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Author Topic: Fusion RP Reactive Resin  (Read 6503 times)


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Fusion RP Reactive Resin
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Ball Finish: High Polish
Color: Blue Pearl
RG: 2.554
DRG: .042
Hardness: 75-77
Core: 2-piece


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Re: Fusion RP Reactive Resin
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2003, 09:02:17 AM »
Left Handed              Weight: 15 lb. 2 oz.
16-19 mph                   Pin: 3 inches
400+ rpm                    Top: 2.25 oz.
Higher track

I don't think I have anything but positive remarks towards this ball. The pin is about an inch out and inch down from my ring finger, and the cg kicked out about 1/2 inch from pin, and a small weight hole by the thumb.

I got this ball in a trade with my home slice Stackle. I had heard from the guy at AZO (at the time) that the ball was supposed to be relatively mild. Well, with this layout, its great for medium-medium heavy oiled lanes. I've only thrown it on house shots at 2 centers-one 35 ft., medium oil and the other 36 feet medium heavy.

At the first center, I found success getting the ball to about 13 at the arrows, out to 5 or 6. Ball turned over a little quick, and didn't flatten out. Ball crushed pocket, and sent pins flying like no other if it hit a little light. Tossed a 300 in only the second game of practice with it.

At the other bowl, I only threw 4 games with the Fusion and went 296(2-4-7-8)-244-247-220/1007. However this time I was standing around 15 and throwing 8-9 out to about 5-6. I noticed that the ball wanted to go quite a big longer and turn the corner a tad stronger. Had a 299 there too (in practice ;-( ).

NOTE-I had a little bit of a problem with leaving numerous stone 8's and 9's at both centers.

For best results, I think I would recommend this ball as a medium oil ball for people with a bit more hand. The ball seems to be a little too strong for a drier shot (at least to me). For those who are somewhat rev-challenged, it's great for medium/medium-heavy.

I think it is a very versatile ball. On a house shot I could play almost anywhere on the lane with some amount of success, whether it be crushing pocket or hitting light and sending messengers 10 lanes over. I would just have to make slight adjustments with my hand position and ball speed.