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Centaur AMB Solid
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Visionary Bowling Products is proud to announce the continuation of our highly successful Anti-Mass Bias core design. Unlike other balls which use dense materials to create a mass bias, the AMB design utilizes an extremely light cap opposite the desired mass bias location. This AMB flip cap creates a negative mass bias on the side with the cap and also creates a positive mass bias at the desired location. This allows the bowler to drill the ball in just about any possible manner, without affecting the core shape or dynamics.
.....Our first fall release will be the Centaur AMB Solid. This ball combines the power of the original AMB core design with our React-A-Tack coverstock; considered by many to be the most versatile coverstock on the market. A perfect compliment to the Bronze Centaur AMB- Pearl and the Dual-Blue Centaur AMB-Particle, the Centaur AMB Solid will cover nearly all medium to heavy oil patterns.

Finish: 1000 (matte)
Hardness: 74-77
RG: Med (2.56")
Flare: High (.062" differential) 5-7" flare
Length (1-100): 56
Back end (1-100): 82
Hook (1-100): 78 (oil) - 84 (dry)
Avail. Wts: 13-16# (Centaur AMB core)
10-12# (on request - light wt. core)
Lane Conditions: Medium to Heavier Oil

To Layout the AMB properly, you must first mark the "Virtual Mass Bias" by drawing a line from the 1/4" locator pin on the backside, through the 1/2" White flip pin around the ball. Mark an "x"180 degrees from the AMB pin (13 1/2" from the AMB pin which puts the "x" 6 3/4" from the black pin. This Virtual Mass Bias point can then be treated using the same general rules that apply to other typical mass bias spots.

*** By using the AMB cap to create an Anti-Mass Bias (negative mass bias on the back side) it allows the ball to have a lower RG than the original DC core while maintaining a high differential. It also helps maintain more of the core dynamics for most drillings. In the case with most strong Mass bias balls, when drilling the thumb - you remove a large portion of the heavy core or cap used to create the bias, resulting in less of the core''s original dynamics. BUT, with the AMB core, you drill into lighter coverstock and save almost all of the original core shape - retaining the true reaction originally designed by the core. ***

 The Centaur-AMB Solid uses the same large differential, high flaring dynamic core as the Antique Bronze Centaur-AMB and Centaur-AMB Particle but encases it with our extremely versatile React-A-Tack cover used on the Frankie May Gryphon.

This ball handles more oil and carrydown than the Bronze Centaur-AMB pearl, yet gets down the lane much easier than the AMB Particle.



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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2005, 05:51:58 PM »
finally I can post my review on the solid. alright, I ordered this ball the day it was released and got it 2 days later, so far I have about 175 games on it. i got it 3 oz of top weight and a 3 inch pin, I left it OOB condition at 1000 matte. I decided to drill this ball for heavy house patterns that I have been having trouble with,like during league when my charcoal just isnt enough. I am a medium to higher rev cranker, and I have about 50 degrees axis tilt or rotation i got confused between the two, lol, and throw about 16 mph, im not sure of my PAP. I drilled the pin directly above and barely touching my middle finger, and the CG stacked below, which put the mass bias about a half inch right of the thumb hole. when I first threw this it had some unbelievable snap. with this ball I usually play about 25 to around 7 for a break point, I love the deep line that it allows me to play on heavier oil, in my league after about the 3rd game it starts really coming back and i have to increase my speed a bit. I also used this in a junior tournament, after the first block I was negative and came back and threw a nice 600 series with this ball, to qualify and I finished 3rd the next day, not to bad. this ball so far has been great, I used it on some broken down lanes with carry down, and believe me, carry down doesnt even stop this baby from snapping back. so all in all this is my favorite ball from visionary, although some people didnt like the pink color of the ball, I actually kind of like it , its a new look. they did an awesome job on this one.
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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2005, 11:26:01 PM »
Weight: 15lb 2.5 oz
Pin: 2 - 3 Inches
Top Wt: 2.5 oz
Style: Stroker
Speed: Slow to Medium
Dilling: Standard 4 x 4 drilling with the pin under the ring finger (between positions B & C on the drill specs and the mass bias kicked out to position 3 on the visionary drill specs).
Surface: Box - 1000 matte
Let me start by saying I have only had 5 games with this ball so far and I will add to it once I have some more games on the ball.
In box condition this ball needs oil. Fresh conditions with plenty of head oil seem to suit this ball the best. When the head oil goes, put it back in the bag or move deeper. Once in the oil this ball seems to flourish, it reads the midlane very well and in box condition with the current drilling starts to roll early, revs quickly at the breakpoint and gives a nice hard arc to the pocket. Once the oil starts to go this ball reaction is very early, however saying that I couldn't get it to roll out.
Please note, for me, this ball isn't a huge mover (i can get it to move but in general thats not my game), I bought this ball for heavy oil and so far I am happy with my choice (279 2nd game out of the box, who wouldn't be), it rolls heavy and while the hit isn't the boom you might be looking for for it keeps pins low and they tend to scurry off the deck. I had no problem carrying light, or flush or high hits.
Thanks to Visionary, Max & Lee at Bowling Balls Australia, and Zane Que in Toowomba for a great ball layout.
Dale Stewart
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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2005, 10:25:54 AM »
I got this ball at the beginning of september. I Got it with a 3" pin and 2.5 oz top weight. The ball is drilled pin above the bridge and MB to the right of the thumb.
I have bowled appox. 25 games with the ball and can say it is one of the most versatile balls ive thrown. With this ball i am averaging almost 230 and shot 825 out of the box. The ball sets nice and rolls nice into the pocket.
The centaur keeps the pins low with good pin action for a nice clean carry.
This ball is a must have for a league bowler building an arsenal to combat various conditions.
Visionary has really hit a homerun with this ball.
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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #4 on: April 28, 2006, 05:32:47 PM »
Ball Specs: 15LBS
Drilled: Pin below ring w/ CG swung 1/2" to the right
Pin: 3"
Cover: OOB

Wanted a different look with this ball.  That being said with this drilling I get a very similar reaction to my G-3.  Good length about 40ft, quick rev-up at the break point, and this ball just drives.  Hit is just as good as any of my other Visionary gear, with the pins staying low.  The color is not as much of a pink as it is a pinkish-red.  Once again the cover is not as strong as I though but still gets the job done with plenty to spare.
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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #5 on: July 04, 2006, 10:46:01 AM »
15.25 lbs
2.81 top weight
pin out 2-3"

This ball was drilled with med length and rev leverage with the pin below the fingers for max oil. It reacted very well on the Viper pattern we bowled last night.


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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #6 on: August 15, 2006, 12:34:48 AM »
15lb., 3" pin, drilled pin just barely under ring, cg swung out 1", small wt. hole. Cover adjusted to 800 grit. Was looking for something to cover 2nd shift carrydown shot for upcoming leagues. Have used it for 2 weeks on variety of shots, including several PBA pattern conditions. Ball adapts well to different patterns. Wasn't as effective on heavy conditions as I was hoping, but on a THS the ball excels. More length than I expected from a sanded, solid reactive, especially with the drill I went with. Very strong backend with typical Visionary hit, awesome.
Will experiment with different coverstock changes to match my game (power tweener, 17mph, down'n'in), but I think this one is a keeper! Will be battling my Big Rig Diesel for first out of bag duties this fall. Great job Visionary!!!



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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #7 on: August 16, 2006, 11:15:13 PM »
Ball Weight: 13#
Pin: 2 1/2"
Pin Location: Centered between finger holes 2" above.
CG: Seven O'Clock position 1/4" below ring finger.
Cover: Shine scuffed off with green scotch-brite.
Release: Full Roller

Bought this ball little over a month ago for my wife.  She was using a 12# Scout Hi-Flare Particle. Good ball but was getting a number of 5-7 splits with pocket hits.  Went with this ball due to recommendation from our proshop.  One of few 13# balls with a weight block.  Her line is over 5 out to 12. About 10 to 12 feet from the pin deck the ball flips and breaks another 5.  Since going with the AMB she has not had another 5-7 split.  Before using the ball her average was 146.  Last two weeks she has rolled a 540 and 546 series.  I scuffed the shine off to help the ball flip and start rolling sooner.  Appears to have worked.  This ball needs oil to work properly.  We practiced on a dry lane one day and it would flip too soon losing energy prior to hitting pins.  Firmly believe proshop drilled the ball to the best advantage for my wife.  She loves it.


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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #8 on: October 24, 2006, 02:44:01 PM »
Centaur AMB Solid

Bowler Specs:
Speed: 12-14 mph (12.5 mph aver.)
Revs: 250-400 rpm (300 rpm aver.)
Axis Tilt: 10-15 degrees (10 aver.)
Axis Rotation: 10-75 degrees (45 aver.)
PAP:  5” over   3/8” up (Semi roller)
Style: Tweener

Ball Specs: (Pre. Drill)
Wt: 15.25 lbs
Top Wt: 3.15
Pin: 2-3”
Finish: 1000 matte (oob)

Ball Drill:
45 degree control
Pin ¾” under ring finger with Mb kicked right at 45 degree angle 2 1/2” right and below thumb.
Pin 4 ½” from PAP  Â¾â€ above grip center.
MB 4 ¼” from PAP  3” right and 4” below grip center.
Weight Hole 2 ½” right and ½” up of thumb 1” wide X 1” deep

First House
Lane Conditions: Medium oil 10 x 10 35’ buffed to 40’ with OB outside 5 @ 40 ft.
Lane Surface: All wood house with striped backends.
Second House
Lane conditions: Medium Heavy Oil 5 x 5 40’ buffed to 45’ dry outside 5
Lane Surface: Brunswick Pro Avilane

First House
Standing 22-23
Slide 20
Target 17 at dots
Line 17 -8 @ 40’

On this shot I can play my normal shot; 12.5 mph, 45 degree AR, with 300 rpm, the Centaur AMB has no problems clearing the heads even when the shot starts to breakdown. The ball has a smooth read of the midlane and when it hits the backend it produces a hard arc to the pocket. On the fresh backends the turn is pretty hard but as the lanes breakdown the turn becomes more even as the ball starts to read the midlane a little sooner and produce a even turn to the pocket. On the fresh conditions I can miss in or out a couple of bards and the ball finishes hard as the lanes break down as shot missed inside tends to slide a bit like on the fresh shot but the backend turn isn’t there and the ball comes a little light but sends pins everywhere for some strikes or an easy 2, 4 or 7 pin spare. If I keep the ball out on the broken down shot the ball just kills the hole almost not enough deflection, seems like the last pin is the 8 or 9 but it almost always caries. The AMB solid caries most every hit in the pocket which includes light and heavy shots. In comparison I was using a messenger ti drilled stacked leverage polished. With messenger I was standing 3/1 right and playing 15-8 @ 40. The messenger would rev in the midlane and produce a hard hockey stick type reaction that tended to be a bit over under on errant shots for the first two games and during the 3rd game the messenger just wouldn’t hit as the lanes broke down. The Centaur doesn’t give me any over under because of the control drill and gives me the look I look for on the lanes.

Second House
Stand 18
Slide 16
Tagart 13 at dots
Line 13-8 @ 45’

On the fresh shot I have to play a tighter line than stated above to get the centaur AMB to hit, but that’s why I got a Granite Gargoyle to open up the shot ;-). I use the Centaur typically starting half way through the 2nd game after the granite starts to burn up and the shot starts to dry out. The centaur picks up where the Granite left off only it goes a little longer and turns harder to the pocket. The centaur again the heads easy and produce a strong arc on the backend. These synthetic lanes dry out fast and I typical have the chase the oil line on every shot and typically end the night playing 18-8 @ 45’ watching the turn the corner. I am again using my typical release of 45 AR @ 13mph and 300 rpm. I have to make sure I get the ball out or there is no hold and look out Brooklyn city. I can play a straighter line with less axis rotation (15-25) and more speed and the carry is great but why go fix what isn’t broken. More axis rotation causes the ball the read to early and it is hard to control but if there were some hold in the middle I could make this work. Carry in the beginning is great but by late 3rd game I have to be careful not to really hit the ball as it will come to strong and bam ringing 10 with to much angle to the pocket.

On a medium to medium heavy shot of 35-40’ the centaur is at home on the fresh condition with a nice midlane roll and good backend reaction. On a longer shot I need to open up the shot a bit and then the centaur is at home. With a stronger drill however I think the Centaur will work on that fresh longer pattern. I haven’t used the centaur on short patterns, 30-35 foot but I feel that I may be too much with the current finish but a higher grit finish and some polish it will most likely do the job. I have around 150 games on my centaur and the cover is in great shape no sign of a track and the reaction is still strong, after one hot water bath, and cleaning after each use. I have to think the reason a dull matte finish ball clears the heads so well is do to the higher rg and high diff allows the ball to read and turn hard with a semi weak drill. The new immoral solid has the same cover finish with a lower rg and higher diff and I think that ball will handle more oil and read sooner than the Centaur.

 I would give the centaur AMB solid a nice 9.5 out of 10 and I have to say thank you visionary. I

I play with HAND when need be or straight when it scores

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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #9 on: November 24, 2006, 01:41:04 AM »
15 lbs, 3 inch pin
Versatile Tweener
Pin above ring finger, MB about 1.5" right of and below thumb

Drilled to go long and then rev strong on the backends.  With the cover in OOB conditions, it revved just like expected, but never found enough friction to make a strong move.  I barely touched the cover with 800 grit abralon and got the ball to read a little sooner and make a strong move at the breakpoint.  I plan to dull it just a bit more to handle a little more oil and / or carrydown.

I love this ball because it reacts extremely well to hand position and speed changes.

This ball hits like a truck!  The last set I shot with this ball, I had 28 strikes, and 25 of them were 10 in the pit!  The three shots that left anything laying on the deck were not flush in the pocket, but the ball still sent pins everywhere and carried some half-pocket shots.

Definitely a 10 in my bag!  Thanks Visionary!

Can't wait to try the Ogre line that I've heard is replacing the Gargoyle line!


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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #10 on: February 25, 2007, 03:02:20 PM »
I love this ball. It works great for medium oil. It has a easy transition from the oil to the dry without the over/under reaction you get with some balls. I throw the ball with more speed than the average bowler and can still play between 2 and 3 swing it out with the confidence that it will get back to the pocket. High series 790


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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #11 on: March 14, 2007, 09:29:59 PM »
I have a 5" pin out, above bridge, MB below and right of thumb. Ball responds well and predictably to changes in speed and hand position. I have used it straight up the boards in the oil, or swinging to the dry down lane, and even from deep inside and it turns the corner. Greatest thing about this ball, it kicks out the 10 pin even when I don't get it all at the release. I'm loving my Visionary equipment.
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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #12 on: March 28, 2007, 03:39:55 PM »
drilled up this ball with a 5.5 pin to pap drilling putting the pin over the middle finger and mb 90* to the thumb. ball give a smooth motion down the lane once i changed the surface to 2000 grit abralon. as the lane breaks down this will be my go to ball that will be smooth even through the carry down and retain energy to hit the pocket. can't go wrong with the amb solid
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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #13 on: September 12, 2007, 03:27:05 PM »
My specs:
Left handed, ball speed around 16 MPH, rev rate around 300 RPM, axis rotation of around 60 degrees, and axis tilt around 30 degrees.

The Centaur Solid is my third ball from Visionary.  I was so pleased with the Ogre Solid and Frankie May Gryphon that I really wanted to see what the AMB core would do.  I had also heard good things about its ability to cover many medium lane conditions and what a good “benchmark” ball it was.  I drilled it up with both the pin and mass bias 4.5” from the axis.  This ball is just a whole bunch of fun to throw.  It gets through the heads just fine, and a little further into the midlane than I would have thought, given the box finish.  But, let me tell you, when this baby makes the corner and heads for home, it has some seriously bad intentions.  Wow, does this thing finish!  It seems to work the best for me when I can play a slight swing shot and use up a little of that entry angle.  For people with a little less hand, I can see where this thing would be an absolute monster going up the boards.  And for people with more hand, this is a “stand deep and throw it at the opposite channel” kind of ball.  I let another bowler whose span was similar to mine (but who puts more on it than I do) give it a try.  It took all of about two shots before he was saying, “I’ve just gotta get me one of these!”  The hitting power is just plain scary.  The pins stayed very low and moved faster than they should have.  Even the sound of impact was different.  Playing with it a little more, I’ve found that it takes very well to different hand positions.  Coming up the back of the ball gave me a very strong roll-up kind of finish that still didn’t know the meaning of the word “deflection”.  Shots that I didn’t throw particularly well and thought would be kind of flat still punched through the pocket and hit the eight pin dead in the face.  Put this all together with as versatile a coverstock as this one has, and this is just one of those “must have” balls.  And the Immortal series is supposed to have a stronger core than this?  I think I know what I need to try next.

Gene J Kanak

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Re: Centaur AMB Solid
« Reply #14 on: April 14, 2010, 04:40:15 PM »
Drilling: Pin above ring, cg right (roughly 4x3 or 4x4 for me)
Surface: It appears to be box with some shine added.
Lane condition: Broken down house shot (old wood lanes).

Reaction: The testing environment wasn't ideal for a ball this strong, but I decided to move way inside and see what the AMB could do. I was very pleased. As long as I kept the ball in the oil, the AMB was smooth and strong throughout the lane. Honestly, it reminded me of my Ogre pearl. It just likes/needs much more oil. Like the Ogre, this ball responded very well to hand position changes.

Overall: After reading up on this ball, I wasn't sure I'd really ever get to use it as I thought it would just be far too strong for me in most environments. However, with the polish added, I think it is very useable if you want to play through the oil on mediums. Now, if I want to truly use it on juice, I'll have to take the surface back down. For now though, I will keep it as is as most house shots aren't going to require that much surface. In any event, this is another very smooth, strong, hard-hitting Visionary ball.
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