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Title: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: admin on December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM
Finish: Polished (1500)

Hardness: 75-78

RG: Medium (2.55")

Flare: Medium (.030" differential)

Length (1-10): 7.5

Back end (1-10): 9

Hook (1-20): 10 (oil) -18.5 (dry)

Avail. Wts: 13-16# (Gryphon core)
10-12# (on request - light wt. core)

Lane Conditions: Medium - Lighter Conditions
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: BowlPro on November 14, 2002, 11:59:13 PM
The Blue Sparkle Gryphon is Here!

Our New Visionary Gryphon's arrived today and it was off to the drill press to get this new Visionary entry on the lanes for a test spin.

We followed the Visionary Gryphon drilling suggests and drill one of our balls with the "Plain Label" drilling, pin at 2:00PM. and CG in the palm.

Our second Gryphon was drilled "Full Leverage" with the pin and CG in the 12:00 "Strong Position". Balance hole 6" over from grip center.

When looking at the "Gryphon" weight block design on the drilling sheet makes me think of a "Concrete Cinder Block" with the corners cut off.

Its very unique and different from anything I have ever seen before. This only raised our expectation level even more to hurry-up and get this ball on the lanes to see what it could do.

Visionary describes this ball as being designed for "Medium Oil" lane patterns. The Blue Sparkle Reactive coverstock makes this ball a great looker.

We took our pair of "Gryphon's" to the test lanes, freshly oiled for the evening leagues. (Typical House Condition) I started with my "Leveraged" drilled ball and from the start this ball was VERY smooth to the break-point and then, BAM! A strong change of direction and HOOK! It kinda of caught me by surprise that this ball would make such a strong turn to the pocket that I had to realign my target and strike path. My second shot found its target and again, BAM! a strong hook and total pin destruction!

I continued to roll four complete games with this ball and found that is was VERY forgiving and it allowed me to play just about any angle I wanted to the pocket. "Once I got my feel for its strong change of direction and Hook".

The Hitting Power and Carry is as Visionary stated....UNBELIEVABLE!

I continued to roll two more games and I did not want to put this ball down!
I found a "Reactive Ball" that suited my style Very Well! Those of you who are of average release and average speed and average Revs, "Tweeners" will find this ball to be very friendly and controllable. Those of you who can "Rip" the cover will also enjoy the control of this New Visionary ball.

After six complete games with the "Gryhon" I was feeling too tired to continue with the "Label Drilled" ball, so I passed it too my Proshop Associate who is a "Cranker" type, and asked him to give it a run. He changed the grips to his size and opened the thumb abit and he was off to the same pair of lanes that I was on to see what he could get out of this ball. As I watched and took theses notes, I was again amazed at the smooth transisition this ball provided down the lane to its break point and then, BAM! Change of direction and strong hook!

Even with my Cranker friend attempting to put everything he had into this ball, it did not lose its control! The "Label" drilled ball in his hands had as much hook and carry as my "Full Leverage" ball did in my hands!

After three complete games with this ball, My Proshop Associate told me that he was "Keeping" this one! and that I could deduct its cost from his paycheck.

Visionary has always put some very strong performers on the lanes in the past, but this new ball, I believe to be their "BEST" to date!

James Wonders and the good folks at "Visionary" have a "TRUE" winner on their hands with the New Gryphon! Also, another great feature here is that Visionary Bowling Products are PBA licensed, so those of you who bowl on the PBA Regional Tour can put this one in your bags immediately!

I will agree that the New Gryphon is a great "League Condition" ball! and I highly recommend this ball to all bowlers.

This ball looks to be very driller friendly, but we suggest you consult your local Proshop Professional for the best way to set this ball up for your individual bowling needs.


Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: Train Wreck on November 16, 2002, 12:19:08 PM
This is the best ball I have ever used by Visionary.  It is very controlled and has a wicked transition from wet to dry.  I drilled this ball label leverage with the pin at 12:00.  I took it out on a fresh house shot and let her rip.  I am a tweener, throw the ball 15-17MPH.  This ball is great!!!  I shot 761 out of the box.  Absolutely a great buy.
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: Bill Ruehl on November 19, 2002, 01:39:30 PM
Great ball.  I got it drilled lst thursday on label.  It works very well on drier lanes.  The first game I shot with it was a 207 (I average in the 170-180 range).  Had a Dutch 200 through nine frames until I struck in the tenth.  It hits as hard as advertised.  A great ball.
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: TheDude on December 13, 2002, 08:41:13 PM
Got this ball from Visionary in a hurry for a tournament last weekend but the ball never got to shine. That was until i went the following day to my sunday morning league nicknamed" The Cake Hole" The shot is a wall basically. On most days of the week you can walk in to find lanes with dry outsides and strong backends. I can use a very weak ball polished to about 2500 and as long as it is put outside the 5 it comes back.

My Stats are in my profile, my Starting topweight and pin were 3 1/2 pin with 2.98 oz of tpwt and my drilling on this wonderful ball is 4 1/2 X 2 with the pin just above my ring finger. the CG on the mid line with a weight hole 6 inches over making the final side weight a clean 1/2oz positive. Out of the box this ball is polished to 1500. The coverstock has MICA giving it an attractive sparkle to it on the rack. This ball flares on average 5-6 inches for me and my rev rate is about 380 to 400. This ball has a better area of recovery as promised but sometime it flips so hard it doesn't always want to sit. This ball is designed to open up the lane because of the good midlane recovery and insane backend. Just looking at the core of this thing shouts out Flipping backend. And expecting an arc from this ball you will just be fooling yourself.

The Blue Sparkle GRYPHON is designed for more walled up shots. With a solid coverstock and MICA particles it handles more oil than the Crimson Executioner but creates a very strong entry angle to the pocket. This Ball Flips and when i say Flip I mean watch out cause your gonna be whiplash in your neck from looking at the ball path of this thing. OWIEEE!!!! lol

For the Med to low rev player this ball is good because it creates a strong angle of entry to the pocket. it has very continous motion in the backends to the pocket never giving up on finding the 8-9. Even with low revs it still can create some incredible angles to the pocket.

But when you can turn it up a bit more you can open the lane up for sure. It is great for going deep when you can't play the middles. It gets past all the oil and carrydown with total ease. I played with this ball on a shot were the lanes were re-oiled but not restriped. everyone complained of weak backend and carrydown. all using dull equipment. me standing proudly with my gryphon i made my way through it all. out playing everyone with a 732.

This ball plays well on synthetics and wood lanes. it passes through the heads well but not as well as the red crimson. It can handle so much more oil than given credit for. It is has only one down fall for a ball this great there is bound to be one. It creates such a strong angle to the pocket that it leaves 9s and stone 8s more occasionally than most balls would from visionary. It hits hard and lol the 9s can prove it. But for the weaker hand player it will give them a very interesting and dynamic look on the lanes. if you have a higher rev hate take a giant step left and rip'.

Great ball and hope that maybe a pearl version with the same core or possibley slightly tweaked a bit will be on the design boards.

Tim Thompson. Visionary Canadian ProStaff.(VCP-VBP )
Visionary bowler, I see the future!
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: plippens on December 16, 2002, 10:29:36 AM
A great ball from Visionary.  Where do I start on this one.  Easily five more feet of length compared to the Crimson Executioner.  Very strong flip on the back like the Green Gargoyle, but with the drive and carry of the Executioner line.  

I had my ball drilled with the pin above the ring finger and the cg stacked directly below in the palm, or a 4 1/2" pin placement for those of you who like to be specific.  

First night of league with this ball was 258, 279, 268 for an 805.  The lanes were synthectics with a walled 5 to 5 pattern 38 feet long.  Next night I still managed to shot 708 for three games on a shot with more carrydown.  

This ball is very controllable and also very smooth throughout the heads and the midlane.  The backend is strong and precise but not with a hard to control flip.  Like many of you who have commented on this ball, I have left a few more nine pins but its fair to say the ten pin seems to fall more frequently so its a fair trade off.  

Overall I give this one a 10 out of 10.  Best house shot ball Visionary has made since the Crimson Executioner.
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: L7H2N on January 16, 2003, 07:16:28 AM
Lefty - 202 average

Drilling: Pin under "Bird" finger about 1/2". Cg under ringer finger 3".

I have a tendency to put a lot of hand in the ball. The Gryphon takes what I put in it and runs! On medium oil, I am able to send it out and it will come charging back. So far I have rolled 12 games with it and found that fresh oil in the heads is best because when the Gryphon hits the dry boards - it is turning and gaining revs! I would like to see what I can do with it on medium to heavy oil patterns. The lane conditions it is supposed to be for is medium to light but I found the opposite to be true medium to heavy oil. I can't see this ball staying on the lane on light oil patterns.
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: Tosweetballs on February 11, 2003, 01:39:59 PM
My PAP is 5 over 1 up
speed 18-19 mph
high rev rate
pin is 2-3 pin drilled 3 3/8x3 3/8
 This ball is very forgiving on a typical house shot. It is very speed sensetive but still hooks plenty with a good amount of speed. I can play anywhere from third arrow out to first arrow. I left with box finish of 1500 polished. I reccomend to anybody that wants a ball that recovers well and still has enough backend to carry the ten out i reccomend the GRYPHON!!!!
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: Aphique on February 12, 2003, 09:52:58 AM
Purchased this ball about a week ago, and I would have to say that this ball far surpasses its performance.  From most of the reviews that I read about this ball, it was labled as a light to medium oil ball with not much of a hard back end flip or snap.  I would say that this is not the case.  

After bowling a tournament and league play where the lanes were heavily juiced, the Gryphon not only has great length, but incredible back end flip with carry.  Just to add to the great movement on the ball, it hits tremendously hard.  In regards to the other Visionary balls that I currently own and throw, I already have the following:

Purple Ice Executioner
Midnight Scorcher
Granite Gargoyle

I am awaiting my Green Gargoyle.  But by far, the Grypon is the best ball that I have ever had the opportunity to throw.  Up until that point, the Granite Gargoyle was my favorite.  I am currently a 195 average bowler, but so far the Gryphon has easilty added another 10 to 15 pins to my average.  I would have to say that I am totally pleased with Visionary and all of their equipment.
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: PJM300 on March 12, 2003, 11:29:05 AM
I reeived my gryphon through my test stff membership.  Specs are 16lbs 3.6 top weight and a 3-4 pin. Right handed

Had this drilled with the pin over my bridge and cg under my ring finger.  I use this ball on a typical house shot 38 feet of oil heavier in the middle with drie outsides and fresh backends.  I must say this is an excellent ball for this condition.  Ball gets down the lane and has a noticeable yet controoled move at the breakpoint.  The carry on this ball is unbelievable.  Lots of messengers and barely any corner pins.  I can use this ball throughout the  whole night even when the oil begins to carrydown.  I just move my feet right and play a little more direct.  I had people asking me what is that ball and commenting on the hitting power.  This is a solid 10 in my book.

Test Staff Member
Pete M.

Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: beeker on March 15, 2003, 10:49:30 AM
You may want to read my review on the Granite Gargoyle before you read this to get a little perspective on myself.  

Now if you read the gargoyle review then you will be able to follow this review.  
The Gryphon is an excellent ball.  It gets into a roll almost immediately after it leaves your hand.  It gets through the heads easily and then turns the corner very hard.  It is a smooth transition but it "snaps" more than the gargoyle or the purple ice.  This is more of a backend ball compared to my other balls.  When the back ends are right, which isn't all the time, this ball is just awesome.  When the oil carrys down and the break point moves further down its time to switch balls.  The biggest problem I have found with this ball is that it doesn't work on a wide range of conditions.  It only works when the lanes are just right.  It could be used for a wider range but I feel that I am constantly changing my shot to adjust to the condition.  Which I am not good at doing.  If the backends are too oily or too dry I switch balls but when the lanes are right this ball is almost automtatic.  It hits very hard and sends lots of messengers.  As long as I throw it properly and the condition is right this ball is awesome.   I would rate it an 8 out of 10.  Only because it is very condition specific.  If you are only going to use one ball I would recommend something else.  But if you are looking for a great backend ball to compliment your arsenal than give the gryphon a try.
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: kamerlin on March 23, 2003, 04:22:05 PM
This ball is 16lbs with a 2-3 pin and 2.8 top weight.  It is drilled with the pin above and just to the right of my ring finger with the cg in the stacked position.  

In my opinion this ball is stronger than advertised.  It goes long with a strong flip on the backend and the hit is incredible.  Just a great ball from Visionary.
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: Lane1fanatic on April 26, 2003, 01:01:23 AM
I found that the Blue Gryphon is an good ball between the Green Gargoyle and the Purple Ex. Needs room on the lane to roll back into the pocket. It's a very good ball when you need the rolling backend. I would definatly get this ball if you want to raise your average.

Steven Black
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Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: tomtom123 on May 15, 2003, 11:18:00 PM
this is a good ball if u use it on the condition it was made hi its hard but i cant tell where the carry is any better than most balls. i found it easy to push it to long down the lane and left a few head pin splits and i left a few solid 8s and 9s to.i also found out it doesnt like carry down. but with 38 feet oil taperd down with a clean back end and this ball will turn the coner fast. a real giant back end i couldnt belive it.i give this ball a 8.!
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: leftyjimbo on May 19, 2003, 06:35:30 PM
T.W. 2.5 oz.
Drilling: 4.5 x 4.5 no extra hole needed and 0 static weights
Lefthanded stroker w/ low to med revs and med speed
Typical house shot: 38 feet with dry backends

This ball gives me good length with a strong arcing backend, and is the most even rolling ball in my arsenal. I would recommend this ball to anyone looking for a good all around ball that can be the first ball out of your bag most nights.

Good Job Visionary
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: WARRIOR on June 27, 2003, 01:48:26 AM
This ball is awsome for when the green gargoyle is hooking to much because this ball goes so long u do not have to worry about the dry because it slides threw the oil into the dry and it acts like there is no dry spots at all so if u want a ball that goes long and hits very hard this is the ball for u. U can also  swing or play strait up with this ball it is a really good ball for sport paddern.If u get this ball u should get the particle gryphon so when that thing is hooking to much just pull out that blue sparkle gryhon and u will have no trouble with any kind of oil.So go get this ball if u want a ball that u will not have to worry about it hooking of the lane in dry areas.

Christian J.H. Jensen
Visionary Test Staff
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: MichiganBowling on July 23, 2003, 01:13:35 PM
Another masterpiece by Visionary!!!

I drilled my Gryphon with my usual stack leverage drill pattern.  The Gryphon shows great length and very impressive backend reaction.  I've been searching for a ball that gives me that little bit of tug on sport patterns, and I found it!!!  This ball carries inside lines VERY well.  For me, it's not as strong when I swing it, but then again I have a couple of balls right now that are perfect for swinging the lane.  I still only have about 10 games on this baby, but absolutely LOVE it!!!  I will be buying more of these Gryhpons!

An early 95% grade A (might go up)
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: FutureHallOFamer on August 18, 2003, 06:00:08 PM
WOW! I love this ball.  The only regret I have about trying Visionary equipment is that I didn't try them sooner!  
    This ball was exactly how I had read it was,  great on medium to lighter conditions with a nice rolling backend. This ball definitely does have a lot of forgiveness to it, especially if you miss in a little.  For me this ball has been absolutely perfect on house shots and short sport shots. It has also been the perfect compliment to my Green Gargoyle when I feel the Gargoyle is a little to squirty.  Overall, this is an awesome ball I would recommend to anyone!

Bill Grant
Visionary Test Staff Member

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Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: lloyd967 on September 16, 2003, 09:20:14 PM
Ed Rondot of Ed Rondot's pro shop in Maplewood Lanes in Saline, Mi., drilled this ball for me. I'm a strocker with medium speed. All I have to say about this ball is, the more I throw it, the better I love it. Ed put the pin in my ring finger, and the CG, 4 inches from my axis. I throw it better than I have ever thrown any ball yet. I'm thinking about joining there test staff. My hats off to Visionary, for making a ball that doesn't over hook in the midlane. A very big thank you to Visionary and Ed Rondot.
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: robynwood on September 29, 2003, 05:56:37 AM
I have found this ball to be getting better and better the more I roll with it.  I throw right handed and usually run straight down and in when the pattern allows it (see my Charcoal Ex review).  I wanted a ball to expand my game and allow for me to deliver an across and in pattern.  Using this ball, I can come across at the 15-17 board out to 10 and have it come back reliably with lots of control.  I have fairly good arm speed, but tend to run with low revs (bad combination).  The Gryphon allows me to experiment with the line I throw without punishing me for “not rolling dead over my mark”.  It has brought 20 pins to my average easily.  Wish I would have come across this line of balls years earlier.
Robyn Wood
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Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: Aud21946 on October 06, 2003, 03:37:44 AM
With this ball, I drilled this ball with the same layout as the Granite Gargoyle and this ball compliments the granite on the house shots I bowled on with it. The Blue Sparkle is still at factory surface which give me excellent length and a smooth transition on the back end. Good ball Visionary!  I am really looking at getting one more and putting in a different pattern in the ball.
Need Backends! If the ball finds any and I mean any carrydown put it in the bag. With the backends de jour here in San Antonio, I can't get a true read on the backends.
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Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: A_P_K on October 23, 2003, 12:46:42 PM
Ok, after putting some games on my Gryphon on various conditions I'll post my formal review.

The ball is 16lbs with approximatley a 4" pin out distance.  The drill pattern I went with on the Gryphon is 1:30 label, or 4x5 according to my PAP coordinates.  I also took the cover down to 800 to compliment my Crimson Ex better.

You guys can read up on Visionary's website for all the tech data about this ball, but here is what I've seen from it.

These tests were done on both lane surfaces.

Using the Gryphon during my Friday night second shift pattern, the ball gets through the used heads easily, almost too easy.  Sometimes I wondered if it was ever going to turn over,...but when it does WATCH OUT!.  This ball has major backend, it's not skid snap so much but very aggressive arching in nature.  If you're speed inconsistent this ball will be as unpredictable as 28 Days Later's four different endings.  However once you get everything in check, it is easy to lock in with the Gryphon.  My line of play using the Gryphon was slide foot on 36 sending the ball out to 15 as the breakpoint, and the ball had no desire to quit either.

On a fresh upper medium lane oil, the Gryphon again maintained great length through the heads.  This time however, since I was bowling on oil I reduced my speed some in order to keep the ball from sliding past the break point.  It still didn't quit on the backend, and turned over just as hard once it reached the dry.  (Some may have read my thread where I compared the Gryphon to the Carbide Bomb.)  My line of play was slide foot on 25 sending the ball out to 10 as my breakpoint.  I could even keep it tighter and stay inside of 15 if I wanted to.

As all Visionary users know, their equipment punishes the pocket each and every time.  Their add is also correct, calling the Gryphon the hardest hitting and best carrying ball they've made.  This ball will send airborn scouts, helicopter messengers, and other missile like projectile pins all over the place.

Overall it is very versatile with speed, hand releases, and lane conditions.  Once you get everything under control you can use the Gryphon just about anywhere.

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Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: htotheizzo3561 on December 29, 2003, 12:00:20 AM
I got mine with a 3-4 inch pin between the fingers.  Like Visionary says it is a great medium oil ball.  Threw it on a couple different house shots, and it's great on medium oil, but not on dry.  When you hit the middle of the second game it starts to get to bumpy and jumpy.  This is a great ball if you can turn it up a little bit.  Since I drilled it with the pin between the fingers it really rolls.  My X-Factor was drilled the same way, but this is much better than that.  I really like this ball.  

Visionary Test Staff
Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: proform on April 23, 2004, 08:39:11 PM
The Blue Sparkle can best be described as boring until you go to collect your bracket money or pick-up your tournament check. I drilled mine 4x4. This ball handles surface adjustments very well. The only negatives about this ball is 1) looks like a plastic ball   2) ball is soo smooth it looks boring.
The draw back to the Blue Sparkle is if your not careful while your using it you keep striking but also seem to keep looking for a different ball. The Blue Sparkle is the perfect benchmark ball. If you can't get a read of the heads,mids,backends and breakpoint(carry) then you don't understand how to read conditions.

Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: louie on October 01, 2004, 01:13:55 AM
HE! HE! HE!!!
Have we got a winner here!
This is a great ball with a unique look on the lanes. 14 lbs with 2.5 starting topweight and a 3.5 inch pin. Pin is about 1.25 inches right of ring finger and just above finger height. The CG is just about .5 inches above and right of middle of grip. About a 5x5 for me.
Banana baby!
As some of you may know, I bowl without using my thumb and put a lot of revs on the ball with a lot of overall hook. Most balls hook too early and too much for me. Even most balls I like (Roto Retro) over under some. Balls that I have a problem with (Dry Heat), over under so much that they are useless.
This ball clears the heads with ease. When it exits the oil, it doesn't jerk left. It seems to pause, go straight for a few feet and then arc hard. This is the best ball to read the lanes that I have ever seen. I get an excellent read of the oil pattern and breakdown with the Griffin. It isn't a big hooker. It's a medium oil ball for me, but would be better on drier lanes for the weaker handed player. The hit is tremendous! Light, flush and slightly high shots all carry well and copious messengers are flying around! It also tends to leave a makable spare rather than splits when I make a bad shot. Lanes drying out? Swing it more. Carrydown? Tighten your line. If you have hand you could use this ball on all but the extremes. This ball controls the midlane and backend like no other ball I've ever seen and it still hits.
I never knew a banana could be so sweet!

I like to drill up a lot of bowling balls. This ball stays in the "A" bag. It is so easy to keep in the pocket and the carry is very good. I can't tell you how often I have struggled with a new ball in practice and shot a 180. Then I pull out my Blue Griffin for comparison, and I shoot a 230 on the same pair. The ball is too strong for really dry lanes and won't finish if A LOT of oil has carried down, but other than those rarely seen conditions, this ball is my current favorite.


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Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: JessN16 on December 22, 2005, 03:41:19 AM
Having had a good experience with the slate Gargoyle, I decided to try another Visionary ball.

I bought the ball at the same time I bought a Track X-Factor and drilled both up together with the same pattern. The first time I took it out, I was a little disappointed. There didn't seem to be much hook in the ball and it blew past the breakpoint on every shot.

I put it up for a couple of months, but after my local house began to fall in love with dry lanes, I pulled it back out. Turns out, all I should have done to begin with was bowl more with it. Once I'd knocked the factory sheen off it, it came in nicely.

The ball has a massive backend reaction and clears the heads tremendously well. It's also maintained the integrity of its coverstock far longer than most balls I've used. The X-Factor I bought with this ball now has a distinctly dull look to it; the Gryphon still has that "polished solid" look it had on day one.

The strengths for this ball are medium to dry lanes. It's usable on wet lanes but that doesn't seem to be its strength. It has great recovery right and resists the urge to overjump if you tug it.

Corner pin carry is above average, and it really shines in the swish zone. I've tapped more 2-pins from the backside with this ball than all my other equipment put together. However, I do tend to leave more stone 8s and 9s than usual.

I also like its look; many seem to complain that the ball "looks cheap," but I don't share that opinion. I get asked frequently what kind of ball I'm throwing.

Overall, this was a great ball for the money and I'm now two-for-two with Visionary equipment.

Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: rotofan775 on May 25, 2006, 03:30:10 AM
ok. i have about 9 games on this ball right now and all i can say is HOLY CRAP!!!!! y havent i tried a visionary ball before???? this ball is amazing! its hook potential rivals that of my killer instinct! reads the lanes phenomenally. this will stay in my bag forever! and will definitely be my benchmark ball! this ball is drilled just like my alter ego, minus the weight hole just like i had hoped. with the pin under RF and cg kicked right at about 45*.

overall: freaking amazing ball!!!! 12/10 i love this ball!!!!!


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Title: Re: Blue Sparkle GRYPHON
Post by: mroldschool on May 27, 2013, 05:44:31 AM


Volume: "?"

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): ths kegal scott street.

COMMENTS When i purchased this ball online from e-bay, I was curious about htis ball's reaction! I have the frankie may gryphon, drilled for more midlane reaction. And the g-3 pearl gryphon, what a reaction on medium oily, medium! But i was taken aback by the smoothness of the blue sparkle gryphon, on a medium to medium dry, "WOW" does this ball show what it can do! Even with the low rg core, it skids effortlessly down the lane and then it's smootly goes to the pocket! I've used this ball, in practice on saturday morning's in the "Bowl your brains out", where the kids around me say  :o what that ball go! For my money, if you can get your hands on one "Please" do so. You can't go wrong with this, on medium to medium dry. Unless you have a gladitor le! This ball is a good step-down from the g-3!

Likes:how it get's down the lane, turns then "BOOM"!

Dislikes: I wished visionary would remake some of there older equipment like this one!