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Author Topic: Immortal Solid work on carrydown?  (Read 897 times)


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Immortal Solid work on carrydown?
« on: November 01, 2006, 10:28:32 AM »
I am currently using the Immortal Pearl and it is working great. It is drilled 5.5 pin to pap with the VMB about an inch right of the thumb hole and it is a pin out ball at about 3.25 inches.

The lanes I bowl on have a moderately heavy coat of oil about five boards either side of the center and taper out to the gutter where it is relatively dry and (I think) shorter in length than the center area.

Until I got the Immortal Pearl I struggled with this dry condition.  It allows me to stand at 25 to 30 and throw at 15 to 10 and swing it out to around 5.  With my other equipment I couldn't get the ball to swing out to 5 before it made a break for the pocket (thus coming up high on the head pin).  I'd try playing more inside but couldn't get a good angle to the pocket and leave the corner pins or come up high on the head pin again.

The problem I'm having now is with carrydown.  It either starts the middle of the second game to as late at the middle of the third game.  It could be just me, but it seems to happen abruptly. I'm bowling fine then the next frame I can't find the line anymore.  I then struggle for three or four frames trying to find something that works.  

Last week I bowled 268,(should have been a 280, I missed the 6 pin in the second frame, 246, (only missed striking in three frames) and had the first four in the third game when I left my first 10 pin in the fifth frame. From then on the ball wouldn't come up to the pocket or it was on the nose.  My line was like the edge of a knife.  For the tenth frame I used my Reloaded to strike out for a 199.   I blew a good series.

Iíve read some post here and they seem to recommend a pearl particle.  My Reloaded has such a cover but it is drilled 3 3/8 pin to pap with the MB about one inch left of the thumb.  It worked last week but the shots were all very light and late in the pocket.  I think I need something a little more aggressive to get through the carrydown.

Would the Solid Immortal drilled the same as my Pearl Immortal do the trick?

Would it need to be drilled more aggressive say 4.5 pin to pap with the VMB left or right of the thumb hole?

My biggest fear with the Solid Immortal is that it will hook before it gets to the carrydown and if I alter the cover it will not get through the carrydown any better than the Pearl.

Comments and advice duly appreciated.

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Re: Immortal Solid work on carrydown?
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2006, 06:32:18 PM »
I'm using my IS for the first time in league tonight, I'll give you my thoughts tonight/tomorrow for you east coasters.


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Re: Immortal Solid work on carrydown?
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2006, 09:11:22 AM »
Although I'm no expert,I can pass on to you my own experiences........
 First,it sounds like you're playing on a "Christmas tree" pattern. Oil in the middle with lighter oil to the outside.It also sounds like you're playing where most people with medium revs and ball speed would,and should,play the lanes.Let the oil help your ball clear the head then use the light oil to bring the ball into the pocket.
 One thing that you should do is to watch the other bowlers on your pair.Where are they playing?If there are more than one or two on a similar line to your preferred line,your line will disappear quickly,and carrydown will appear.
 Second thing is to watch what they're throwing.Pearl stuff or dull??Pearl will push the oil a little farther down,creating a hold area and allowing your line to stay there a little longer before you must move.If this is happening,stay there,but watch the pins as well as the ball.Half tens are telling you to be a little more direct,where 4,9,or solid 7 pins are telling you to move in.
 Dull will kill the line quicker and force you to move inside faster.Again,watch the reaction of both ball and pins and adjust by moving inside or go to a less aggressive ball.
 By the way,you've only mentioned two pretty strong balls.What's in your bag that's a medium condition ball???I try to start with something medium as a benchmark ball and then adjust as the night goes on  
 Again,I'm no expert in any way,and don't claim to be.This is simply observations I've made,seen and done in my own game.I really hope this helps you.Keep us posted.......
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Re: Immortal Solid work on carrydown?
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2006, 03:46:48 PM »
I drilled up mine last night and bowled after league there was a lot of carry down

with the ball in out of box condition the ball would hang at the break point with little movement to the pocket.

after a game and a half  I wasn't liking the ball reaction and was disappointed
so I polished it and wow a totally different ball.

got a earlier and stronger break point, moved in around 4 th arrow out to 10 and had no problem getting the ball to make the corner to the pocket this ball has a wicked hit when in enters the pocket best carrying visionary ball I've thrown.

have to bowl league tonight will see how it handles a fresh shot !!

hoping to get a video up soon !!!
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