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Drastic Spec R
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Coverstock Type: Reactive Resin Pearl

Hook Potential: 7 (10 scale)

Box Finish: Hand Polished

Particle Load: None

Hardness: 75 - 77



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Re: Drastic Spec R
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2003, 12:59:35 AM »
My Drastic is a 16# with a 2-3" pin out drilled 1:30 label

Bowlers Journal classified this as the hardest hitting ball on the market.  I'll second that motion and say it is just about the hardest hitting ball ever made.

My test patterns for this ball have been medium oiled synthetics with moderate carrydown, lighter oiled synthetic with drier backends, and freshly medium oiled wood.

On the medium with carried down synthetics I shot straight up 8 with reduced speed.  The ball made a strong but smooth move to the pocket and blew up the rack when it hit the pins.  Any increase or decrease in speed of course changed the reaction of this ball on the oil.

On the lighter oiled synthetics this ball is a monster.  Without enough head oil to get this ball down the lane, I played 35 with my feet to 8 at the break point.  This ball has a very aggressive backend and came back screaming with no loss of energy.  The hit and carry at that deep was still better than most balls on the market today.

On the freshly oiled wood I played 20 with my feet to 10 at the break point.  The ball swiftly slid through the head oil, revved up in the back of the midlane, and made a quick but smooth hard arc to the pocket.  The hit and carry here was no different than the other houses.

Overall I'd like to look at this as a good medium all around condition ball.  It's not for the soup, nor the sahara, the backend is WAY too strong for it.  A great ball in my eyes.

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Re: Drastic Spec R
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2004, 01:02:34 AM »
drilled mine for length, and a decent backend reaction(pin above fingers cg out about 1in).  WOW! It clears the heads really well in box condition, and turns really hard. I intended it to be a weaker ball when i drilled it. In box condtion it was 1 lousy board less than my Cherry Bomb(drilled leverage) and CARRIED not just hit even better.  With a little added surface the ball is an animal. To me the ball is nothing less than a medium oil ball and with surface added its a nice stronger med oil ball. Those with less hand may be able to use it on the lighter oils with some success. DO NOT be fooled into thinking this is a dry lane ball in any way shape or form. You would have to drill it to death to make it not move.  I ended up getting a too hot for lighter conditions and found it to be a GREAT ball.. Overall i give this one an 8/10 b/c it is a little jumpy on fresh shots with box finish, everything else is great.


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Re: Drastic Spec R
« Reply #3 on: September 11, 2004, 08:28:18 PM »
Bought the Spec R used as I had retired all of my resin balls and wanted to try out an AZO product. When I posted a 'Want Ad' I was given several suggestions of what might be a 'better' resin ball. I was also told that the ball was best in light conditions.

The ball was 16# drilled label 1:30 when recd with a 2 1/2" pin. Since the span and drilling fit me well, I planned to throw some games before investing in a plug & redrill.

The ball gets down the lane well and snaps hard on dry backends. I played the ball on synthetics and the ball did not seem to respond well to carrydown. The Spec R responded well for me on medium conditions but as the oil dried up, I found myself throwing from 40 over 15 at about 20-21 mph. Even with this speed (I have medium revs, up the back style) the ball would come back to the hole.

The best thing about this ball is that it crushes the rack. The ball carries light hits very well and trips 'weak' 10-pins all day long. The ball is now older so many will not need to read this review but is a keeper in my book.