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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Finish:  1500 Polish
Hardness:  75-77
RG:  Low (2.51")
Flare:  Ex. High (.078" differential)  6-9" flare
This ball was approved before the latest rule changes and is much higher than the new USBC limits of .060"

Avail. Wts:  13-16# (AMB - IMMORTAL core)
10-12# (on request - light wt. core)
Lane Conditions:  Medium
Color:  Black Pearl  
Coverstock:  Reactive Pearl

..The AMB-IMMORTAL is the latest adaptation of our highly successful Anti-Mass Bias core design. Unlike other balls which use dense materials to create a mass bias, the AMB design utilizes an extremely light cap opposite the desired mass bias location. This AMB flip cap creates a negative mass bias on the side with the cap and also creates a positive mass bias at the desired location. This allows the bowler to drill the ball in just about any possible manner, without affecting the core shape or dynamics.

     Although the AMB-IMMORTAL Pearl uses the same shape core as the Centaur-AMB line that''s where the similarities end.  

    The AMB-IMMORTAL core has a heavy cap added to the bottom of the core.  This allows the density of the top cap to be increased significantly.  The result is a core that produces an extreme flare potential with it''s 0.078" differential (This ball was grandfathered in before the USBC changes and is currently higher than any new ball can be produced - BUT it is legal for use in all USBC competition because of when it was approved).

To Layout the AMB-IMMORTAL  properly, you must first mark the "Virtual Mass Bias" by drawing a line from the 1/4" locator pin on the backside, through the 1/2" white flip pin around the ball. Mark an "x"180 degrees from the AMB pin (13 1/2" from the AMB pin which puts the "x" 6 3/4" from the black pin. This Virtual Mass Bias point can then be treated using the same general rules that apply to other typical mass bias spots.

*** By using the AMB cap to create an Anti-Mass Bias (negative mass bias on the back side) it allows the ball to have a lower RG than the original DC core while maintaining a high differential. It also helps maintain more of the core dynamics for most drillings. In the case with most strong Mass bias balls, when drilling the thumb - you remove a large portion of the heavy core or cap used to create the bias, resulting in less of the core''s original dynamics. BUT, with the AMB core, you drill into lighter coverstock and save almost all of the original core shape - retaining the true reaction originally designed by the core.  



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Re: Immortal
« Reply #16 on: March 15, 2008, 11:09:20 AM »
After a full year with this ball, I am reaaly pleased. I keep it polished and use it when the Bronze Centaur is too much. My ball is 4" pin 16 pounder with pin above the bridge and cg just right of grip center. MB is just below and right of thumb. Release changes can allow me to play several different lines depending on what I need to carry. With full hand, revs and rotation, this ball can play angles that I can't physically adjust to. It is just unbelievable how much this ball can turn. On a medium volume THS you need 18+ MPH or no hand to use this ball. I've used this ball on synthetics and wood, it doesn't seem to matter what the surface is.
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Re: Immortal
« Reply #17 on: June 06, 2008, 01:52:11 PM »
Ball Specs: 16 lbs. Top weight 2.39oz. Pin distance 2-3"

Lane Surface: AMF HPL 900 synthetic lanes

Drill Pattern: I believe it is 3 3/8 pin to PAP with the MB at 75 degrees.  I told my ball driller that I wanted the ball to hook early and to be strong and continuous through the pins.

Strengths: A great ball for those of us who have a higher ball speed than revs.
                 It reads the lane well.
                 The ball does all the work for you.
                 Great on medium lane conditions.
                 Messengers taking out the 10 pin.
                 Pin action and carry is tremendous.
                 It will tell you when to switch balls.

Weaknesses: I can't shoot a 900 series every time I use it.  But then again, what ball does?

My thoughts: I have used this ball on medium lane conditions with much success.  The next week, the lanes were oiled more and an Immortal Solid would have been a better choice.  The Pearl still excelled on these conditions when I moved right and did not overthrow the ball.  Last night, the lanes were again ideal for the ball, however, the ball did read the lane early as the night went on due to the hot and humid conditions.  The ball kept driving through the nose, leaving a 4 pin or the 3-6-10 spare.  When this happened, a switch to something like the SS Ogre is in order.  

Let the ball do the work.  When rolled properly, this ball will come back from near the gutter with authority.  Do not "fluff" the ball at the bottom of the back swing, as I have left the 4-6-7 split on many occasions.  Also, as I have said earlier, this ball sends pins flying across the pin deck.  I have struck many times with the messenger taking out the 10 pin and also the 4 falling into the 9 pin.  I have also struck on not-so-well-thrown balls going high and almost crossing over with the pins tumbling towards the 10 pin.  I am looking forward to testing this ball on wood lanes soon.

My Grade: A

Thanks for reading my review.  Bowl well!

Visionary Test Staff

I love the sound of falling pins anytime of the day.

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I love the sound of falling pins anytime of the day.

I live in Buffalo, NY and contrary to popular belief, it is not snowing.

I didn't need Chuck Norris last night when I finally shot my first 800 series.

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Re: Immortal
« Reply #18 on: July 20, 2008, 05:29:16 PM »
This is another, in a long line of winners, from VBP.  This ball is, in my opinion, the most angular in the Visionary lineup.  This ball allows the heavy handed players the joys of "turnin and burnin" or opening up the lanes.  Yet the less handed player will find this ball to help them get the strong reaction the don't usually see.  For me, this ball was a monster, almost too strong for the conditions of my normal league.  But this ball quickly found a home in my tournament arsenal.   I wasn't expecting this ball to be as versitile as it is because of it being a pearlized ball.  I found that this ball could handle a little more than the normal medium to medium/light oil patterns.  I also found that knocking the polish off with a 2000 abralon pad helps it in the midlane without sacrificing the backend reaction I liked so much with it on.  I think most will be surprised at the ability of the core and cover combo.  It has always kept me in the games when the condition has me doubting my other equipment.

Thanks Jason and all the rest of the VBP Staff
and also to Doug Sterner for all the thechnical help through the years
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Re: Immortal
« Reply #19 on: October 03, 2008, 01:08:26 PM »

I had this ball drilled to compliment the solid. This ball is awesome on light/med conditions. l love the length this ball has. When this ball turns the corner, It blows the rack. The only dislike I have is this ball didn't fair well when there was some carry down. I can compare this ball with the bwp as far length and predictability. I am thinking of getting another and drilled it with a stronger layout. This one is a must for your arsenal.



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Re: Immortal
« Reply #20 on: October 12, 2009, 05:45:53 PM »
Ball drilled with pin over ring finger.  Weighed at 7/10 side and 8/10 thumb.  This ball is great for when the lanes start to break down.  Goes long and finishes strong.  I get great pin action from this ball.


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Re: Immortal
« Reply #21 on: February 24, 2013, 02:30:48 PM »
Got this one from good buddy G-thing. Drilled it up pin above bridge, cg center grip, vmb ended up rt. of thumb. Was looking for a good late game ball to go to when the lanes begin to break down, and the Immortal delivers! Kept ball in same condition Gary sent it- 1000 abralon, with light polish. Ball handles medium conditions very well. Playing down and in, ball goes very long before making it's move. Just when you think the ball isn't going to turn, the ball hits the left-turn blinker and it's lights out! I think this may be the hardest hitting, best carrying Visionary ball I have ever thrown. Get it to the pocket and let the ball do the rest. Highly recommend this winner from VBP if you are looking for something long and strong! Great looking ball too