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What I learned
« on: March 30, 2004, 09:14:16 PM »
First, you all know that I'm not a great bowler. Heck, I've told you that often enough. Second, my husband and I went to Reno knowing we would be mere prize-fund donators, and that was OK with us. We just wanted the experience.

I did learn a very valuable lesson while in Reno ...


Started team event on the 8:30 p.m. squad on 3/25 with my Monster Bruiser trying to throw my "normal" shot -- stand 25 throwing out over 10. It didn't work, period. Changed lines, trying everything from the 3 board to the 25 board to no avail (and we know lefties never have to change lines!). Went through every ball in my bag during the first two games and couldn't come close to a respectable score for my pitiful average. Third game I was completely frustrated and confused so I did something drastically different for me. I moved left, standing 10 throwing 7, and watched the Bruiser move right into the pocket. I didn't believe it. I tried again ... same thing! This just wasn't how my Bruiser had ever reacted on any lanes anywhere! But, I chose to BELIEVE WHAT I SAW, and my third game was 64 pins higher than my second game.

Next day, D/S, I started with that line and didn't move more than a board right or left for six games. Doubles series was respectable for me. Singles was a bit maddening because we ended up bowling on the pair next to the guys from Wisconsin who would be in the Team A/E lead by the end of the day, and they were incredibly slow and focused, waiting for two-three lane courtesy before they would throw a shot. But I still managed to do better in singles than my team performance of the day before. By the way, we had the good fortune to bowl next to those Wisconsin guys in team event, too, and I had the pleasure of watching some of the best amateur bowling I've ever seen. They certainly understand what TEAM means.

If I learned nothing else from my Reno experience, I did learn that the ball will not lie to me as it rolls down the lane. I put that knowledge to use during league the first night back home and shot my highest series ever! Can't wait until Sunday and Monday leagues to see if the lesson sticks!

All in all, we had a grand time in Reno, and we're already making plans for Baton Rouge ... just don't plan to leave Baton Rouge as merely a prize-fund donator.