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Need a complement
« on: September 21, 2010, 03:05:45 AM »
So far I'm loving the Urethane Ogre I purchased back in April but our fall shot has too much volume to make much use of it other than spares. The first few weeks i've had success starting with a break solid but by early 2nd game its burning up and i'm deeper than I'm cofortable with. The next ball down I have is a fire quantum. There's a huge gap in reaction here due to different drillings, covers, surfaces etc. The quantum is 3-4 longer and about 6-8 boards weaker on the backend than the break.

The shot is usually moderate in length gonna guess 42 ft or so and they vary between a normal house shot and extremely wet/dry depending on the oil machine they use. One blends the shot and the other doesn't.

I'm kind of unsure where to go with equipment, but was thinking either a NBP or OP but i'm open to any and all suggestions as I know there's a wealth of knowledge on here.

Thanks guys
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