided to stop putzing around and slow myself down and go way outside.  I was standing 12 throwing 4 with a swamp monster.  My revs stayed the same and my speed must have dropped to 10 or 11.  This line finally game me some play.  I go 180 180 to end on this line.  An interesting note on team for me is I left no 9 counts.  No single pins at all.  So I was either on and carried, or terribly off.

Singles and doubles at 7am was rough as well. The shot played a bit drier and I started 4th arrow with my EPP.  It worked well when I hit it, but hitting it was my problem.  I eventually went back outside and shot 520.  I was able to goto a more normal speed since it seemed to play dryer as well.  Only left 4 9 counts in doubles.  So 6 games four 9 counts and none of them corners.
First game of singles was the only time I left 9s in the pocket.  I moved back inside (since the outside seemed touchy on this pair).  I left 2 ten's and a 7 to start.  After that I went back outside with the swamp monster (X X X 9 to end).  I finished that game with 201.  I shoot 225 the next game going up 7 with fairly normal speed and revs.  On 6 in a row I tossed it in the gutter (and spared it) and was never the same again.  I finished out with 151 for 577.

No one I went down with had any luck inside at all.  Team they were able to do alright straight up 12 or 13, but that was about it.  I was high man with 1606 and I didn't go down with slackers either.  The key for anyone now is to find the line early and hit it often and cover your spares.

Just a quick note...I didn't use plastice for spares.  I used a polished time zone and never had it over/under react for me

40 Framer
Bowl this fresh or 2nd shift.  We drew it 3rd (or 4th) shift and the lanes were absolute toast.  No heads and carrydown city.  It played like a reverse block (OB outside), but had no backend at all.  You can probably crush it early, but don't expect to score on the late shifts

The casinos all appeared to be nice.  The Sands had decent rooms but is tiny, with limited machines and tables (however they do run a free blackjack tournament for bowlers where every 2 days the high 3 people get money back).  Tighest slots I have ever seen (of course this was city wide -- 4 of us down $1500+ and nothing hit all week).  They also have Tony Romas which you can get 50% off an entree with your ABC card.  Busy place though.  Stay away from Mels Diner.  Its over-priced with poor food/service.

Circus Circus has $1 blackjack.  Silver Legacy/El Dorado both looked real nice.  Didn't play much there but they had the look and feel of a high class casino

Any other questions, feel free to ask