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Amulet Glow
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Color: Yellow

Coverstock: Polyester

Core: 2-piece

Factory Finish: Polished

Lane Conditions: Light Oil


Paul Nosek

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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2001, 10:04:53 PM »
I've drilled up a Glow Amulet for use as a spare ball. It's drilled with pin on axis, CG toward grip center, with a hole about 2 inches beyond the pin to bring the statics to finger/negative, about 1/2 oz each.

First, this is a REALLY cool looking ball. It's neon yellow, and it does indeed glow in the dark. While it was being drilled, a few people came in to say WHADAHELLIZZAT??? We killed the shop lights to demo the glow a few times. Under our black light it's even better. You would swear the thing is radioactive but the drill sheet says it's not, first time I've ever seen that disclaimer!

You would also swear it's plastic, but it is definitely urethane (not reactive) with a very high polish. As drilled, it's a spare dart but it could still move a bit on the back, just because i'm control challenged and have a lot of trouble straightening a ball out. It goes especially long for a two-piece drilled on its low axis, yet it showed no sign of "plastic ball squirt" in the soup.  I'm looking forward to using this as a go-to when I bowl in my scratch sport condition league. Yes, it has some thump on the pins, thanks to its Gargoyle core.

The retail on this ball isn't bad, either; about the same as other companies' gadget  spare balls but with more versatility in the arsenal due to its urethane 2 piece construction, with pin-outs available up to 5 inches.
Outstanding value here.

Drilling notes: the coloring makes it hard to see as you drill. The cover is tough even for a urethane, it wrapped around our one-year-old bits in long ribbons. When drilling weight holes, proceed slowly as the inner core is quite dense, at least near the pin.

One bad thing about this ball: using it a lot at spares will tell the entire building that your carry isn't so good tonight.

Buy one for you, buy one for your hair.  Visionary strikes again.  

Doug Sterner

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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2001, 02:59:58 PM »
Since my soccerball got a little too old and plain I decided I need another dry lane ball. I considered the Grenade and Football but a friend told me to try the Amulet. I said "Cool" and got one.

Well, after I started talking to some guys about this ball, I decided that I was going to juice this urethane beast and see what it would do. I do not have a lot of rotation and have a lot of trouble with the overreaction of the reactives when the lanes dry out.

Predrill Specs:
Gross...15.30 lbs
Top weight: 3.52 inches
Pin distance: 2.75"

Drill pattern:
3-3/8 stacked leverage with 13/16" x 2" weight hole 1" below intersection of midline and VAL. Ending specs were 1.5 oz top weight, 5/8 oz finger weight and 1/2 oz sideweight.

Surface prep: out of the box

Other notes:
First ball I have drilled without finger inserts
First new ball I have drilled with new set of specs (1/8" shoter span, more forward pitch in fingers, less left and reverse in thumb)

Testing done on a 2nd shift league condition. 1 day's carrydown on backends and badly grooved in track area.
For comparison I had my Trauma ER along. ER could be played from 30 across 15 out to 8 and then hard arc into pocket. (See my review of my ER for those people wanting more info...this ball does not hook like other ER's due to it's irregular pin/cg/mc2 positioning).

I was able to play the Amulet straight dowen the boards and get a nice even roll into and thru the pins. Could play any shot not requiring big backend to generate the hit and mix.

The ball is very smooth an playable. very consistent but what really surprised me was the hit this ball generates. The ball hit harder than ANY urethane I have ever thrown. I think that with a little surface tweak this ball is every bit as strong as the Thunderflash. It just needs a little surface if you want that style of reaction.

Great job Visionary....keep up the great work.

Doug Sterner
Doug's Pro Shop
Owego, NY
Doug Sterner
Doug's Pro Shop
Owego, NY

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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2001, 09:31:45 PM »
The only criticism of Amulet that I can muster is that it's ugly. It looks like the outcome of an experiment with egg drop soup and banana pudding gone horribly wrong. But I can understand what Visionary was trying to accomplish with limited resources, and it's actually a pretty remarkable feat to cover dry lanes, spare ball and moonlight bowling admirably well in one package.

The reality is that Amulet is a useful spare ball and a fantastic ball for dry lanes. The argument for owning it is that you need to carry a spare ball anyway, so why not spend the extra $30 and get something with a bigtime core that can pound the pins as a main ball? Then you have a huge advantage on a condition where everyone has to go to plastic. With its mild coverstock, it's also a great answer to the extreme wet/dry that can sometimes vex the tweener.  

Amulet is a 1500 grit pearlized urethane ball with a 78-81 hardness rating and a powerful core, apparently the basic Gargoyle core with an added spherical wrap. Mine is 3" pinout, 3.36 oz top weight, 15.95#, laid out 5 x 5, with the pin immediately above the ring. We left a positive 1/2 oz side weight.

Visionary rates the Wet/Dry hook rating at 5/8. My experience is that it's a smooth 10 - 12 down the boards on very dry lanes. It isn't much good for me as a primary ball on anything past the lightest oil, though I could imagine how a cranker on these conditions could easily love it.

Amulet is a fairly long ball, probably a couple of feet earlier than a similarly drilled, say, Scout/R, but not as jumpy, with a smooth, but fairly strong arcing reaction on the backend. I would consider drilling it for dry lanes the same way you'd drill mild resin for a fresh shot, so, if I had it to do again, I'd probably do a 5 x 4.

My honest opinion is that just about everyone who likes to turn the ball can benefit from Amulet. There are three compelling things about it. The best thing is how well it hits and carries. Others have mentioned this in their postings and reviews, but you can't overemphasize it. The hit feels like it is limited only by the coverstock. I can imagine what monsters the Gargoyles would be with this weight block in a resin or particle cover. In terms of the balls I own, it hits about as well as a Game, and slightly better than a Thunderflash. It has no problem throwing scouts and messengers around the deck.

Second is its tolerance for dry heads. It literally needs no head oil at all. I threw it much of the season in a house that was a couple of years overdue for resurfacing, and it had no problem getting through the heads at all after two leagues, when everything else was hooking at your feet.

Third is psychological - it lets you play _your_ game without alteration on dry, messy conditions. Extreme dry forces us to make uncomfortable adjustments in release, line or speed. I can take Amulet out after two leagues and several hours of open play and know that I can turn it up right in the middle of the burn just like mild resin on a fresh shot. You have the feeling that you're perfectly equipped for ratty lanes.

I am very favorably disposed toward Visionary based on my experiences with Amulet. It is certainly the best money I have spent on equipment all year. These folks put a lot of thought into Amulet and made it as good as it could possibly be.  

I give it an 8 overall, composed of equal weighting to:

Control: 10. Seems to combine the best characteristics of pearl resin and urethane, in that it is extremely tolerant of both fried heads and flying backends.  

Versatility: In terms of the range of conditions it covers, I have to give it a 5. This isn't a fair criteria, because the ball's description clearly states that it is intended only for dry lanes and as a spare ball. With no hyperbole intended, I'll come flat out and call it the ultimate fried lanes ball. On
milder conditions, I imagine that crankers would also love it.

Hit & Carry: 8.5 In terms of what I own and know about, a couple of notches below a great-hitting ball like a Ti Messenger Pearl, neck-and-neck with a Game, but a notch above a Thunderflash.
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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #4 on: February 05, 2002, 09:17:43 PM »
A really great urethane ball.I use it for spares, but I would really like to see visionary come out with a plastic or polyester ball. Sometimes the amulet is great but if there dry it will snap on you at the last second.All in all I think its a great ball with great go long power.
                                                      Brent Couch
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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #5 on: March 04, 2002, 10:47:49 PM »
The Glow Amulet is the Best True Dry Lane Ball Ever!

The Glow Amulet from Visionary features a polyester Coverstock
that actually provides some tracktion to the lanes.
The ball also has the weight block from the Gargoyle Series.

Because of the fully dynamic weight block, this ball rolls
strong and predictable! Great Hitting Power!
*Far better than any plastic ball!!!!
*Remember, most plastic balls do not have dynamic weight blocks
inside of them and therefore give up alot of hitting power and
consistant ball movement when used on dry lanes.

The Glow Amulet even drilled with a "Full Leverage" maximum
hook drilling will allow most bowlers to negotiate the driest
of lanes with controlled hooked and great carry!

Everyone at our proshop has added this ball too their bags for
the dry lanes that we sometimes encounter!

We highly recommend this ball to all bowlers!

Besides a great ball! This one will Glow in the Dark!



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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2002, 07:10:27 AM »
Visionary's Glowing Amulet has to be one of the most visually striking balls I've ever had.  Screaming yellow is a good way to describe this ball in its normal state.  Placed under or near a black light it glows with a green light and charged up by a black light or placed in the sun for a while it will glow in total darkness for quite some time!  Besides all this, when was the last time you saw a spec sheet for any bowling ball that contained the words: "This ball contains NO radioactive materials..." ???!!  Just way too cool.  Drag one of these out at a Cosmic Bowl when the black lights are on and you'll draw a crowd.

When Visionary discontinued their original Infra-Red Amulet a couple of years ago it left a void in their line-up for either a pure spare ball or a very dry lane ball.  While the original was a plastic ball that I describe as a spare ball that could be used on scorched conditions. (I had a Red Amulet, it has since made its way into my son's bag.)  This new Glowing Amulet is a great dry lane ball that can be used as a spare ball if drilled correctly.  Having a hard urethane shell and the Gargoyles core this ball is all business.

The first of these that we tried was a 15 pound ball with a 3 inch pin and about 3 oz of top weight.  This was originally purchased for my son who wanted a replacement for his old Soccer ball that was cracking out around all the holes.  Drilled basically label this ball was just to strong for him as a pure spare ball.  That was when my Red Amulet mysteriously made its way from my bag to his.  Giving this ball a try myself as a pure spare ball I also found it was too strong with this drill.  Great for dry conditions with expected hit, I was at a loss for a spare ball.  I ordered another of these at 14 pounds with only 1 1/2 to 2 oz top weight and a max pin out.  This ball we drilled with the pin  very close to my PAP and cg on grip centerline.  Perfect!  This ball works exactly the way I hoped it would.  Just a very little bit of finish at the end.  Enough that lets you have confidence when shooting for the 3-10 or the 2-8 but, not enough that your palms get sweaty on a ten pin.

So... In conclusion of this "glowing" review, if your looking for a great scorched condition ball, here's your ticket.  If you need a spare ball, it can be that with the correct drill.  Either way your going to get one of the coolest looking balls on the market today.


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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #7 on: July 15, 2002, 10:40:26 AM »
T.W. 2.5 oz.
Drilling: 4.5x4.5   no extra hole needed  
Lefthanded stroker w/ low to med revs and med speed
Typical house shot: 38 feet with dry backends

This is a great spare ball and I have used it with some success on  desert conditions

Good Job Visionary


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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #8 on: July 25, 2002, 10:27:06 AM »
I got this ball as part of my test staff membership. This is a great spare ball. I had mine drilled with the pin just above and to the right of the ring finger, like my gargoyle. With this drilling I can use the amulet as a strike ball on very dry lanes. As a spare ball, the amulet rocks! Straight as an arrow on anything above light-medium oil, and it hits hard! This is the spare ball you need to send those pins flying and pick up those splits. I've also used it on very dry (I mean bone dry) lanes as a strike ball. With it drilled the way I have it, on dry lanes I get a moderate hook to the pocket, and like I said, it hits hard and rarely leaves any pins standing. As far as appearence, I didn't buy it for it's looks. But I have to admit, it looks pretty damn cool. Leave it in the sun for a few minutes and you can light up a small room for hours. If you're looking to draw attention to yourself while bowling, this is the ball for you. I've had more than a few comments on mine, this ball turns heads when it's taken out of the bag.


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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2002, 09:56:36 AM »
I suppose there is not much to say about this ball, because I have only used it as a spare ball and I think they don't even make them anymore.  However, it is working great as my spare ball, and I think it will come in very handy if the lanes get really dry.  By the way, it is 14lbs. in an effort to help pick up the baby split.


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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #10 on: September 23, 2003, 07:55:04 PM »
Bought the Amulet glow used from RandyO.
Had thumb plugged and span shortened, ended up for me a 3 1/2x 4 drilling.
Used on afternoon lanes, synthetic, 38ft light oil when fresh.
 Been having trouble on league with my Green Gargoyle starting up too early and when I get my speed up the GG tends to squirt on the carrydown or when I push the GG out a little far flat 10 pins.
Stood left foot 22 board getting the Glow amulet out to the 5 board nice even move to the pocket.
 If I pulled the Glow a little it would sit nicely and trip the 4. Push it out the Glow would leave some flat 10 pins. Better than the 2-8-10's I've been leaving.
  Covers 10 pins nicely.  Been using plastic and just mentally don't feel comfortable shooting spares with my Maxim.  Plenty comfortable with the Glow for spares.
   For my needs 9 out of 10.


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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #11 on: December 19, 2003, 10:36:59 AM »
This is a unique ball to say the least!

My Glowing Amulet weighs in at 16lbs with a 2-3" pin out distance, and is drilled with the pin over the bridge and the CG kicked out some.  If I had to put numbers on it, the layout would be about a 5x4 pattern.

After some conversation with Charlest about this ball I was warned to expect it to roll early.  He wasn't wrong with his advice, being this ball doesn't make it very far down the lane before it rolls.  In fact, playing outside the wall on a synthetic 40 foot flat pattern no buff oiled 10-10, this ball rolled instantly as it touched the surface.  The only saving grace I had using this ball out there was it doesn't flare very much.

On the lanes when I use it as a primary ball, no matter what surface I'm playing on, the reaction is silky smooth.  I can easily compare this to the Sonic Solid in terms of even, control, and reaction, but it's about five boards easily weaker.

I generally play straight up ten, or give the Glowing Amulet a few board room for swinging in the dirt, depending on exactly how much head oil is left on the lane.

Like many other Visionary balls, it also carries well for it's construction, but the hitting power and pin action leaves alot to be desired.  My teammate, just recently asked me if I was throwing an eight pound ball by the way it hit the pins.

It remains in my bag now as a permanent spare ball, whichs makes picking up right side spares a breeze.  And, when the going gets tough, and the track gets a tan, I pull out the Glowing Amulet and play in the sand.

Overall a good ball that was probably over looked because of it's un Godly bright yellow color.
Would you give everything up, just to do it all over again?

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Re: Amulet Glow
« Reply #12 on: April 21, 2005, 10:50:10 AM »
Pin axis drilling. Use it for my spare ball until I come across lanes with no oil up front. Power went out one night at the lanes and my ball was glowing - great conversation piece to help get Visionary's name out.
L. Nelson
Visionary Test Member
L. Nelson
Visionary Test Member
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