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Charcoal Executioner
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Color: Grey

Coverstock: Reactive

Core: 2-piece Asymmeterical

RG: 2.49

Differential: .045

Factory Finish: Matte

Lane Conditions: Medium-Heavy Oil



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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2001, 12:16:55 PM »
Visionary Charcoal Executioner
15.4 lbs.
Pin 3-4 in.
Top 2.4 oz.

Pin 4.5 in from PAP
CG 2 in from PAP
Surface Prep: Out of Box

Bowler's Style: Tweener/Power Stroker with 320 RPM (CATS)
Axis Rotation: 45-60 degrees (normally)
Axis Tilt: 0 degrees
Ball Speed: 19 mph (CATS)
Last Year's High Book: 218
Current High: 222

My first test with this ball was on a fresh pattern shortly before league. The lanes were oiled to 22 feet,
buffed to 36 (synthetic lanes).  The oil was medium to light in the middle, lighter 10 and out, but not
scorching.  First, for comparison, I lined up with my Crimson Ex., drilled with the pin 5 in from PAP,
CG 4 in from PAP. I got comfortably lined up playing the standard house shot around the 10 board, left
foot on 24, ball on 17 at the foul line, which put the ball around the 4 board at the breakpoint.  I then
played the same line with the charcoal, which hooked about 7-10 feet sooner, and about 4-6 boards
more.  I moved my feet four boards right, and my target 2, and flushed it.  I proceeded to throw 7-8
more and flushed them all.  It looked like I was ready for league, which was now starting.
I headed down to my pair and threw the same line on both lanes during shadow practice, all flush.  For
good measure, I threw one up 15 through the oil, and that line looked good also, but didn't hit as hard
as it did from the outside.  Scoring starts, and on my first ball, I went high and left a 6; I figured I was
slow with the speed.  2nd ball, high for a big four.  I moved two right for the next ball, through the beak
for a baby split, and so on, until I was inside 15 by the end of the first game.  This ball was just getting
warmed up and kept hooking the more I threw it.
By the middle of the second game, I couldn't keep it left, so I put it up.  Doesn't look like this ball likes
light oil at all.
Pulled it out for Friday night league, where there's much more oil (also synthetic lanes), and a slight OB
outside 3.  From heavy oil out to the dry, this ball is a true winner.  Plenty of hook, hit, and mix.  As the
night progressed, I could move into the oil with ease, as there seemed to be no end to this ball's power.  
Ended up with 713 for the set, and that was because I opened in the 10th for 210 in the second game.  
Should've easily been 740-plus.
Conclusions:  Fantastic medium to heavy oil ball.  Don't expect to grab the pearl and finish where the
(out of the box) Charcoal leaves off; you may need to move at least 5 boards outside if you're playing
the same breakpoint.  My guess is they would have a closer reaction if the Charcoal was polished.  If
anyone's interested, I'll do a review after I tinker with the surface some. 9 out of 10 for now.


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2001, 06:38:09 AM »
pin placement 3. ball is drilled for a hard arc,per their drilling instructions.#16 lbs.  am back into bowling after a short layoff, have tried a couple of other balls with mixed results,but this ball is different. right out of the box 226-188-195 I still consider myself to be about a 175 avg. bowler.This ball blows pins off of the deck with ease,but probably the best thing about this ball is that it makes up for mistakes that the avg. bowler makes.It carries light ,heavy, and headpin hits without leaving splits, I still leave a occasional 4-9, but that is my nature, consider a ball from the visionary line asI have and I don't think you will be dissapointed.


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2002, 12:40:56 PM »
What an awsome ball,polished or unpolished.Great back end tons of hitting power one of the best balls ive ever had.I would highly recomend this ball for someone looking for great hitting power.
                                                        Brent Couch
                                                          test staff


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #4 on: February 26, 2002, 11:46:21 PM »
I had this ball drilled to go long with a strong arc.  I got this ball two weeks ago and I am very pleased. It is my first time using visionary equipment.  My very first time I bowled with it in league I rolled a 679.  Then a week later same league a 694, I havent bowled since but I am very pleased with its performance. A whole lot of bang for the buck.  IT hits hard and carries. Right now its my fav ball. Next week ill shoot 7 something probably. It dosent even seem like im trying with this ball.  Would recomend to anyone accept my oponents, deffinitley the ball if you think you need more carry.


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2002, 12:20:52 PM »
I like this one.  I am still shaking it out, but like what I have seen so far.  Didn't like the box finish on the synthetic shot I played on.  So I added a little more surface and got good results.  I am experiencing roll-out occasionally.  This is due to the strong drill and added surface though.  Ball definately needs oil up front due to it's early rolling hard arcing nature.  Just give it some grease in the heads or a longer drill pattern with a little  dry at the finish line and it will do the rest.  Hard hitter with good carry. I will do another review after further testing.  So far thumbs up!


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #6 on: March 12, 2002, 10:05:35 AM »
Visionary's latest addition takes the proven Executioner core and wraps it in an aggresive non-pearlized shell.  RG for this ball is the same as the Crimson Executioner, low at 2.490 and the highest at 2.535 with a differential of .045.  This reads low RG with a medium differential.  Translation... It revs easily with medium flare.  Box finish is 600 grit wet sanded and Visionary rates this ball as a medium to a heavy oil ball.

As for the bowler... I'm a right handed stroker with medium revs, not a lot of hand here.  I can play a mild swing shot or up the boards.  Unless there is a reverse block or the lanes are completely cooked off I don't go deep inside.  All my equipment has Turbo lifts and urethane thumb slugs for consistancy.

This ball came in at 15 lbs with a 3 inch pin and 3 1/4 oz top weight.  Having a 5 inch span the finish drill came out with the CG almost dead on grip center giving under a 1/4 oz finger and zero side weight with the pin set right next to the ring finger hole. Finished top weight came in at 1 3/8 oz after drilling. Just using a rag I applied some of Neo-Tac's, Renew It by hand, (no spinner) and the ball finished out having a black bakelite sheen.

In the last week I have used this ball in four different houses, (One pure synthetic, two with synthetic overlays and one wood house.) on four different shots and the results were always the same...  Control.  In the last year and a half if anyone has read my posts on the Visionary forum you'll know that the heart and soul of my arsenal has been the two Gargoyles with the Granite being my lolly-pop.  This ball has just blown away my Granite!  This is the best medium condition ball I've ever thrown, period.  It needs some head oil and then makes a nice even break on the pins finishing with the typical pin pounding Visionary hit.  I've played it standing on 30 playing across 15 out to maybe 8 in both overlay houses and carried everything!  In the wood house on a junked up weekend leftover shot stood 12 and played up between 4 and 6 board and the ball was content to sit there until about 40 feet and then, left turn.  Not violent but a very aggresive move to the pocket.  In the pure synthetic house I stood 20 and had the 10, 11 and 12 board at the arrows out to 5 at about 35 feet with the same aggresive move to the pocket.  Another plus is this ball hates ten pins as much as I do!  Some of the angles I was playing with this ball would have resulted in quite a few corner pins with my other equipment.  Added bonus number 2... The ball does not overreact.  It gives me plenty of warning before it starts to fly.  In 18 games this past week I have not gone Brooklyn once!  As stated earlier, this is a great medium condition ball for me with this drill.  On pass around the twisty cranky bunch had to go looking for some oil but they too commented on how smoothly it reacted for them.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm fairly well impressed with this new ball but, after last nights set,(265,237,257 for a 759 series,) my driller and I were discussing the ball and he stated he liked it so much he was getting one for himself when another bowler came up and wanted to know how fast he could get one!

In Visionary's outstanding line-up of balls, their latest edition my well be there best yet!  If your in the market for a new medium to oily condition ball I highly recommend you grab one of these babies and Execute some pins!


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #7 on: March 14, 2002, 07:59:03 PM »
I just bought this ball and I love it. I think this ball is very
powerfull, hits the pocket hard and has plenty of recovery time if you miss your mark and get it to far out side. I HIGHLY recommend this ball to everyone
who wants to improve your game and espessially the bowler who is looking for something to living up the pin action. Anyway good luck and good bowling.



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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #8 on: July 15, 2002, 10:30:33 AM »
T.W. 2.8 oz.
Drilling: 4x4   no extra hole needed   1/2 finger and 7/8 side
Lefthanded stroker w/ low to med revs and med speed
Typical house shot: 38 feet with dry backends

I usually pull this ball out when my green gargoyle isn't carrying or there is to much oil for it. This ball starts hooking at the end of the oil and never stops and the carry is very good too. I would recommend this ball to anyone looking for a med/ med-heavy oil ball

Good Job Visionary


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #9 on: October 29, 2002, 05:23:05 PM »
I have had this one since last December.  I figure it's been shaken out enough now to give an opinion.  I had it drilled with the pin at 3-3/8 from axis, cg right below.  I would say it's a good medium oil ball.  There are better choices for heavier oil.  Hit's well, but leaves it's share of ten pins.  Tried adding polish (mistake on my part), ball just skated down the lane.  Seems to work better with 400 grit sand.  For me it's about a 7 out of 10.  Does well first game until carry down developes, then struggles to make the turn.  Nothing spectacular here.  But very useful on the right condition.


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #10 on: November 12, 2002, 08:53:08 AM »
Visionary Charcoal Executioner 15lbs.  Drilled with pin (5 inch) directly above the ring finger and the cg directly below in the center of the palm.  I have a dull 3 3/8 Charcoal as well so I wet sanded this one to 1200 and polished it with 2000 grit polish.  This ball performs very well on medium to medium heavy oil.  Great length with a tremendous backend.  I have not owned a ball that carries better than the Charcoal.   Very versitale ball.  Easy to read lane conditions and does not over react on the lanes.  I have thrown this ball very well everywhere I've gone, leagues, tournaments, ABC's, ect.  Visionary equipment is top quality and the Executioner line is top notch.  Great job.


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #11 on: November 14, 2002, 09:37:19 PM »
The Charcoal Executioner is a great ball for those med to oily lanes. Acts just like the Crimsion executioner. Be careful when the oils starts to dry up! It likes to take of on you on lighter oil.


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #12 on: December 04, 2002, 09:41:52 PM »
The Charcoal Executioner from Visionary is by far a tournament bowlers ball. This ball is great for most heavy meds and med carry down conditions. The ball loves to smack out the corners everytime. I love to use this ball on synthetic lanes.

I have mine drilled 3 3/8 and 4 1/2 with the cg in the palm. Cover is slightly shiney with Clean and Sheen. Ball has good mid-lane roll with a strong move off the breakpoint. Ball is good for Med to Heavy oiled synthetics. It can handle some carry down with more forward roll but if not careful it can start to slide a bit too long, this is likely cause of the coverstock prep i have on it.

I have a second ball that is in a dull matte finish that i have yet to drill but plan to lay it out 3 3/8 X 3 3/8 with a weight hole on the val near the thumb for more roll in the oil.

I'll edit this review when i get my other ball with some more surface but hopefully i can find the oil to use it.
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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #13 on: December 22, 2002, 06:36:07 PM »
Ball specs
Weight: 15.05#
Top Wt: 2.56 oz.
Pin: 2-3"

Ball drilled stacked leverage (3 3/8 X 3 3/8) for med. length and max flare. I bowl on a typical house shot (about 38' of oil) on synthetic lanes. I like to stand on 25, sending the ball out to 15 at the arrows and find my breakpoint at 6 or 7 down the lane.  I wanted an aggressive reactive ball to get through the heads and retain enough energy and hitting power for the backend, and with this ball that is exactly what I get.  This ball hits hard with almost no deflection on pocket hits (an occasional 8- or 9-pin leave) and get great pin action on light hits.  Even though I bowl in a late league (9pm second-shift), the Charcoal Executioner is the first ball out of my bag.  I like to use this ball to read the condition, and is usually good for the first two games of a three-game set.  I give this ball a 10 out of 10.  I only wish that I had tried Visionary sooner.

Leroy H.
Visionary Test Staff Member
Leroy H.
Irvington, NJ


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Re: Charcoal Executioner
« Reply #14 on: March 10, 2003, 09:40:29 AM »
Left-handed bowler
Lots of hand in the ball
Pin under ring towards center - 3/4"
Cg is 45 degrees d/o from pin - 1 1/2"

When I have room to send the ball out (heavy middle lane oil), it comes in hard! I prefer to stand on the right gutter, roll over 4th arrow and hit the break point around 10th board. It just shatters the pins! I had 1oz of side weight in it and found it was too snappy, so I put a counter hole to take out some (now it's at 1/4oz) and that made all the difference in the world. When people are complaining about the amount of oil out there, they are amazed at my ball reaction.
L. Nelson
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