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Author Topic: track diameter, tile et al  (Read 805 times)


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track diameter, tile et al
« on: February 20, 2007, 05:19:28 AM »
I have been bowling along time and am just now learning the physics of the game.  What does tilt have to do with the way the ball rolls?  Another thread here talks about track diameter and tilt.  I was just wondering as I have always just drilled stuff 'off the sheet' and thrown it.  

just for general info I average over 210 and have what the old timers called 'heavy roll' my initial track is 1/4' from the fingers and the thumb I had my PAP measured out at 5 7/8 over 1 1/2 up.  I want to learn this stuff so I can better adjust my equipment to my game.

any info would be a huge help




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Re: track diameter, tile et al
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