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Author Topic: Help!: Detonator vs. Eliminator(in comparison to other Brunswick equipment)  (Read 2657 times)


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I'm very interested in getting back into Brunswick Equipment since I am just getting out of throwing Ebonite and Track exclusively.  Since alot of changes in my physical game have softened my rev rate I am now able to use more aggressive equipment.  I am thinking about adding the Detonator and Eliminator to my arsenal as my top two hooking balls.

I'm thinking about getting both of these and drilling the Detonator something like 4 1/2 x 3 with a weighthole on the VAL an inch below the PAP to cover the most boards in my arsenal and drilling the Eliminator 5 x 4 for a controlled arc to use on most house shots.

What I've seen from users of these balls is that they are both versatile providing that there is enough head oil.  The Detonator seems to go alot longer than it's numbers indicate but that could be to people's drillings and tilt.  Alot of the time I don't trust the reviews by inexperienced users since they are basically either full of worthless information or they are using the wrong surface on the lane condition and complaining that the ball isn't hooking(but they fail to realize the dry heads are burning the ball up at 10 feet).  From some of the more experienced members(Bob Hanson, Greg Hoppe and others) could you give your opinions on these balls true reactions since their numbers seem to be a little misleading and how do they compare with their midpriced offerings like the Smash/R and Swamp Monster.



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I bought a Detonator last winter, and I was happy with it at first, but now it moves just too much.  My stats are in my profile.  I guess you might consider me one of those "inexperienced users" because I am 15 and I've only been bowling for a year, but I research my bowling equipment more then anyone else I know.  I got my detonator with a 2E drilling from Brunswick's site, with an extra hole to increase flare.  I keep it with the factory finish.  This ball is way to much unless it is on flooded lanes.  Right now on medium to heavy oil, I'll line up with my right leg against the ball return, throw it as hard as i can over third, come within a half board of the left gutter, and I will still go brooklyn.  My speed has slowed up some since I have gotten the ball, so maybe that's why I haven't been able to control it lately.  From what I see in your profile, your speed and revs are fairly similar to mine, but I have a lot more tilt (maximum).  It's a fairly consistent ball (kind of speed sensitive though), and it does go long for being a particle ball.  If I were to make a suggestion for drilling a detonator for you, I'd say get this thing drilled fairly weak (maybe a 3L?), other wise you'll have problems using it on anything besides flooded lanes.  As for the Eliminator, I know a kid who throws one.  He throws a very small hook though, but when he actually does throw a decent hook and hits the pocket, it carries very well.  Hopefully this was at least some help.


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If i was you i would have the detanator drilled so you get its max potential.  I also have a detonator it is a great ball for when you have a lot of oil out there and with a little ajustment it works great on medium lanes.  And if i was you i would have the eliminator drilled static and throw that for your dryer lane conditions. and i have one tip for you, If you throw on a lot of heavy oil all the time you should have it rejuvenated every 3 or 4 months itll help your game a lot. especially with the detonator.


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Just a suggestion, how about waiting for 1 more month ? The new Raging Inferno which is replacing the Detonator is coming, if it is as good as the Inferno, then you should consider it.


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If i had to choose btw the 2 of the get an eliminator the Detonator i would suggest the eliminator from what ive seen it rolls better its like a proactive ignitor and the det. tends to burn up much quicker and hit much poorer.If your going to do 2 brunswick balls do the eliminator and a inferno I think you would have a much better time with those b/c the eliminator would give you all the surface you need and the inferno will give you a bigger and smoother hook.My boss Is a bruns staff member and I drill this  brand of equipment very often.My drilling suggestion would be to the inferno 5 x 4 and try your eliminator a bit stronger and prep its surface to suit your needs.