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Author Topic: Sanding a blaze  (Read 1930 times)


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Sanding a blaze
« on: July 17, 2003, 07:49:17 PM »
Don't get to you use my Blaze on as much oil as i'd like. The problem is on the drier conditions the ball gets good length but the backends is way to big/snappy. By sanding it down i figured this will give me a bit more of even reaction and controlled backend, or will i have problems with roll out and an uneven reaction due to it being a pearlised/snappy ball. Can/Should you sand pearlised balls and still get a good ball reaction. And what grit should i use?




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Re: Sanding a blaze
« Reply #1 on: July 18, 2003, 11:23:44 AM »
Yes, in general, you can sand pearls and still get a good reaction, BUT the Blaze was designed for Medium to medium light oil patterns. It is a pretty good ball, in general, for those conditions. If you sand it, it will no longer be good for medium-light oil and may not be good for medium, dependign on how much you rough up the surface. You should keep the Blaze for the conditions for which it was designed and does work. YOu should get another ball for hevier oil that the Blase cannot handle.

IF, however, you will no longer face medium to medium-light oil patterns in the forseeable future, say 6-9 months, then, by all means, take a 600 grit, green Scotch-Brite nylon pad to the surface, very gently at first, to just barely "crack the surface" of the ball. Then test it on the oil pattern for which you are now having trouble. If that does not make the Blaze hook early enough to handle the oil, then do it again, slightly harder, JUST SLIGHTLY. DO this process, until you've reached the stage you need. Stop when you get the reaction you want.
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Re: Sanding a blaze
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2003, 03:32:56 PM »
Another option is to make it go longer. By using the No3 Storm ball prep and then polish. If it still snaps too ealier might try a weaker ball for dry lanes. I agree with Charlest not to make the ball for heavier oil. Have tried taken 1200 grit sandpaper just to take the polish off and the ball would get into a more earlier roll, gave it more of an arcing motion still had some snap.