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Hi All,

I'm proud to present to you The Visionary AMB Comparison Video.

I filmed this video awhile ago and im finally getting around to posting it...OK, i get a TON of e-mails with people asking me "Which ball hooks the most" or "Which ball hooks more than the other".  I also get a ton of emails with people saying how their "new hook in the box" doesnt move, and that their $100 mid price ball is hooking 10 boards more.  I have created this video, to hopefully help educate some people who do not understand the concept of roll out/flare out and proper surfaces.

I took the High Diff AMB solid and drilled it up with a fairly aggressive, high flaring layout for this test.  I then took the stock surface to 2000 Abralon and hit the lanes.  On the THS the ball did what i wanted it to do, it rolled out when i got it to the dry too soon, while keeping it in the oil allowed it to retain energy and finish strong.  I then took a Bronze AMB with the same layout and played the same part of the lane as the solid.  As you can see in the video, the Pearl (Bronze) retains energy much better than the AMB Solid, ON THIS SHOT!

The AMB solid is a VERY STRONG ball, and when used on the correct conditions will turn circles around many other balls in the industry, BUT if used on the wrong conditions, the total hook potential will decrease due to the loss of energy before the pins.

Now is this video the greatest or scientific by any means???  NO!  But i plan to use it as a tool to help explain ball reaction to those who just dont have the knowledge or just dont understand.  So hopefully you guys will take it for what its worth, and enjoy!