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Author Topic: Ogre Urethane Saves the Day  (Read 1152 times)


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Ogre Urethane Saves the Day
« on: December 22, 2010, 09:47:19 PM »
So after taking two weeks off of bowling due to illness I finally got back to league this week. Started subbing at one of the more difficult houses (only 2 300s so far this season) in northern jersey on Monday night. OP was over under like crazy due to spotty backends. Being out of shape I couldn't generate the ball speed to tighen the line up the outside where it was more consistent. Enter the OU. Camp outside with some fingers and the ball walks right into the pocket, completely ignoring the spotty backends.

League again last night and the lanes are flying. Can't keep the OP or Hot Rod Pro Stock Pearl left so I pull out the OU once again. Slight belly about 7-5 and i'm in the pocket from then on out. I did leave a tremendous amount of 7 pins, but was able to hold the pocket without fighting the over/under everyone else was having.

The more i've been able to use this ball the more I like it. With my lower axis tilt I do have a tendency to leave a lot of flat 7s but the ball allows me to stay in my comfort zone and keep the ball in the pocket when nothing else seems to work. The roll is great and extremely even as is expected with urethane and it seems to carry high flush hits better than most of my other equipment.

While my game isn't suited to throwing urethane on most conditions, this ball has continued to save me on tuffer spotty conditions and when the lanes are flying. Great job visionary!
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Re: Ogre Urethane Saves the Day
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2010, 05:55:49 AM »
OU does do that.  I use it mainly as my spare ball but like you I can find some very wet/dry lane conditions at times.  One can plays lots straighter in the dry outside than you can with anything else.

Have you tried putting some surface on a ball to blend out the wet/dry?  That would be one suggestion.  

A ball under the OU is the B/G Centaur with slight surface.  It also can be played straighter and blends out over/under.  If you run into this a lot I'd suggest one.