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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
The ball is equipped with the NPT weight block with a spherical wrap around it and a new reactive coverstock. The shell and core combination used in this ball provide good length (similar to the Orange Warlock) but with an even more explosive backend reaction. The color of the ball is Green Pearl. Low RG = 2.58". RG Differential = 0.038".



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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #16 on: June 15, 2002, 04:15:54 PM »
Likes: Good length, great hit. Turns corner well.

Dislikes: Does not like carrydown at all.

OK, here is the first of a few posts of Visionary equipment I will have. I had never thrown anything from this company before, and took advantage of their test staff program. All I have to say is what took me so long. The Green Pearl Gargoyle is an outstanding bowling ball that everyone should have in their bag. I have only thrown this ball for 3 games now, but it handled a lane condition with fried heads better than any ball I had in my bag. It also gave me a ball reaction on this condition that I have been looking for, for a long time. It got down the lane great with a nice hard arc, and great hit. While a lot of stuff for medium/dry condtions today like to leave a lot of corners this is not the case with this ball. This thing drives threw the pocket like a convoy of mack trucks. On the first night out this Gargoyle put the balls from the big companies to shame. So far I give this one a 9 out of 10. I will keep you posted as I throw it on different conditions in a few different houses.

OK...I have had the opportunity to throw this ball on a number of conditions now. I agree with my orginal review in that this ball is excellent on drier head, but clean back-ends are also needed for this ball to perform to its maximum. Visionary has done an exceptional job with this ball, but it is important one remembers the purpose of this ball. If the backs are not clean it will leave a lot of 10 pins. It also does not seem to like longer oil, but can be used on a flat/short pattern well. If the lanes are scorched this one plays a little strong. It can still be used, but you must be willing to increase ball speed and open up the lane. I'm still a big fan of this one.

Jerry Weller

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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #17 on: June 25, 2002, 03:22:39 AM »
Just traded a Columbia Rock On for this ball with a friend who is an up the back player so my impressions are of the initial variety here...

This ball's coverstock is box finish conditon but has some track on it now -- the drilling is a stacked leverage drill.

First impression and I can't stress this enough. The hardest hitting bowling ball have ever thrown in my life. Surpasses the Titanium Messenger -- congratulations Visionary.

Second major impression -- covers a lot of boards -- comparable look and hook to the Super Power solid on it's condition. The Gargoyle I would say is a medium-light oil ball btw...

Amazing strength, but surprisingly controllable for this much raw power. I normally hate balls that hook too violently, but the control of this one redeems it.

I threw the ball the first time on dry heads with carrydown. I tried throwing inside where I had some oil and got great length, but the ball didn't quite have enough roll to get the 10 pin out with all the carrydown.

I tried throwing out to the track and discovered it was quite burnt and the ball wanted to turn left pronto so I decided to target the reflection of the 10 pin and see what it could do if I could get it to the breakpoint. It took me a few shots to get lined up, but once I did the Gargoyle just crushed the rack and I could not throw it far enough right to miss the head pin. The back end reaction was a very hard but controllable arch and I managed to throw a nice string to end the session.

The ball might be downright scary on a fresh wet dry even with a tamer drilling if you are a person who turns the ball. I am guessing this one may have an uncontrollable snap for me on a fresh shot.

The next day with more oil I found the Gargoyle still pings occasional 10 pins in the oil once there is a bit of the carrydown and eventually became squirty in the oil.

When I threw the Gargoyle up the dirt it was turning left way early again so I tried targeting further down the lane this time about 5 feet past the splice and once again got a very nice pin crushing hit with a very hard arching backend. I can't imagine a conditon dry enough to get this one to roll out for a person who turns the ball.

I bowled with a friend who likes to swing the ball and the carrydown inside was giving him fits between the over under reaction and the lack of carry.
He averages about 15 pins higher than me, but I beat him 3 out of 4 games and should have beat him the 4th game (lost by 2 pins by blowing a single pin spare)
The Gargoyle carried some amazing hits and again had considerable room to the right and a bit of hold when I mildly tugged the shot in the oil.

I would love nothing better than to be able to throw a ball that hits like this all the time. I will definitely be considering more Visionary equipment for my arsenal. I just wish I could use this one on more conditions. If I can find a way to use this one on a shot, my other balls will be staying in the bag.

If this were a full priced ball it would be worth every penny -- at mid price this one is a must have.


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #18 on: July 15, 2002, 10:08:53 AM »
T.W. 3 oz.
Drilling: 5x3.5   extra hole on pap, 1/4 finger and 3/4 side
Lefthanded stroker w/ low to med revs and med speed
Typical house shot: 38 feet with dry backends

This ball gets down the lane very easily to a  very strong arching move at the breakpoint. The carry has been above average and this is usually my first ball out of the bag. I would recommend this ball to anyone looking for a strong ball for med/ dry lane's a great price too.

Good Job Visionary


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #19 on: July 27, 2002, 10:22:36 PM »
I really like this ball.  I have a standard drilling and can play this ball right up the 5 or 10 boards and have a great snap on the backend.  I currently used a white-dot as my #1 ball on most house shots, but this ball may replace it.  If you're a cranker who likes to stand around the center or off to the left center of the approach and throw it out wide, this ball will work great on very dry conditions, but will need to have it drilled with a higher flair for all other conditions.


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #20 on: November 12, 2002, 08:56:29 AM »
My Specs:
   Right handed
   Med. Speed/Med revs
   10-30 deg tilt/ 10-30 deg rotation

   Green Gargoyle
   4” pin
   3oz top
   Stacked label. Pin over ring finger
   1- 3” of track flare

Lane conditions:
   House #1: 38’ med oil, OB 25’. Anywhere from 3 game to 30 games. League house.
   House #2 32’ heavy oil fresh to well used. Practice house.

   With this drilling the ball has a late breakpoint. On a lighter wall shot( League) this ball is devastating. If the oil if fresh, but not heavy, you can play down and in. if it is burnt up you can swing away.  The only time I put it away is when the oil has carried down into the breakpoint area. The ball keeps the pins low and carries great.  

   The overall reaction of the ball is long with a hard arc to the pocket. It doesn’t over react at the breakpoint. It has a nice consistent read on the lanes. This is the fist ball I have used from Visionary and it is the first ball I have every used where I didn’t have to move 5 boards left every game. it's a keeper.
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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #21 on: November 14, 2002, 09:59:46 PM »
This is one fine ball from Visionary. I was a member of the Test Staff and need to rejoin! So far all of their products have done well on various lane conditions. This particular ball does well in light oil situations. Carries long and snaps into the pocket further down than the Crimsion executioner.
The Visionary Staff are also very nice people to work with. They like when I give them reviews on their products. I am waiting to get back on the staff to try out the Gryphon and the Purple Ice executioner.

Gene J Kanak

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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #22 on: January 17, 2003, 04:57:21 PM »
Hey everyone,

  I got this ball used from a fellow ballreviews member and must say that thus far it has been exactly what I want it to be. You can check my profile for specifics about me, but I will tell you that I mostly try to stroke through this ball, though I could see it working well for crankers as well.
  I had this ball kept in the box finish, pin above and between fingers, cg in grip center kicked out very slightly to the right. I wanted this ball to be very smooth throughout the lane and to give me a strong arc on the backend.
  So far I have only tried to use this one on lighter conditions, as that is what it was designed for. The pearl coverstock and this drilling allow the ball to bet through the heads very cleanly, it revs up in the midlane and makes a strong, continuous arc through the deck. The change of direction is very noticeable when it hits dry, but with this drilling it does not overreact in the least. Plus, the hit, as with my Granite Gargoyle, is phenomenal. Light hits send pins flying everywhere, and the ball seems to be forgiving when it comes to poor releases.
  Overall I would rate this ball a solid 9 out of 10 thus far. It is very versatile, hits like a tank and performs exactly how Visionary says it will. This is only my second ball from Visionary, but the quality of their equipment is really making me take notice. I would recommend this ball to anyone who knows their game or who has a driller that knows it for them. Great job Visionary. Keep the good ones coming.


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #23 on: February 14, 2003, 02:56:07 AM »
AS for mine, I drilled it with cg in the center, pin high above the bridge (The pin Out on it was 4-4.5 inches).  Everything else is in my profile.

I have thrown it in a few different houses around here, and one thing I noticed its how much this ball stores energy, but how controllable it is.  The one center that I could have at least a favorable matchup between me and the lanes, it worked like a charm.  The main need for it though is the fresh backends.  Most balls labeled on fresh backends, I have enough hand to use them with little to moderate carrydown on lighter oil patterns.  This one because too squirty, and despite strong, its a very predictable, thus not forgiving on the back end.  If your in a house that runs a lighter pattern, I would give this ball the scared "two thumbs up".  When played to its strength, there is nothing better for the money then this one.


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #24 on: March 10, 2003, 09:45:41 AM »
Left handed bowler
Lots of hand
Pin 1/4 diagonal down from ring finger (45 degrees)
Cg 1/8" inside axis

This has been one of my most consistant balls. I can move from straight up to swing out, whatever the lanes give me. On a typical house shot, this ball is best throwing from the left just pushing out 3-4 boards and riding back into the pocket. This one and my crimson executioner are the 2 I start with in league play.

L. Nelson
Visionary Test Member
Nelson Invitational manager


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #25 on: March 17, 2003, 09:11:42 AM »
I've had two of these balls, and loved it.

My first one was drilled 5x4 with my pin above and between my fingers and CG in the center of my grip. The break point was very sharp and late, sometimes too late and a bit uncontrolable for me.

So i gave that one to a friend that loves visionary equipment and we drilled the ball for him 3 3/8x 3 3/8 stacked and he uses it in his second shift league were he has half half synthetics and wood. He uses it dull at 400 taking all the polish off it and it just loves to roll to the pocket carrying everything.
He shot 300 with it and were very proud of him as well.(Adam Kouri, he's on visionary's website). Adam is a high rev low tracker with a PAP of 4 over and zero up or down. he plays a deep 4th arrow line to a break point about 8 and about 45 ft down the lane.

My new GG is awesome. This time i drilled it just as i had all my original first set of Visionary stuff, 3 3/8 x 5. ball works very well. Left the cover in the factory surface. I used it on wood lanes with guardian head surface and everyone else was complaining how bad the lanes had broken down from the first tournament squad to the next. At this house, carrydown is almost non-existant.
I attacked the lanes first with my Crimson Exe for the first squad and then later switching to my GG. i moved maybe a total of 5 boards for a 6 game tournament. while everyone else was switching from shiney pearls to dull solids or just making multiple ball changes i stuck with what was working very well.

This ball carried far better than anyone else's gear and i was playing against guys with too hots and hot rods and everything else imaginable and no one could control there reaction or carry.

The oil pattern was easy for me to read. the only way to attack it was to swing the ball into the lane long. I was standing 20 out to 4 and back and if you got any farther the ball slides out. So i saw everyone else, try to play down and in over second and then almost taking out the 7 pin, and then trying to move left and swing it and having the ball squirt down the lanes taking out the 6-10. this ball's ability to go long and save it's energy for the break point is incredible. nothing works as well as this ball does on wood lanes/backends.

Good luck and bonne bowling.
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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #26 on: March 25, 2003, 04:27:03 PM »
BEST BALL EVER!!!! That's what the Green Gargoyle is. It's smooth through the heads and destorys the pocket sending pins everywhere!!!! Great for medium to dry lanes. Good for swinging or playing straight up the boards. Don't pull it because its not that forgiving. If you would have to choose between this ball and anything else? THIS IS THE BALL!!!!!


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #27 on: March 30, 2003, 02:19:13 PM »
When there is medium to dry conditions this ball rocks the house. Drilled pin over middle finger cg center grip. Ball goes long and turn toward the pocket with a vengeance. Carry's very well except an occasional 9 pin. Can be used to pick your corner pins just as well. If you need a ball for a medium or dry condition give this ball a serious look. For the price you get a ton of ball. Medium shots play up the outside when they dry out a bit you can swing it and still bring it. Great job visionary

Test Staff Member
Pete M.


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #28 on: April 06, 2003, 06:57:08 PM »

This is a great ball. I have had it for a few months and I just shot my first 800 series! The lane conditions were as follows:  plenty of head oil, medium backend (snap),  up the boards type shot. My scores were 257, 279, 280.  Each game had one ten pin, and the 257 had a near washout with a saved 8 count spare.
This ball goes long and snaps well.  It does great on Christmas type oil patterns.


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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #29 on: May 13, 2003, 08:27:10 PM »
I wanted a ball with a lot of punch and my other balls were not giving it to me so i talked to my friend and he just got these new balls and he has shot like 3 300's sence he got it and he said that they carry like crazy so I looked at the information that the internet had on the  ball and then the next day I ordered the GREEN GARGOYLE ever sence I have had it my averaged raised like 13 pins and now I never have trouble caring and and ever sence I got that GREEN GARGOYLE I have not had to get my spare ball out to shoot the 10 pins think it is a great ball for mostly all lane conditions. So if you want your average to go up suggest you buy the Green Gargoyle.



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Re: Gargoyle
« Reply #30 on: July 08, 2003, 12:47:22 PM »
This is my fourth ball from visionary since I became a test staff member.  My pro-shop drilled it almost identical to my Blue Gryphon.  Its 16 pounds, the pin is in-between and above the fingers and the cg is to the right of the palm.  It goes long and has a good move in the backend.  I feel this ball compliments the Blue Gryphon very well.  It goes a little longer and turns the corner harder.  The Gargoyle has a stronger back end.  When the back ends are oilly the Gargoyle works great.  When they dry up its time to switch because it will snap too hard and leave a lot of splits.  
I feel the Green Gargoyle and the Granite Gargoyle are completely different balls.  I do have them drilled differently but I believe even if they were drilled the same they still wouldn't react the same.  The Green goes long and has tons of backend.  The Granite makes its move much earlier and is not as strong in the back.  The Granite is great on a variety of conditions.  When it is light to medium oil you can swing it and when it is oilly you can play down and in.  The Green is more condition specific.  Head oil doesn't matter too much but the back end oil needs to be just right.  You can either play straight up or swing it depending on condition but there is much less room for error with the Green.  The Granite is more forgiving.  But I must say when the lanes are right and I throw it correctly the Green is devastating!  I almost threw a 300 last night with it. Hit high in the 9th and left a 4 pin.  I have only thrown about 4 games with this ball so far and I almost hit a 300 already!!  I think once I use it for a little while this may become my new favorite ball.  As of right now the Blue Gryphon is the first ball out of my bag but the Green Gargoyle could be taken over that position.