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Author Topic: Dexter H1 Heel Problems  (Read 2114 times)


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Dexter H1 Heel Problems
« on: May 11, 2017, 07:30:53 PM »
So about 2 months ago I went from the brown H2 to the orange H1. Gave me lots more traction and stopped me exactly when I needed after I was slipping a bit with the H2. After about a month and a half I started slipping again. Upon further inspection, the first "ripple" was totally gone! I was stunned. So I bought a fresh one and made it better but not like it was the first time so I switched the sole from the S8 to the perforated S6. Then the shoe was finally stopping me where I needed again. After about a week after using the fresh one (about 20 games for me) I could see it starting to wear down again! So now the only solution for me is to buy a new one every month, which is totally unrealistic. Has anybody else had this problem? And if so have you found any solutions for it?