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Author Topic: Bag handle broken problem?  (Read 996 times)


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Bag handle broken problem?
« on: April 16, 2007, 12:34:23 AM »
The top handle on my Storm 4 ball roller has just broken. It snapped along the stitching.

I have sewn it back on but if it goes now it will rip a large hole in the bag itself.

Does anyone know if you can get a replacement top bag or do you have to just buy the whole thing again?
Is there anyway that you can get a 2 ball bag to fit on the top? It probably needs a tougher base than you normally get on 2 ball tote. Anyone know if any company makes one with a plastic bottom like the ones on the Storm 4 ball bags?

Just wanted to know as the rest of the bag is perfect and only a couple of years old. They cost nearly $280 over here thats why I ask.

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