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DC - Tour Edition
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The Magenta DC - Tour Edition takes the power of the DC core and surrounds it with a very early grabbing powerful reactive shell designed for heavier oils. Unlike most Tour Edition balls that are a tamed down version of another ball, our DC - Tour Edition is actually stronger and starts earlier than the original Warlock DC.  Specs: Finish: Buffed (800)
Hardness: 75-78
RG: Medium - High
Flare: High
Length (1-10): 5
Back End (1-10): 8+
Hook (1-20): 11(oil)-19(dry)
Avail. Weights: 13-16#



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Re: DC - Tour Edition
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2001, 05:30:09 PM »
Big Pink… and I do mean pink!  Shocking pink with white logos this ball is a “striking” addition to anyone’s arsenal.  As part of his original test staff order my son ordered this ball and frankly I think the color spooked him when it arrived.  Somehow a teenage boy taking a shocking pink bowling ball to the bowling alley didn’t appeal to him!  Imagine that.  Anyway that’s how “Big Pink” wound up in dad’s bag and here is what we found…

This is a 16-lb. Ball with 2.88-oz top weight and a 3” pin.  This ball has been drilled leverage with the pin 3 ½” from pap and the cg almost 5” just under the ring finger.  The mass bias pin is set about ¾” from the left edge of the thumbhole.  Per Visionary’s specs this should give us some length to go with this balls aggressive cover.  Contrary to popular convention Visionary chose to give their tour edition a stronger cover than the original release.  The ball has been left with the box finish, a buffed 800 grit.

This ball has a medium high rg of 2.590 and a differential of .063 giving this ball a little over 5” of flare.  Now I am a 42 year old stroker with tweener revs and I normally use 15-lb equipment so why in the world would I try a ball like this?  Like the mountain, it was there…  I did find a spot in my bag for this ball.  When the lanes are pushed or the backends are just junked up enough where my Granite is erratic but the Midnight Scorcher is too strong, this ball works for me.  It will clear the heads well and ignore any scud on the backend with a very determined move to the pocket at about 47 feet and the very strong DC hit.  We did pass this ball around and I can tell you that the true power of the DC core and this cover reach their full potential when you give it some hand.  One of my best friend’s son is a 19 year old cranker in the true sense gave it a try.  Moving in around 18 looking for some head oil he sent it out to 6 where the turn signal came on and obliterated the rack!  I was impressed.

While I think strokers can find happiness with this ball if they don’t expect the big move the specs would suggest and don’t try it on burnt conditions.  Given some oil the crankers would be scary with this beast.  Used correctly, another awesome Visionary weapon!


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Re: DC - Tour Edition
« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2002, 01:05:30 PM »
A great heavy oil ball.In my eyes not a great ball for dry conditions, but can be thrown then.good hitting power,but pull it and it will really run.
                                                               Brent Couch
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Re: DC - Tour Edition
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2002, 12:13:36 PM »
I actually have somewhat of a different experience with the ball.  I love mine as well and consider it one of the 2 best balls I've ever owned (along with the silver buzzsaw).  I have my dc tour drilled over label with pin out to about 1 o'clock.  It's a 2" pin with 2 ounces of top weight.  The ball is extremely versatile for me.  Out of the box it was rather big but very predictable.  A great swing ball that arced to the pocket like the other posts have mentioned.  I could miss wide with it and it would just keep charging, very smoothly.  I have quite a few games on it now and it has become my "go to" ball.  It has calmed down a little, but it still hooks as much as I ever need it to.  All I have to do is slow down the ball speed and change hand position.  For the most part, I use it when the lanes are a little funky and unpredictable.  I can spin it and it'll go very straight for me and still react nicely in the back and hit hard.  I can roll the ball more and it'll hook a little earlier and still hold the pocket.  It's just really an amazing ball.  It does whatever I need it to do at any given time!

Update:  Wow.  I'm still amazed at how predictable this ball is and how versatile it is.  It's got a lot of games on it now and just keeps on hittin.  I gotta grade this at a near A+  99%!!!  WTG Visionary!

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Re: DC - Tour Edition
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2002, 04:44:47 AM »
Bought this ball from the wonderful StrikingMachine and I must say it is a great ball! Drilled to hook, pin 1" left of ring finger (lefty), shined up with Ebonite extender polish, ball clears the heads very well, revs up in the mid's and once it hits the backend makes avery smooth hard arc to the pocket. Have decided to hook it once again, except throw it harder than before, bowled with it in my sport league tonight (using a modified PBA pattern E, OB outside of 5 not like the PBA) was playing about 18 out to 5 at the break throwing the ball almost 19mph with almost 400 revs and thing sent messengers everywhere. Broke up the 7-10 4 times for strikes, two more times for either a 7 or a 10. Ball hits very hard, carry is excellent. If I would not have missed a couple of easy spares (mental) I would have easily shot 650. Doesnt sound like a huge number, but compared to the scores in our league so far, that would be second high series for the year, and almost everybody in this league avgs 200-235 on a "wall". So far a 9 out of 10, will use it in a tournament in two weeks and post again once more games are under it. Thanks StrikinMachine, I appreciate the deal we made!

Eric Lane


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Re: DC - Tour Edition
« Reply #5 on: February 20, 2003, 07:45:47 PM »
All I have to say is PREDICTABLILITY

You know where this ball is going when you release it.  
It goes where you put it.  

The reviews that I have read say this is an oil ball.  It may be the way I have it drilled but I don't think it is an oil ball, not drilled the way I have it.  I tend to goto this ball about second game.

Let me go get my ball........


Ball specs:
16# w/ 2.8 oz top weight
3" pinout

If using the Flip pin and cg it is a 4x2-1/2 drilling
Looking at the pin from the center of the ring finger grip it is about
1-1/2" away at about 2:00

Locator Pin is 2" from center of thumb at about 4:00  (this takes the strong back end away by giving it more roll)

Basically the two pins are in a stacked position, but out farther than leverage
to give it more length.

It has a balance hole to bring it to 7/8 oz side weight.

I think this is more of a control drilling because you get the length, but the you get aa little extra roll from moving the Mass Bias point.


I took a green scotch brite to the ball by hand and scuffed it up, then I applied doc's elixir to the ball (this is what gives the ball most of it's length)

The ball does skate through the heads but will set up more than flip the way I have it drilled.  (At least at my home alley)

I have thrown it at another alley here in town that has more back end and the ball does come in strong but not flippy.

Basically I used the sheet from the net with the two balls on it and picked how I wanted it to react.  I did not use the sheet that came withe the ball.  The ball is great, it has a 210+ average on it.

I have another on undrilled, and also and undrilled purple, i might have to buy one more.

Very good ball


I got the last two drilled up.  The second DC Tour is done Stacked leverage.
I love it just as much as the first.  The harder I throw it the harder it comes back (I know it's supposed to but It usually dosn't happen for me because accuracy goes down.)  These balls are VERY controlable.

The core is somewhat similar to the Crimson Sledgehammer.  This core matches up better with me.  I think it is because of the lower RG on the Sledge.

This is an excelent ball, and like i said on the first review, i did go and get another one, and this one is undrilled.


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Re: DC - Tour Edition
« Reply #6 on: May 29, 2003, 04:41:30 PM »
Have used this ball sparingly since the new year began, but resurfaced it to get the oil and "winter in the trunk of my car" out of it. Polished it up again and it is just as good if not better than before.

Ball Specs:
2-3" pin
Unsure of top weight

Ball drilled label, cg in the palm, ball has a controlled hard arc into the pocket. Brought this ball with for a tournament a couple of weeks ago (reverse block) and was able to play what I would call a "normal" line for me, which is inbetween 2nd-3rd arrow out to about 5. Since there was so much oil, I played more of a 12-8 line, trying to ride the oil line and still get to the pocket. Ball cleared the first 40 feet without issue, but the house we bowled in had a little carrydown from the previous squad (left side anyways) and the pins were dead, so not much in the way of messengers. Was able to shoot 588 for doubles with it before I switched to the Hercules (see other review). In either of my other 2 houses I bowl league in this ball glides thru the heads and makes a smooth arc into the pocket and hits hard, especially when you bury the pocket. Light hits are decent but not stellar. Left more 10 pins than 7 pins on "wallys", but some of my other equipment carries those hits much better. But DC carries very well in the pocket. Shot 710 with it two weeks ago in league and was very pleased with the reaction I got so I put it back into the bag and will be using it tonight. Ball is speed sensitive for me, if I throw it too hard (which has been common for me lately), I leave more buckets than 7 pins. Once I keep my speed down, ball shreds the rack. Thinking about another one with a different drilling, but gotta clear some room in the bag before that happens. Great ball from Visionary, dont say 5 year old balls cant compete with todays equipment,you would be dead wrong.
If I could only pick up a 7 pin.....


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Re: DC - Tour Edition
« Reply #7 on: February 13, 2004, 02:47:22 PM »
Just a note, these balls are still available as blems bought directly from Visonary. I just got mine and tried it out last night. Have been using a Golden nugget which seemed to have a stronger hooking action but this ball got down the lane well with signifcant hit, user just needs to work on throw! Beautiful ball if you can grab one before they are all gone.



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Re: DC - Tour Edition
« Reply #8 on: May 16, 2004, 08:51:12 PM »
Ball Specs
Weight: 15.25#
Top Wt: 2.32 oz.
Pin: 2-3"

Lane condition/shot played:  Typical league shot/playing 20 out to about 8 or 9.

After throwing the Midnight Scorcher, I was anxious to see what the DC core would yield when wrapped with a reactive cover and I would not be disappointed.
Using the Visionary guidelines, I had this ball drilled with the flip pin at 3 3/8 next to the ring finger, with the clear pin (mass bias) below the thumb and to the right about 2" in a strong position.  The result was a high flaring ball that would give me a strong roll in the midlane and a predictable turn at the breakpoint.  This is not a skid/snap ball, even with its reactive coverstock.  The turn to the pocket was more of a strong arc.  The strong roll of this ball kept the pins low to the deck on solid pocket hits.  This ball also created a good mix of pins on light hits; I found myself carrying more light hit 7 pins.  I am sorry that this ball is no longer in Visionary's stable, I give this ball a 9 out of 10.
Leroy H.
Visionary Test Staff Member
Leroy H.
Irvington, NJ