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Update on the 9s
« on: September 18, 2015, 01:04:43 PM »
I've had my 9s for over a month now, and so far, so good. I've put 50+ games on the 9s, and no abnormal wear or anything to suggest the shoe is ready to fall apart. I'm pretty easy on shoes (not a toe dragger) so I expected this experience.
Here a few observations/comments regarding others I know using the 9s:
1)  An EBI staffer who bowls in my circle of leagues/tournaments switched from Brunswick TPU-X shoes to the 9s. The switch was more about staff contract issues than a need to change shoes, but he has some interesting comparison perspectives. He really liked the TPU-X's for their athletic shoe like softness and comfort. While he's more than fine with the comfort of the 9s, the TPU-X get a win in the OOB comfort category. On the other hand, he feels the 9s provide better foot support and will probably wear longer than the TPU-X.
2)  I witnessed a terminal toe dragger destroy the tip of the 9s within a few weeks of purchase. While meant to be permanent, the toe guard is actually glued on top of the front tip of the sole. The toe guard and sole can separate if you continuously catch it with enough force while dragging. It will be interesting to hear Dexter's response to the issue. To be fair, in watching him bowl, I suspect he'd destroy the tip of any shoe. I've yet to see any bowling shoe that holds up indefinitely to extreme toe abuse.
I'll report back more thoughts after logging a few hundred more games.