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Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The new Xiphos solid coverstock and proven Mohawk core allows the Spartan to read the midlane, and then make a strong, continuous and controllable arc to the pocket. In development for over nine months, this coverstock is a direct response to all of the soaker covers on the market. The Xiphos cover provides the strength of the other high end balls on the market, without the concern of absorbing so much oil that it dies out after 50 games.

The Spartan is equipped with an asymmetrical, dense center core design with a lighter wrap. This allows for a quicker revving ball that begins to roll in the midlane while keeping a controllable continuous arc reaction on the backend. The “MOHAWK” on the core creates a mild mass bias for fine tuning the balls reaction.

Tech Specs


Gray with White/Plum Swirls

Factory Finish:

1000 Abralon




Low (2.52")


Medium (.042" diff.)
4-6" flare

Available Weights:

13-16# (Mohawk core
10-12# (light wt. core)

Lane Conditions:

Med Heavy - Heavy


Xiphos Solid


Mohawk Core


The Spartan core takes a candy wrapper shape and adds a “MOHAWK” to produce a mild mass bias and better pin positions. The med-low RG ball with a medium differential creates a strong midlane roll with a heavy, continuous arc reaction on the backend. With similar characteristics but a stronger cover – anyone who liked the Gladiators will love the Spartan



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Re: Spartan
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2011, 08:15:17 AM »
Pin Placement = Under Ring Finger
Pin > PAP = 4 1/8
CG > PAP = 3 1/2
DUAL ANGLE = 60 x 70

Broken Down House Shot
Feet = 33-34 board
Mark = 16 @ the arrows
BreakPoint = 10

The  Spartan is a boost to the Gladiator line.  The MoHawk core gives the  ball the ability to get through the front part of the lane fairly easy  without tweaking the coverstock too much.  The coverstock is stronger  which allows the ball to have a heavier, more continuous roll than the  Gladiator.

I bowled with this ball on a slightly broken down  house shot.  I bumped up the surface to a 2000 Abralon with the hopes  that I would be able to use the ball longer on a normal house shot and  not see such a fast transition.

The Spartan rolled fantastic.   The 2000 Abralon surface cleared the front part of the lane with ease.   The layout allowed the ball to react strongly at the midlane and  backend, but also allowed for that reaction to be much more controllable  than a pin up type reaction.

In my opinion this ball is very comparable to a 900 Global Break Out

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Re: Spartan
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Length:36 feet      



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS 


Likes:This ball is very strong on the back end. Due to low oil volume, I had to polish the ball very shiny, looks like a pearl its so shiny. Now it goes long and finishes all the way through the pin deck.







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Re: Spartan
« Reply #3 on: June 05, 2011, 05:11:08 PM »

Type (THS): 41' oil pattern. X-mas tree, heavy oil. Synthetic lanes.


Traded for this ball. Plugged and re-drilled the finger holes. Used the existing thumb location and drilled it bigger for my It* thumb insert.



15 lbs.


2-1/2" pin


45* x 3-3/8" x 30* dual angle



PAP - 5", 1/2" up

Speed - 16.2 on monitors

Revs - 400

Tilt - 20*

Rotation - 50* - 60*


Start by playing 20 out to 10 board. The Xiphos cover stock, sanded to 1500 Abralon, helps the Spartan to get through the heads with ease. The Mohawk core rolls smooth, with no noticeable lope or hang, and reads the lane with a controlled arc to the pocket. In the first two games, I see good hits when I kept the speed right. In the third game, the Spartan reads sooner as the lanes dry up making a move necessary. I move left with my feet and target. It was still an arc, never a skid/flip.
I like this ball for when I need to play deeper. Good recovery to the pocket.



Rolls smooth, controlled arc reaction, good pin action keeping the pins low, easy to drill, doesn't soak up oil like other balls. Another awesome ball by Visionary Bowling Products. 


Dislikes: none

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Re: Spartan review
« Reply #4 on: June 13, 2012, 03:23:02 PM »
Spartan- Visionary Bowling Products
Ball Specifications
Gross Weight - 15.04
Top Weight – 3.01
Pin Placement 3-4 PIN
new Xiphos solid coverstock

Drill Layout/Pattern
27x 5 7/16 x40
Pin to PAP -
CG to PAP -
Pin   above  fingers and to  the center  finger.
CG is just below grip mid-line and "right of ring finger grip 2 inches down and 1 inch over
Surface Preparation
Surface Type: 1500 polished
Bowler Specifications
Right handed
Ball Speed (15.5to 18 mph)
Rev rate (300 to 350)
Positive Axis Point (4-7/8, ½ up)
3/4 roller.
AMF synthetic.
39'  Christmas tree. Typical House Shot “THS”
Ball Reaction Characteristics
Length –medium through the oil
Mid-lane read – strong arc mid-lane read
Break point – Strong Backend reaction
Miscellaneous Information
Spartan is my go to ball when the lanes are wet and for sport pattern.  I like the way it rolls up at the break-point, hooks early. It makes a strong move towards the pocket and hits like a truck. It is good continuation through the pins. This ball does not roll out and it keeps the pins low and leaves very few corner pins. I would recommend the Mixed Breed solid and spartan are great balls for oil to anyone, a good 1 2 punch for oil balls  a good ball for tougher house shots and sport shot, if you’re looking for control in a ball that reads the oil, Spartan is a great ball
Brian Woolf


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Re: Spartan
« Reply #5 on: October 31, 2014, 04:55:33 PM »
Visionary Bowling Products-Spartan
Ball Specs.- 14 lbs
               - 3.43 Top Wt.
               - 3-4 Pin Pos.

I am a left handed bowler, and I had this ball drilled to not pick up the front of the lane and read the late mid lane and the backend. The pin is above the ring finger and the cg is kicked out and below the ring finger. I changed the surface to 1500 and left it without polish. This ball gave me exactly what I was looking for. I bowl in 3 different houses, 2 synthetic and 1 wood. This is the best ball to blend out conditions that I have ever seen. The ball reads the back  of the mids and picks up the back of the pattern and makes a strong, but controllable arc to the pocket as if being sucked to it.  Keeps the pins low and good continuation through the back of the pin deck. This is a very good ball and will hold it's own with any of the newer balls on the market. Great Job Visionary again! Visionary Test Staff member.

[      size=14pt]LANE CONDITION[/size]



Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):