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Author Topic: For Sale - Brunswick Balls - New & NIB Different Weights  (Read 8218 times)


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For Sale - Brunswick Balls - New & NIB Different Weights
« on: August 13, 2021, 11:31:57 AM »
MadMax here,
Hi, its been awhile, many years and probably over a decade.
A few old timers may remember me from around 20 years ago.
I'll be posting some balls for sale on just about every board so
if your interested in anything then drop me a message with the
ball and your zip code, thanks MadMax.

14lb Quantum Bias Urethane - Rare Overseas Release
15lb King Pin Solid
14lb Melee Hook
14lb Melee Jab Blood Red - 2nd
14lb Prism Warp Hybrid
15lb Prism Warp Solid
14lb Prism Warp Solid
15lb True Motion
12lb Rhino Red / Black / Gold
14lb Vintage Phantom
15lb King Pin Rule
15lb King Pin Gold Special Edition
14lb Magnitude 035 Pearl
15lb Magnitude 035 Pearl
14lb Vapor Zone Solid
15lb Vapor Zone Solid
15lb Quantum Bias Pearl
12lb Method Hybrid
15lb Method Hybrid
15lb Fearless
16lb Fearless
16lb Cutting Edge Solid
16lb Zephyros - Overseas Release
15lb Tenacity Grit - 3 balls available
16lb Tenacity Grit
15lb Fanatic SS
16lb Magnitude 035
16lb Magnitude 055 Solid
16lb True Nirvana
16lb Melee Cross
15lb Fortera Exile
16lb Fortera Intrigue
15lb Nexus F P Pearl – Overseas Release - 2 balls available
15lb Diamondback
16lb Diamondback - Small Nick In Cover