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Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Visionary Bowling Products, LLC. announces the introduction of the
EXECUTIONER. The ball is available immediately and cleared for PBA regional
competition beginning January 12 and national competition January 15. This
new ball is equipped with a tweaked version of the Green Pearl Gargoyle
cover stock, but encasing a totally new - low RG core. When the oil is a
little too long for the Green Gargoyle, the Executioner will rev easier and
recover sooner than the Green Gargoyle due to the low RG and medium
differential. Color: Red Pearl; Hardness: 75-78; Low RG = 2.49" RG
Differential = 0.045"



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« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2001, 11:28:45 PM »
Drilled for a right hander, the pin 1/2" up on the midline(12 o'clock), with the cg out 1/2" to the right.  Surface is out of the box.  Used it on a freshly put down house shot, about 40' down, oil 11 to 11 with and out of bounds at 5.  To start off, I stood on 17 threw to 12 and rolled out to 9-10.  The ball rolls long to about 40-45' then makes a left turn to the pocket and destroys the pins.  This ball is great, go high it carries, hit light it carries, who wouldn't want this ball?  The one qualm that I have with this ball is all the solid 9 pins I leave.

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« Reply #2 on: May 01, 2001, 10:10:17 AM »
Since the Executioner came out a couple of months ago, we have drilled about 10 or 20 of these balls in the last months.  This ball is a medium arcing ball, similiar to an Eraser reaction.

I noticed that this ball is a great compliment to the Gargoyle line.  The Green Gargoyle goes long, and reaction strong, and the Granite Gargoyle is early rolling with a even roll throughout the lane.  The Executioner is a ball that fits in the middle of both of these ball.  The Executioner has a smooth but strong middle lane reaction.  

We have drilled the Executioner in a variety of ways and it has worked well in everyone's hand.  I would say that this ball is as good as most of the larger companies ball with a medium arcing reaction.

The thing that most people notice right away with this ball is the way the ball is able to rip the pocket.  The Visionary line has great hitting power.

On a scale of 1-10, I would give this ball an 8.  It is a great ball for bowlers looking for something to get down the lanes, when the heads start to dry and give you great smooth, controlled break to the pocket.  The Executioner will fit into a large variety of bowler's hands.

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« Reply #3 on: June 11, 2001, 09:51:02 AM »

med to med high revs about 17 mph


The drilling I use is called Leverage Drilling

Right out of the box

This ball has a great backend reaction. This ball rolls forever it seems but it comes back real nice. A few times I threw it and said no way it is coming back and to my surprise it comes back and kills the pocket. This has become my
favorite ball for all conditions except for heavy oil in the heads and heavy carry down.

The ball seems to not work well when the heads have too much oil. It will slide too far out and it will try its darnest to get back to the pocket, but it just slides too fat out. This might be easily remedied by sanding or scotchbrite the ball. I probably will not do this to this ball since I want it for med oil.

I would rate this ball 9.5 out of 10

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« Reply #4 on: July 04, 2001, 08:49:45 PM »
This was the first visionary ball that i drilled up and i am very impressed. I'm a tweener with medium ball speed and 45 degree axis rotation. I bowl on wood lanes oiled to 38 feet, heavy 10 to 10 and lighter from 10 out, clean back ends and second shift. I drilled the ball with the pin 4"  from pap even with ring finger and the cg on the grip line. 3oz top weight to start. Due to the factory pearl 1500 finish the ball gets through the heads real easy and revs up well in the midlane. Once the ball finds dry it makes a strong but not uncontrolable move to the pins. The ball hits as well as anything out there. I was amazed at the carry power and how well it carried the corners. The ball is a great medium oil ball, you need some oil in the heads to get it down lane, and some dry in the back end. Not a heavy oil or dry lane ball. This ball has sold me on visionary equipment and i went out and got a few more of there balls, namely the green gargoyle and the npt. will post those reviews in the future. Thanks goes to buddies pro shop for having these great balls available


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« Reply #5 on: August 03, 2001, 10:08:19 AM »
I have had this ball for about six months.  It has turned out to be the ball I use 90% of the time.  Is is an excellent ball for most lane conditions.  The only time I don't use it is on very dry or very oily conditions.  It ball carries as good or better then any ball I have used.  If you are someone who only can afford one ball then this would be a great choice.


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« Reply #6 on: August 19, 2001, 01:15:07 AM »
I had this ball drilled at 1:30 pin 3-3/8 from axis.Shell is factory finish. I have avg. turn, firm speed. This is my first ball out of the bag. This ball hits and has great carry this is my #1 ball.This ball is great on med to light oil conditions. This ball clears the heads very clean and goes left very strong. This ball holds up well. As far as lane conditions I bowl in tournaments every weekend. One of the best things I like about this ball is the feedback I get, I know when to move this ball keeps me in the pocket more solid than any ball I have ever rolled. I give this ball and Visionary a 10 out of 10. Keep up the great work Visionary..  


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« Reply #7 on: August 22, 2001, 04:25:15 PM »
Layout: 2" pin in the ring finger, cg in the palm pretty much under the ring finger, label leverage

As the moniker states, I'm a thumbless bowler, so high revs, high track with medium speed.

I am VERY confused by this ball. I wanted something that started up a little earlier and finished a tad harder than my Green Gargoyle, which is drilled exactly the same. I believe all but one reviewer stated that this ball did just that. And from the lower RG, higher differential, and basically same shell, you would think the Executioner would do that. But mine hooks LESS than the Gargoyle. Its backend is LESS than the Gargoyle. The shell also feels slicker.

But ... I LOVE this ball. It is the most predictable, even arcing resin ball I've ever thrown. It just lays down this nice big beautiful arc from your hand to the pocket. I don't understand it, but I'm not complaining. This is the first ball out of my bag because it reads the lane so well. And it hits just like the Gargoyle - hard. Great for medium conditions. 9.5/10


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« Reply #8 on: September 28, 2001, 02:33:26 PM »
This is my 4th ball from Visionary and I have to say I love every single one of them.  The only ball I don't through that much is the Black Scorcher (becuase it hoooooooooks!!!)

The Executioner is probably my favorite with both Gargoyle's close behind.  Not only does it look great but it has awesome hitting power.  I am a right-hander with medium speed and rotation.  I usually stand around 23-25 and and target 9-14 depending on lane conditions.  The ball has a 2-3 once top wait and a 2-3" pin.  I went for a differnt drilling on this ball then the paper work suggested.  I had the pin put about an inch above and between the fingers and the CG in the middle of my palm.  Man does this ball and drilling rev up and rev up fast.  The guy at the pro-shop said it would mellow out the backend since my Gargoyle are set for an extreme backend.  Well I have to say it did a little but this ball will jump.  I have missed my mark my 2 or 3 boards to the right and the ball still screams back and pounds the pocket.  It hits as hard as the Gargoyles and I have picked up a number of half-hits that my old AMF Nighthawks would not.  The only problem I tend to have once in a while is leaving a solid 9, the ball revs sometimes so much that it just spins right by it.  

Out of the 4 balls I now carry with me (all Visionary (Both Gargoyle's, Executioner, and Scorcher)) this is the first out of the bag.  I can not wait till the new Executioner is released to purchase, I will be one of the first on the list.  I would recommend this ball to anyone; it handles almost any house shot better then any ball out there I have seen.  Definatly a 10 out of 10 on this one.


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« Reply #9 on: November 29, 2001, 04:20:23 PM »
Finally got hold of my new executioner and had it drilled last night. The ball is as follows: 15lb prior to drilling  2-3 ounces top weight, 2-3 inch pin in. Drilled off the Visionary sheet to go long and flip. Pin is about a half an inch from my ring finger (I am right handed) with a small balance hole to make the ball within legal limits. Typically we bowl on a bumper bowling for adults condition (5 to 5 top hat condition) with just medium head oil.
I have to work on the thumb a little but for now will review as is and post another review in a few weeks. The ball goes down to about 40 - 45 feet and goes left. I was trying to work out the break point for the ball and trying to stay consistent so I didn't see the midlane reaction but my team mates said the ball was reving its heart out in the mid lane. I was standing 20 and throwing the ball out through 10 to about 7 or 6 board. The ball is nothing sort of fantastic, I have to throw it correctly (a problem with the bowler not the ball). When it hit the pocket it just cleaned everything of the deck. I hit a couple of light shots that carried where I did not expect to carry the only problem with this ball was that I found if I hit mid pocket and ripped the five I left some spectacular 7 pins.
All in all a great ball from visionary - my first - and I think after this one the first of many more. A rating 9 out of 10 and only nine because I think when the heads fry I will be putting this baby back in the bag.
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« Reply #10 on: January 05, 2002, 11:10:51 AM »
VISIONARY CRIMSOM RED EXECUTIONER SPECS:15.2lbs pin 3-4in top 3.04oz Drillingin 4-5 in from pap cg2in from pap surfaceut box condition....well i had this ball for about 3 1/2 it from buddies pro i finally got around to drill this ball and here it is it's january!!what was i thinking about!Anyways i've been having a lot of success with the virus by,i decided to try my executioner.they oiled the lanes 35 feet,medium 10 to 10 with descent backends(synthetics thurs morning league).the ball gets through the heads pretty easy and revs up nice in the midlane,and when the ball found the dry area the pin carry and power was just takes out the corner pins with no problem.this is a great medium oil ball.definately not the kind for heavy oil for sure..catch it on the right condition light-medium you will score pretty high with it no doubt...232-246-279 not bad first time out.Great ball from visionary 9.5(10)


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« Reply #11 on: January 12, 2002, 06:19:49 PM »
I drilled my crimson excecutioner with the pin directly centered above
my fingers and the CG slightly offset to give me approximately 1/2 ounce of
sideweight. I bowled with this ball sright up 5 board and could bowl all through my three games of league with little or no adjustment. In the heavier oil in the middle I had to slow the ball down or it would not make it back. For light oil or wet/dry this ball is excellent and will not disappoint any who is looking for a good value and a hard hitting ball.


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« Reply #12 on: February 07, 2002, 12:49:51 PM »
What more can i say than this ball goes long for me. With great snap on the back end,and hits like a freight train.Another great visionary ones arsanal is complete without this ball.
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« Reply #13 on: February 27, 2002, 01:58:49 AM »
Just Drill this ball. Basic Leverage drilling and it clears the heads with the tiniest amount of oil. And it turns the corner nicley.  I also get great hitting power and carry. First time i threw it was in a local tournament qualifier and shot 729 playing 4th arrow.  I definalty recommend this ball and other visionary products.
Mike Walker


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« Reply #14 on: March 26, 2002, 12:17:36 PM »
I've been bowling with Visionary products for about 2 years now and this ball is by far my favorite.  I bowl on lanes that can be very challenging week to week.  One week the lanes are completly flooded and the next the lanes are spoty.  

The ball has a pin 2-3 and was drilled for leverage.  I bowl with medium speed and medium revs.  This ball turns hard to the pocket and very seldom leaves ten pins (right handed).  This is a very good ball for the price (for those who are price conscious).  

I have recently purchased a Charcol Executioner for when the lanes are soaked and will post a review shortly.

All in all great ball 9 out of 10.
Good luck and good bowling
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