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Author Topic: Need comments for length on a pearl reactive for dry to medium-dry lanes  (Read 796 times)


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Hi there,

I got myself a used Columbia Reaction Rip as a base for a ball with length and a late, sharp reaction on a short (30') pattern, prone to dry up and with a grippy backend.
The ball is 15 lbs., a 4 1/8" pin-out, high gloss polish. RG is about 2,6", RG diff. 0.058.
I play medium speed (~14mph), high track, some further specs in my profile.

I'd like to set it up with the pin above the ring finger and kicked out towards PAP for length and snap, MB at 45° to 75° (not sure about this).

Would this be recommendable? Any constructive comments appreciated! Thanks a lot.

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