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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Using state of the are coverstock technology and the newly designed OGRE core, this ball is a must have for nearly all bowling styles.

    The OGRE solid utilizes our newly designed Eradicator coverstock; a strong solid reactive shell that cuts through the oil, and handles carrydown extremely well.  While the coverstock is designed for medium to heavier house shots, it is very user friendly and can be easily adjusted to cover a wide range of oil patterns.

    The OGRE is powered by a symmetrical, dual density core design without a wrap.  This allows for a thicker, more uniform coverstock for extra resilience and energy at impact with the pins.  The dense flip cap helps create a strong move at it''s breakpoint, while the body of the core helps to provide a consistent reaction without the typical over/under you see from many reactives.  In addition, this core allows for minor mistakes in hand position, without suffering the consequences.

      The OGRE core is the final modification of the design used in the Centaur/AMB/Immortal lines.  Anyone who''s thrown the Green/Blue Centaur and any of the AMBs or Immortals would have experienced first hand the tremendous differences created by the placement and densities of the various caps.  The single flip cap design produces more flare than the Green/Blue Centaur but less than the Immortals and AMBs.

Finish:  600 Matte
Hardness:  75-77
RG:  Low (2.59")
Flare:  Med/Low (.029" differential)  3-5" flare  
Avail. Wts:  13-16# (OGRE core)
10-12# (on request - light wt. core)
Lane Conditions:  Med-Med/Heavy Oil
Color:  Orange/Black  
Coverstock:  Eradicator - Reactive Solid


sir darkness

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Re: Ogre
« Reply #16 on: October 20, 2008, 02:45:54 PM »

Ball has 2" pin and I had it drilled for med house condition. When I threw this ball, I was in awe of its hitting power. This ball turns harder than my immortal solid. I moved way inside to 25 swung the ball out to 10 board. The ball had no problems with getting back to the pocket with authority. I was not able to use it for three games, because the ball was just hitting to hard and I was leaving alot of 9's and 8's.This will be the first ball out of my bag,especially when there alot of long oil .This ball needs plenty of oil.This is a must have in your arsenal.


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Re: Ogre
« Reply #17 on: April 02, 2009, 04:59:43 PM »
I have this ball drilled 4 1/4 x 3 (pin slightly up and to the left of ring finger) with a weight hole on my PAP. (LH 4 3/4 over 1/2 up).  Rev rate 300-425 RPM's with moderate ball speed 17-18.5 mph.    I've tested this ball pretty extensively on both synthetic and wood.  
OOB on the synthetic THS's:  Needed to be pretty deep 19-20 at the arrows to about 6-7.  The ball rolls extremely well (nice moderate rolly arc) but had a tendency to burn out just a bit (hanging lots of corners).  Brought the ball to 1000 and was able to get to about 16-17 area with a little better luck.  The ball still had a tendency to fry a little from the rim but still features the same ball shape which was a positive.
Once again, multiple angles and hand positions enabled this ball to the pocket but the carry was just not quite what I wanted.  
I went a little radical by bringing the surface up to 4000 abralon with Extender polish.  The hitting power increased dramatically and the look ended up being pretty much straight up 10 (baby belly to 8 was OK but revs were needed).  I loved the added length and the move off of the spot still was the rolly arc, but I wanted to open the lane up a little bit more because my fun game is to feed it left when I can.  I hit the bow ties with green Scotch Brite and now I'm in love with this ball.  Length to get down the lane and preserving the hitting power and the extra surface only where needed to give me the increased angle...
OOB on the wood house: (41' with VERY light volume on the left side).  Too much ball for me.  30-10 was OK with tons of speed, but that's not really in my game.  Even at 4000 with Extender I needed to be just left of 5th arrow.  I was expecting this because it isn't a (desert) dry lane ball and the ball showed this, but it did show the same characteristics (bit of rollout/hanging the corners) as it did on the synthetics when the matchup wasn't correct.  In other words, it's very readable and WILL "tell" you (practically shout it out at you) when it needs to be put in the bag....ANOTHER positive.
All in all.....very tweakable, smooth rolling, controllable, VERY hard hitting ball that for me features a comparable ball shape to the Gladiator Pearl, but with between 8-10 boards more of overall hook.  Speed dominant players and tweeners should love this ball OOB or with very minor tweaks.  This ball needs oil to clear the mids and retain the hit on the back.  Power puppies will love this ball because of the controlability.  Like with any ball, just know when to break it out and when to either put it away or just keep it in the bag which will be pretty easy because it likes to strike on a pretty wide variety of med-light to med-oil conditions.  
Visionary produces very versatile, controllable and durable equipment and this one is no exception.    Try one out and you'll see what I mean.



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Re: Ogre
« Reply #18 on: March 15, 2010, 12:23:26 PM »
I joined the Visionary test staff, and have setup the following arsenal
for all ranges of conditions.  I chose the 4 balls package, exchanged the
bag for an extra ball and bought a 6th ball too.  Any one can join the test
staff, so I'm not partial to the company, but found them myself from others
sugestions on how durable and long lasting while high performing visionary
balls are.  Also all mine are aimed at playing mostly outside straighter lines
with an arc, no angular type reactions.  They can play inside quite nicely
though still, so very versitile.

Heavy Oil:              Ogre Partical    600 Grit scotchbright  4" 75x65 Drill
Medium-Heavy Oil:       Ogre Solid       OOB Surface  4 1/2" 45x42 Drill
Medium Oil(bench mark) Gladiator Solid  1000 Abralon 3 5/8" 45x55 Drill
Medium-Light Oil:       Ogre Pearl       OOB Surface  4 1/2" 60x45 Drill
Light Oil:              Gladiator LE     OOB Surface  5" 75x42 Drill
Dry/Spare ball:         Ogre Urethane    OOB Surface  5" 105x42 Drill

All balls around 3 ounces top weight, top 3 are 3" pins, bottom 3 are 4" pins.
My Speed 17 Mph
I have Low-Med Revs
My PAP is 5 5/8" and 5/8" UP

The Ogre Solid is my Medium-Heavy oil ball.  The pin is about 12:30
above my ring finger, CG is kicked out to the right of the pin a bit.

I used this on a fresh house shot, which I was very impressed with
how controllable and predictable the ball behaved.  It definitely
has a very nice arc and I was able to know it would strike if I hit
my mark.  I was able to bowl a 241 with it, which is just a few points
off of my highest score ever, so happy with the ball.  It hits hard and
keeps the pins low, gave me plenty of breaks even if I missed the pocket
slightly.  The Ogre core definitely hits very nicely, or actually it
hits in a very angry way, had lots of times where pins just flew sideways
and sweeped any remaining pins trying to stay standing.  The coverstock is
very nice and durable, seems like it'll last because it feels less brittle
than my previous balls from companies like Storm.  Also I could play my
line a lot longer without it drying out, the ball doesn't seem to soak
up all the oil and require me to move as fast.  I eventually moved to my
Medium oil ball, the Gladiator Solid, but more to try it out since the
Ogre Solid probably would have kept working fine around the same line I had
played 10 or more games on.

Mr Old School

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Re: Ogre
« Reply #19 on: August 03, 2010, 07:31:07 PM »

Hello to all! After some low-lifes stole my car, that had all my equipment, and my son's...After the insurance company paid for the stolen equipment...I decided to give visionary a try! I personally haven't seen anyone in my area(Lexington,Ky) throw this equipment! So I called visionary to try the test program...I've never been any happier with the equipment that I received! The ogre solid, ogre pearl, ogre ss, and the urethane! Having the pro-shop guy drill them out, I preceded to roll with confidence again!

my stats: slow rolling tweener, about 14-15mph, about 300 rpm's. I personnal like to start at 24, rolling to the 10 to 8 board. The ogre solid, has the pin drilled next to the ring finger. with the cg at a 11:00 shift. Even with the higher rg, and lower diff, I WAS SURPRISED BY THE POP THIS BALL HAS! I've had lower rg, higher diff ball that did not explode at the pins, that this series of equipment has...BAR NONE! This summer, I've rolled better, this season than I could have expected! I was rolling on the typical summer pattern here in the midwest, the ogre just laughed at this and struck! again, and again. I started out with games of 249,245, and 205, for a series of 699! The ball struck and carried on some bad hits, heavy hits, light mixers, carryovers! the next week I shot 233,266, and 215 for a 714 series and 30 clean frames! And I'll say That this ball it's not all magical, but at the end of the league just last week, using only visionary equipment I average 213! I haven't done that since 1995! Will it work for you?, possibly, will i go back to the others...NOPE. Since the start of my friendship with visionary, I've gotten the b/g centaur, the clear gargoyle, solid immortal, and the solid centaur! And in the last weekend at the bluegrass state games, I qualified in three events, and received two gold medals! All with the Visionary equipment! So in ending, I would like to thank, all the staff at visionary for helping myself...and maybe to the low-lifes who sent me to the door of this great company....


Last week, using my centaur's while the lanes were so over/under. I switch to the ogres this week, and I was glad, while rolling a 542 last week, and with a high game of 206, the ogre solid surface 1000grit(Grey pad) and some polished I procedded to roll 246,225,210 for a 681 series! While I needed to make quicker adjustments, the ogre responded to the moves well, with no fear! So while I may have switch, i'm glad to know that the visionary equipment I have can get the job done!

Mr. Old School
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Visionary test staff

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Re: Ogre
« Reply #20 on: September 15, 2010, 06:00:11 PM »
Well guys after 5 weeks of bowling this year I am finally able to post some reviews of the visionary stuff that I have been using this year.  Over the summer I was able to get my hands on a Gladiator Solid, Gladiator LE, Solid Ogre, and a Gryphon 3.   All balls give me different looks with the same drilling on each.  All balls have the pin above the bridge and the mb 3 inches from the thumb.  This layout usually gives me a good about of length through the front part of the lane and gives me a strong continuous backend reaction.  I am a lefty with ball speed around 18mph.  

The Ogre Solid was another ball I was excited about.  Like the Gladiator solid this one out of the box was going to be way too much surface for me.  I first took this guy to 1000k and thought I would see if I could use it and just as I anticipated it was just too much for me.  So back to the proshop and took this guy up to 2000k and was still too much so at this point I decided to take it up to 4000 and add some polish.  This is where things get interesting for me because of the reaction I get compared to the Gladiator.  This one for me is cleaner through the front part of the lane and then gives me more backend than the Gladiator Solid.  This ball for me is another great ball for the house conditions because it doesn’t seem to over react when it hits the dry.


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Re: Ogre
« Reply #21 on: January 07, 2011, 09:01:22 PM »

Pin Length: 3 inch pin      

Starting Top Weight: 3 ounces

Ball Weight: 16 pounds



Pin to PAP: 5 inches

CG to PAP: 5 inches

X Hole (if there is one): no weight hole needed



Rev Rate: 500+

Ball Speed: 18.5 at release


PAP/Track: 5.5 over x 0



Grit: 1000 abralon

Type: (Matte, Polish, Sanded): sanded



Length: 40 feet


Volume: Meduim Heavy middle tapered to gutter

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS



Length: scale 1-10........6

Back End: scale 1-10........6


Overall Hook: scale 1-10.........7

Midlane Read: scale 1-10.........7

Breakpoint Shape: scale 1-10........6



Likes: When I first bought this ball, I was shocked at how much it hooked, more than I expected.  Could not throw it at box finish as it wanted to roll too soon with my rev rate.  I experimented with the cover at 1000 and then 2000.  At 2000, it was more on the backend then what I wanted, so I took it back to 1000 and the ball was absolutely golden.  On my second shift league last year, once the track went away, it was time to put it up.  Hooked way to soon.  Fast forward to this season.  I am bowling on a first shift league, fresh oil, with high volume in the middle.  The ball shines on this condition.  I was able to keep my lines fairly tight though had to play more inside away from the outside friction.  Ball only flares about 2.5-3 inches for me so the best line for me with this ball is standing 22-23, playing 15-17 at the arrows with 10-12 breakpoint.  If I miss a little outside, it doesnt over react on me.  In comparison to my Crossover, it complements it well.  Hook amount is about the same but look is quite a bit different with the 1000 abralon finish compared to the 2000 with Factory Finish on the Crossover.  What is nice, is that if the Crossover start to be uncontrollable, the Ogre can play the same starting with my feet and targeting in the same spot.  But, with the duller finish, it is much more controllable. 






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Re: Ogre
« Reply #22 on: November 14, 2011, 11:05:08 AM »

Length:1 house heavy oil ..  1 house lighter THS   

My specs.

17mph moniter

PAP  5 -> 3/4 UP

Axis Rotation  55 - 60

Axis Tilt  15*

Revs  375 - 400ish




Likes: Stole this ball from my brother as it really wasnt working well for him
Layout is 60*4 1/2*30......
2 1/2 pin to CG  surface is 2000 light polish


I already had a sanded solid ball and was looking for a compliment so 2000 and polish is where i decided to start.


Heavy oil to light oil.. the ogre glides through the mids gets to the break point makes a very nice arc to the pocket.  Hitting power is above average. Good continuation.


What i like the most is the versatility I get.  I can get left and swing it, or square up and let it roll.


This ball reminds me of my original danger zone, no matter what the shot is I can get this thing to the pocket. But unlike my danger zone the Ogre carries 100% better.

Dislikes: its 15lbs....  I had switched to 14lbs because my ball driller was trying to cripple me.  So I have become accustomed to 14# equipment and later in the night it feels like im throwing a boat anchor.






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Re: Ogre
« Reply #23 on: March 05, 2014, 05:14:33 PM »

Length:approx. 38-40'


Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


Likes:This is great ball more versatile than you would think by the oob finish. The cover is very exceptable to adjustments.

Dislikes: NONE
This is my second Ogre. This one I had to apply some compound to the cover over the oob finish to accomidate my present house conditions.  This is still a geat ball even today. Mine is drilled with the pin out to the left of my ring finger (lefty) and the cg is below and kicked out about an 1-2". The ball gives me a very heavy roll with a very predictable move off the end of the pattern. It's equally good on wood and synthetic lanes.

Visionary Test Staff member