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Blast Zone
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Coverstock: Activator® Reactive
Ball Color: Black / Green / Purple
Ball Finish: Scotch-Brite Grey Pad or 800-grit wet sand finish
Hook Potential: 155 (High) on a scale of 10-175 Low-High
Length: 50 (Early) on a scale of 25-235 Early-Late
RG Differential: 0.046 (Medium) on a scale of 0.0-0.080 Low-High
RG Average: 2.504 (Low) on a scale of 2.43-2.80 Very Low-High Break Point
Breakpoint Shape: 65 (Angular) on a scale of 10-100 Arced-Angular
Recommended Lane Conditions: Medium to Oily
Description: For 2007, Brunswick is bringing back an updated version of the bowling industry’s original asymmetric core. The Phantom core was the first core with a two-pin design and a built in Preferential Spin Axis (PSA). The ABC/USBC used the Phantom core to establish the original RGmin and RGdiff specifications for the system of bowling. By using an updated version of the Phantom core, Brunswick has increased the asymmetric differential of the Zone line from 0.017” to 0.020”. Combined with Activator coverstock and a 800-grit wet sand finish, the Blast Zone upgrades the Strike Zone in the Zone Asymmetric line.
Drilling Note: Use the included drilling layouts or your current favorite asymmetric layouts for the Blast Zone. The original Phantom layouts are now obsolete and are not recommended.
The Blast Zone uses a hybrid version of Activator coverstock, combining the Activator Solid from the Ultimate Inferno® with the Activator Pearl from the Original Inferno. The Blast Zone retains the popular Activator ball reaction. Clean through the heads, but with an early revving type of roll, that promotes mid-lane recovery and a powerful but continuous breakpoint.


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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2007, 02:46:36 AM »

The layout - I laid this ball with the pin 4 inches from my PAP and the Mass Bias in the 45 degree location. By keeping the pin below my fingers, this put my CG in the thumb quadrant.  This gave me extra side and thumb weight.  I placed the weight hole from the center of my grips threw the cg. The weight whole was placed at the intersection with my vertical axis line (VAL).

Oil Pattern - I tested this ball on our Freshly Oil House Shot.  We have a heavier oil volume than most house patterns.  I also did some testing at a local tournament, which was a house pattern with less oil than our normal house shot.

Review - While testing in my home center, I first threw the ball in box condition and then polished with High Gloss Factory Polish by Brunswick.  In box condition, this ball was clean threw the front and started to pick up roll in the midlane.  At the breakpoint, the Blast Zone made a smooth controllable arc to the pocket.  In the box condition this will be best on Medium to a little Heavier Oil volume.

I then polished the ball with Brunswick High Gloss Polish.  In this condition the Blast Zone was cleaner through the heads and made a harder turn at the pocket.

I also used this ball on a lighter oil house shot.  I was able to move further inside and swing the ball out.

My overall review of this ball is that it is a good addition to the Brunswick lineup.  It should give you a couple more boards over the Vapor Zone.  I look forward to a Solid Reactive coverstock with the Phantom core.
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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #2 on: August 12, 2007, 11:07:03 PM »
Layout: Pin below fingers and approx. 4" from PAP, CG also ended up in the thumb quadrant, Mass Bias about 45 degrees, weight hole about 1" above Mass Bias

Oil Pattern:  I have used this on three different house shots (fresh) as well as a few games on the PBA Scorpion.

My Observations: With the box finish (800) the ball read the midlane fairly early, but still continued with a strong "arc" to the pocket.  After about 10 games I decided to try it at 4000 abralon, which gave it more length and an even stronger turn to the pocket; much more angular than the box finish, but not jumpy like balls sometimes get with polish.

For most house conditions this ball is remarkably forgiving.  The cover and core are a nice combination.  I really liked the previous Zone line, and this ball will not disappoint.  So far pin carry has been very good with me leaving fewer 10 pins than normal.

On the Scorpion, I tried an inside line without crossing too many boards and was pleasantly surprised. The PBA patterns demand a more consistent roll, so I would go back to the box finish or something similar just so the ball reads the midlane and doesn't go crazy the last 20 fet or so.  

The pearl & solid hybrid cover is not as early as my Wizard or my Fury #2 (1000 grit) at similar surfaces, but would be a nice ball to go between the strong solid reactives and the "snappier" pearl reactives.  Need a ball to open up the lane on most house shots?  This one's a KEEPER!  Thank you Brunswick.

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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #3 on: August 20, 2007, 09:01:16 PM »
First, thanks to Rick Hamlin for sending me this ball.

I set mine up with a 5 inch pin on the center line just below the bridge, with the mb in a strong position about 3.5 inches below my PAP.  I polished the surface up a bit from the box condition, probably similar to a rough buff.  

First test was on a PBA Shark pattern.  I could play pretty square up 9 board with a nice ball reaction.  As the pattern transitioned I was able to make parallel moves in to about 13 while projecting a bit longer.  Again the roll was strong and continuous with nice carry.

Next test was on a softer house type shot with lots of friction to the right, and great recovery if you had the revs.  Even for this lower rev stroker, I was able to follow the shot in as the boomers blew up everything right of 15.  No quit when I swung wider than my normal comfort zone, and great hit when I played a bit tighter.  Again, great heavy roll with impressive carry.  I needed to make some hand position changes, but the Blast Zone respoded nicely to them.

Overall impression.  My favorite ball since the Vapor Zone.  The activator shell matches up great with this low rg version of the Phantom core.  This will likely be my go to ball for a lot of conditions


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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #4 on: November 07, 2007, 05:24:39 PM »
See stats for profile.

I drilled one of these to try out via the PBA offer.

Lay Out: 5" from PAP (just over the ring finger), 75* angle. I put a weight hole down as I was looking to replace a Ebonite Big One with the same lay out.

Surface: I tried several surfaces including box, 2000, 1000, and 500 abralon.

Purpose: To give myself a solid to read the lanes with but with some control on the back ends that I could use on medium to longer oil distance/medium volume patterns.

Observations: I have used this on a couple of house patterns and also on our PBA Experience league patterns. I used it on the Shark on Pro-Anvilane, this ball was smooth on the back with little jerk. It had a pretty good motion as long as I kept it online. This ball is more control than snap.

Final thoughts: I would like to throw this on a couple of more medium/longer PBA/tournament patterns to see what can this ball can do. I would imagine with a slight surface tweak, it could handle a little more volume. On house patterns, this is a great ball to control the over/under. It lets you keep the ball in play until they open up. This one is a keeper from Brunswick for players looking for smooth and control.

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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #5 on: December 21, 2007, 11:23:26 AM »
I punched a blast zone up for myself a couple of weeks ago with pretty much everything kicked out for a strong ball reaction.  I threw on a fresh pattern with out of box conditions,  And ball would get through heads great until it got to the backend.  It would turn the corner real strong and after it made its move (45 feet) It lost all the energy on the back.   So I changed the surface to 1000 abralon along with some hook it.  The ball rolled real strong on the back end Just had to play a little straighter is all... Same breakpoint when it was out of box also.   So if your having trouble with losing energy on the backend with a blast zone, throw a little polish on it.   At least it worked for me
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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #6 on: December 30, 2007, 04:39:11 PM »
UPDATE:    I really experimented the other night took the polish down to more of a rough buff finish.  And we double oiled a pair of lanes... the shot is a pretty high volume house shot even with one pass.. Put another on there and it is very ugly... I was able to get this ball to move when others wouldn't.  I would strongly recommend at least a rough buff to get the ball through the heads, even on the soupier house shots.
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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2008, 05:40:57 PM »
Blast Zone
Ball Specs
The ball being drilled was a 3” pin out with 2.00 oz top weight.
Drilling: Pin 41/2" from PAP and Mb 45 degree angle from PAP. Pin is above ring finger. Weight Hole on my axis. Factory Sanded.

Bowler Information:
Track diameter is 10 1/2.
PAP is measured at 5 1/4 over and 3/8" up.
Average ball speed (foul line to head pin) is 16 mph.
Axis rotation is typically 90 degrees
Initial rev rate is typically 300 rpm, "Tweener"
Lane Condition and Pattern:
Bowlero Lanes, HPL 9000 Panel. Oil Pattern: Fairly Flat condition from edge board to edge board, semi clean backends.

When this ball came out in August I was very excited to see Brunswick try to reintroduce the Phantom Core. I always loved my test resin Phantom that Brunswick sent me in 1993. The Blast Zone has that same fast revving core that I remember in the resin Phantom I threw except the Activator coverstock is alot more tamer than I remember from the Purple Rhino Pro Coverstock that Brunswick Used in the Resin Phantom. With that said the Blast Zone is a wonderful ball for oilier conditions, coverstock maintenance is extremely important with this ball, cleaning and sandings are necessary to maintain the hook from the box surface at 800 grit. This ball will match up for faster balls speeds, lower rev players or medium to oily lanes where you need to get a ball to rev up quickly. Would loved to see Brunswick put an aggressive coverstock in this truly great core. Thanks for reading my review.


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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #8 on: May 24, 2008, 01:44:33 AM »
This ball is a monster out of box.  I took it to 2000 then hit it with fitness it ball polish.  The pin is below my fingers in the middle, the cg is to under my ring finger and the mass bias is about an inch right of my thumb.  Ball has a strong midlane and no quit on the backend.  I have only had it in heavy oil once and it shined.  I have not met a house with enough oil in the middle to stop this ball.  Carry is great except when I try to play it on less oil but that is expected because it burns up.  I bought this and my twisted at the same time and they go together great.


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Re: Blast Zone
« Reply #9 on: April 13, 2010, 05:00:06 PM »
This ball is amazing. The pin is right on my ring finger. This ball was in out of box condition.I put some light polish on it. The first couple of throws it went high. So I made the adjustment and stood on 28 and swing it out to 10.This ball made a nice move to the pocket. I bowled 4 games and stayed around 25 and 28 board.I love how this ball handle the oil in the midlane.A couple of shot I thought would not come back to the pocket.Some were light  hit. That was my fault.All in all I like this ball. 224 201 223 170. Last game it was drying up. I wanted to see how the ball handle when the oil is drying up. I rated this ball 8.5. Its a keeper in my bag. Plus I got it for a good trade.NIB 16 top 3 oz pin 2-3