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900 Global Zen Gold Label Review
« on: August 15, 2023, 09:47:03 AM »
Layout: 5 x 4 x 3
Surface: 2000 + Storm Step 2 Polish

The Zen Gold Label brings back the Meditate Symmetric Core with the all new Reserve Blend 801 Pearl Coverstock.  What this new coverstock brings is more length and more angular backend compared to the original Zen.  Where the original Zen was better for heavier oil and fresher conditions, the Gold Label is great for that transition period as a great next ball out of the bag after the Zen.  I was able to try this ball on both a typical house pattern and 38ft Marshall Holman pattern.

On the typical house shot, I saw easy length through the front part of the lane with a very strong angular backend motion.  The amount of length that it gave made it a little harder to control on the fresh.  It would read the friction very strong but would have slight issue reading the oil.  As the lanes transitioned and the lanes become more open, this ball really shined.  It allowed me to move my feet further inside and throw it to the dry without worrying about recovery.  As the middle part of the lane dried up some, this ball really controlled it and drove through the pins well.  Depending on the lane conditions you are on, this ball could be good for the fresh if you need to hook a lot of the lane early on.  Those who like to be straighter could have issue on the fresh controlling the pocket.  An adjustment of surface to make it smoother would make this ball better on the fresh.  This ball in my opinion would be a great transition ball.  Good to use after your benchmark ball where you can move in and open your angles up.

On the Marshall Holman pattern, very much like the house pattern, it was tough to use on the fresh.  The strong response in the backend made it tough to control  it.  As the lanes transitioned again and was able to open up my angles, this ball was much better.  Due to the high oil volume, the polished finish made it a little bit tough to still control so I made an adjustment to a fresh 2000 grit finish.  This allowed the ball to read the pattern sooner and not be as angular in the backend.  Certainly don't be afraid to remove the polish on this one if you need a stronger footprint on the lane.  Compared to the Zen, at the 2000 grit finish, the balls were definitely closer in reaction while the Zen was still smoother overall.  The Gold Label still gave a more angular motion even at the same surface prep.  For heavier oil volume, consider removing the polish for more control and consistency.  For medium to lower oil volume, leave it shiny for more distance and recovery down lane. 

Adam Chase
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Adam Chase
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Re: 900 Global Zen Gold Label Review
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2023, 07:18:42 PM »
This ball is Amazing! If you loved the original better have ordered one of these or going to today! I can't say anything bad about this ball. Why, because I bought 2. Had one drilled pin up and the other pin down. I have to be able to throw this ball! Pin up goes long and hooks, pin down hooks a little sooner with a little less back end. So I can start with one, and switch to the other because they roll so well! Ball surface just hit them with a 4000 pad. Out of the box, myself...I had to watch my speed. But I don't hook the ball as much as some people do. The ball is TOP SHELF! Great job 900 Global!!

Michael Slatky

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Re: 900 Global Zen Gold Label Review
« Reply #2 on: August 24, 2023, 04:27:42 PM »
900 Global
Zen Gold Label
Coverstock:  801 Pearl Coverstock
Finish:  Reacta Gloss
Core:  Meditate Symmetric
RG:  2.50
Differential:  0.051

Layout:  5 1/2 x 4 x 3 - 2LS
Layout Extras:  2 1/8 Finger Depth, "X" - 4 1/2 D and 1 Inch Left
Tester:  PAP 6 1/2 R, 1 1/4 D

The Zen Gold Label features a pearl coverstock combined with the famous Meditate symmetric core. The Reacta Gloss finish of this cover will provide the most skid/flip reaction we have in the 800 series. For me, I went with a 2K, 3K over the OOB finish after testing this ball. Currently, for THS conditions I'm rolling on two older HPL surfaces that have a lot of friction.

I noted above the slight surface change. For me, my high rev rate and slower ball speed preferes some surface on most pearls. As a general rule, I personally prefer more control of bigger pearls in the arsenal.

I was able to test the Zen Gold Label on a 43 foot typical house pattern. The Gold Label for me was an easy read as I sent it down the lane. Along with several other testers most have been impressed with how easy the ball gets to the spot. Carry was exceptional with the Zen Gold Label once I put a touch of surface on the ball.

Compared to two original Zens (1500 polished and Reacta Gloss) the Gold Label goes much longer through the front part of the lane. In addition the Gold Label has a bit more angle over the original Zens. I'm excited to see how long I can stay in the Gold Label as lanes transition. More to come on this ball.

Be sure to try out the 900 Global Zen Gold Label and fill that gap for league and medium volume patterns. I'm definitely excited to use the Gold label in league competion. Please be sure to visit your favorite pro shop today!

Michael Slatky
900 Global Staff Member
York, PA


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Re: 900 Global Zen Gold Label Review
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2024, 03:34:58 PM »
I am curious to know if on a heavier medium pattern, if putting a 3,000 or 4,000 surface without a Reacta Gloss finish on it still keep sort of long with better pop?