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Author Topic: Terrible, Respectable, and where was that earlier---my Nationals recap  (Read 882 times)


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Im a RH NOTHUMBer (Insert slam here). My average at Nationals prior to this trip was 193.5 in 6 tournaments---the last 6 years.

This year Ive been quite successful at home and felt that going to Nationals and falling flat on my face would be unacceptable. It would allow for any of my detractors to get their free shots.

I walked into the team event with a reasonable amount of confidence. Based on what I had watched the previous 2 days, I felt that speed was the most important facet to the game out there. Accuracy is always important but it looked like a speed mistake was more costly than say a minor missed release. I still believe this to be true. My first game of teams I come out of the gate roaring---I miss the head pin right and leave a 1-2-4, then push the 2 around the 4. There went the 90 clean. I started using my Big One, playing straight up 13. Not my A game at all. I just made too many poor shots to get any results. I missed 2 more spares (chopped a 5-9, flagged a 4 pin) and also had a split. Factor in no doubles and youve got a beautiful 151 game.

As game 1 progressed I tried to get closer to what would be my comfort zone (LEFT). I moved in more, just fluffing the ball at the release to ensure the speed was down. I shot a 188---2 doubles with a ring 10 miss between them to finish the game. While I wasnt setting the world on fire, I was feeling more comfortable. My line was probably closer to a 20-13, with slow ball speed for me. I still couldnt develop a great angle to the pocket, even with the ball track opening up.

By game 3, the ball track was plenty open and I "should have been" scoring. At least in my mind I was thinking I should have been scoring. I figured Id keep moving in until finally I decided to put the Big One away. I could get to the hole, I just couldnt develop the look to carry anything. I pulled out my Rampage, again stayed soft with the hand and speed---I left a 2 pin, then doubled, and shredded a 7 pin. That finished my team event with a 193. I wont say my 532 was embarrassing---Ive done that before in teams and come back to have better days. But I wasnt happy about it.

Day 2

I watched the teams on our singles and doubles pairs---doubles pair had strokers repeating shots well, throwing dull equipment up the outside. Singles pair had crankers all playing inside 15 from the start, spraying the ball all over the lane. I actually liked what I saw from both.

The doubles pair, I had a similar look to what I saw at the end of team with my Rampage. I played about 22-12 with a relatively slow ball speed. I was able to make small adjustments the rest of the match and turn that into a 602---206, 204, 192. Not setting the world on fire but with my partner shooting 606 we had a respectable set. Again not great, but not bad---and alot better than the night before.

The singles match I started where I finished the doubles match. This was a mistake, the crankers had opened a hole wide up from about 11-16 board at about 30-37 feet. There was just no way to get through it. This caters to my game. I played 27 or 28 at the arrows the entire set. I started smoothly swinging the Rampage to 13 or so early, then later playing more of a fallback shot with a much higher ball speed. I shot 222, 209, 234 for 665.

In the end, I shot 1799 after a 151 first game---nothing less than 188 after that. I was pleased. I wasnt ecstatic because I felt like I missed some opportunities but for the most part, I was pleased with Day 2.

My random thoughts on the trip...
-I couldnt believe how tight the shot started in teams.
-I couldnt believe how much they opened up (despite what I was reading).
-Bourbon St Saloon has some great burgers---and drinks, for very reasonable prices.
-Texas A1 Steakhouse was ok---10-15 minute drive for reasonably priced decent steak. Nothing out of this world, but also not a break the bank, fancy place. It was what it was.
-We stayed at the Best Western Marina. I was pleased with the room, and the service. The people were particularly warm, in fact on the entire trip I cant think of any person anywhere in Corpus doing anything to upset me (whereas it took 5 minutes the last time we were in Reno)
-My buddy and I managed to turn a 26 hour drive into a 23 hour drive with a little creative speed management.

I enjoyed CC a great deal, it was possibly the most relaxing 4 days Ive had in quite awhile.

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