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« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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The Barrageâ„¢
Our entry into the low price market. Low price but not low performance. The Barrageâ„¢ features a large two piece core design. A perfect control ball for house conditions or for tougher sport conditions. This ball is designed to blend out tricky patterns and open up house shots. A great all-around ball, a necessity in any arsenal.

Technical Details

Weight Block: Vertical Biased Flip Core

Cover Stock: DTR: Dynamic Tracking Reactive

Weights: 12-16 lbs

Finish: 1500 Polished

Color: Pearl Purple

Radius of Gyration: Medium @ 2.610

Differential: Medium @ 0.033

Flare Potential: Up to 4"

Hook Potential: 14 out of 20


Mike Austin

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Re: Barrage
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2003, 01:00:09 AM »

Drilled this ball for my Dyno Thane Staffer, Regional Champion from Houston, Tony Melendez.  Bam is right handed with medium ball speed and way too many revs.  He hooks everything, but he actually does it pretty well.

His first Barrage came with 2.75 top weight and the pin was out about 2 1/2 inches.  We put the pin on his span line underneith his fingers.  With the CG kicked out to the right, and a small hole low to get the ball back to legal.  This equated to about a 5 1/2 inch pin with about a 45 degree mass bias.  Tony has a very high track, and normally I don't like to put the pin under his fingers, but with this ball we did anyway.

If you don't know, this ball is basically a pancake weight block with a mild reactive resin shell.  There isn't going to be much influence by the mass bias, it is going to be almost all surface.  We kept the ball shiny out of the box.

This ball is great!  If you bowl tournaments, or bowl where the heads are torn up, dry lanes, give this ball a shot!  For Tony it got down the lane very clean with a smooth back end motion.  This is hard to do for Tony because he revs the ball alot, without alot of speed.  Unlike many pancake weight block resin balls, this ball hits very good.  A few smash 10's is about all he left.  These first games were during league at a wood house, very wet/dry, pretty dry overall.  I threw a Too Hot from about 4th arrow, and this is on "fresh" oil.  Tony hooks the ball more than I do, and he appeared to have much more area into the dry than I did.

This ball (all Dyno Thane balls) is made by Storm.  I don't know how much different it is from Storm's Flames or Hits, but it sure looks like it hits better than either of those two balls.  I have the blue Hit, and I like it, but it looks like the Barrage carries better.

There are plenty of uses for this ball.  Dry lanes, entry level resin, add to a tournament arsenal.  The price is nice too, down in the lower area.

Hope this helps ya......  (strikes4days at NOT AOL
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Re: Barrage
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2003, 02:47:38 AM »
Another great ball in the Dyno-Thane line. This ball is definitely for the drier conditions, but when the condition is right this ball is devestating. I drilled two of these balls, both 45 degress with a 4inch pin to PAP. One I left factory and the other I sanded with 600. I have only used the one with the factory finish on it and it was great. It cleared the front with ease and made a nice controlled turn in the back. I used it on wood surface when the first five boards were purposely left dry and from 5 in flooded. I completely dominated the others on the pair. I played the dry boards and never missed the pocket for 7 staright games with very minimal moves to the left but continued to stay in the dry area of the lane. I averaged about 235 and my last game was 279 with a smash 7 in the fourth. Unbelievable ball when the lanes dry out. or if there are any dry boards on the lane. Great for the second shift league bowlers looking to avoid moving into the oil. This ball will give you that look.
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Phillip Marlowe

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Re: Barrage
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2003, 08:41:34 PM »
The dark hanging outside my office window covered only slightly more than a western panorama.  Across the street, under the lights in the lot at the Grind Out Lanes, Lounge and Bar-B-Q, I could see the guys and dolls from the second shift of the evening walking out with their heads down and faces sullen.  One walked across the street and toward my building.  Three minutes later, the door shuddered under an assault only slightly less violent than Pearl Harbor.  Alphonse Stonawich finally figured out the door was open.  I knew that was his name because he announced it as he came in and every twenty seconds thereafter, only slightly less frequently than he threw f-bombs all over the office.  He was having trouble with the Grind Out Lanes, suggesting that they were dressed with sawdust instead of oil.  He was so angry that he wanted to get revenge, and he asked if I could see if one could hit Grind Out with a Barrage.  Fearing for my sanity and to get him out of my office, I took the job -- it was either that or shoot him, and that would have required too much effort to explain to Lt. Sludge.

The Barrage was the color of that blue frozen cool-aid they sell behind the counter at Grind Out.  That blue cover was supposed to be as mild as a shot of Captain Morgan in pint of diet cola.  I drilled up a 15 lb sample with the pin under the ring and the cg kicked to the left and took it to Grind Out after their early leagues to find out if it would make me feel as good as the gin gimlet I took with me to the lanes.  It wouldn't, but then, what would?  I left the cover in box condition, because I liked the shine.

1. Length.  This one skated across oil like Nancy Kerrigan before Tonya's buddies took a tire iron to her leg.  On lighter or shorter oil -- or spotty conditions, it got through the heads and the midlane cleaner than Janet Leigh before Norman Bates showed up.  Surprisingly, it did not overskid if there was dry, preferring to begin its move sooner but smoother than I expected from something that was supposedly so mild.  This proved to be a bonus.  If there was medium or more oil, this one continued skating until it nestled itself comfortably in the 3-6 or 6-10 pocket.  If you see the Mobil truck headed to the lanes, don't even think of taking this rock with you.

2. How did it move?  Like a gin gimlet made with Beefeater, this one went smoothly and, like a double, harder than you think when you're having it.  It moved in a clean, hard, smooth arc that reminded me of Uma Thurman's curves. Nothing flippy here.  Kept clean, it bowled right over mild to medium-light carrydown.  I put that in my notes for later reference.  

3. How much did it move?  Surprisingly, on dryish lanes, this one covered ground like Frank Shorter, covering a lot of ground steadily.  I drank two more Gimlets each time I tested the ball just to make sure it was me and not some sobriety-induced illusion.  On longer, heavier oil, it took its key from Torvill and Dean, skating right through the Bolero.  On the right conditions, plenty of entry angle but controllable -- it just didn't roll out and didn't overhook.    

4. How did it hit?  As I saw this one punch the pins, I kept hearing Cosell's voice in my head: "Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier! Down goes Frazier!" Pins thrown around like a child abuser on a perp walk.  Thrown light, the rack collapsed like the model buildings in Earthquake.  Solid to high flush it was the pit without the pendulum, knocking down the four like the Gabor sisters knock off marriages.  Superior carry on a light oil ball -- far better than I thought it would be when I first examined the core.
5. What kind of control did it give me?  Absolutely predictable and precise, like an accountant lining up dimes. You could miss some left and some right, triangulating like Clinton in pre-election mode.  It was a little ticklish to changes in speed, but solid and stolid as an unbought judge in response to slight changes in rev direction and rev rate.

6. What is the overall report of the investigation?  This was a Barrage the guy could probably throw on lanes treated with salt.  Predictable, strong in the dry, skates in the fronts on initial oil and then when it slows in the mids and back taking a leisurely move that hits right on the mark like Sharon Stone's slow crossing and uncrossing legs.  A superior dryish lanes ball.  And the price was so good, well, I picked up two and charged em to the client as research -- and it was less than my booze and meals.  At these prices, the things should be sold at KMart -- except they'd be embarrassed to be near that cheap Martha Stewart stuff.  Everyone can use one of these.  For most, they can replace urethane for drying or light wet-dries.  For the heavier handed, maybe even useful on medium light oil, though I wouldn't bet my blackjack stake on it.  I just don't know of anything currently available that's comparable in move and control -- maybe AMF's Kick or a Flame -- but nothing in its category hits the same for me.  
I told Al to hit Grind Out with a Barrage.  He hasn't been holding his head down when he wanders out after his shift since.  

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Re: Barrage
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2003, 07:04:17 PM »
I'm new here just wanted to ask a question. I bowl in traveling league in NE Texas. The lanes here seem to be alot drier than normal. Someone on a bowling site suggested this ball. I havent ever bowled with a dyno thane but they seem like good bowling balls. I usually throw Track and an Ebonite werewolf, but the lanes here have been very dry and spotty. I could use anyhelp anyone has to offer about this ball. A little about the way I bowl, I stand on the middle dot to the 1st dot to the right and throw over the second arrow at about 13-14 mph and hit the ball fairly hard  but i cant increase my ball speed much> I tend to loose accuracy. Help me please.      Robert


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Re: Barrage
« Reply #5 on: December 26, 2003, 03:00:33 PM »
I purchased this ball for dry lane conditions based on the recommendations of other members and have been pleased with the results.

The Dyno-Thane Barrage is a good choice on dry lanes to replace older plastic/rubber/urethane equipment with pancake weight blocks.  Where your older 16lbs urethane or plastic ball "pops out" on a pocket hit the Barrage will dig in and carry through to the 5-9 (or 5-8 for lefties).  This is not a ball for medium+ oil.  It can be used on medium-light patterns if you don't mind playing fairly straight or if you have a bunch of hand.  The Barrage can fill multiple roles in your arsenal by using it as your spare ball on medium-heavy or heavy patterns and using it as your first ball on light or dry conditions.

The ball makes a nice arc to the pocket, even with very dry back ends - in other words, it is not a "skid-flip" type of reaction.  Despite its arc, this ball has never rolled out on me even on extremely dry back ends.  See my profile for specifics on how I throw the ball.

Caveats: I have not thrown this ball on dry wooden lanes, only synthetics.

Ball Specs: 16lbs, 2.5oz top weight, half-inch between pin and CG
Drilled Specs: Pin is 5inches from PAP, 1.5 inches above grip center.  CG is half inch below the pin.

.  O   O         @ = pin
.    @           * = CG
.    *
.    O

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Re: Barrage
« Reply #6 on: April 11, 2004, 09:58:45 PM »
I was in need of a dry lane ball, and had given up on my Sonic X. Well I'm glad I did! This ball is exactly what I needed, and solved my dry lane problem. Play it on it's intended condition and you will see what a great ball it is. When everyone else is moving far left (righty), I'm playing right back in the track and killing pins. I've been playing it down and in, somewhere around 12 out to 8 and back on a broken down THS. It's like throwing a ton of bricks into the pocket, massive hit and carry. Smooth, smooth, smooth... However, it will not move in the oil though, leave's too many corner pins from skidding too far. I did have some problems with rolling over the thumbhole, but I've since fixed my release problem.

Box specs:

3.30oz top weight
1-1.5' pin




This ball could find a place in anyone's bag. Great ball!
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Re: Barrage
« Reply #7 on: May 14, 2004, 11:08:26 PM »
The barage is a fantastic ball.  I've found that if I play this ball on conditions that it was intended for (drier conditions), it reacts very pridictably.

I never have to second guess what this ball will do. Because of this, I find my condfidence in my abilities increasing.  I've only been bowling for a short time, but I have found that using balls that are unconsistent or eratic from shot to shot tend to cause me to question my abiltiies ( I find my self questioning missed shots "was that me bowling with bad technique - or just the ball being eratic?").

Not only have I found the barage to be consistent from shot to shot on drier conditions, but I've found that this ball  makes an excellent spare ball as well.  I have my barage lable drilled and find that it skates straight as an arrow on oil - very predictable for picking up spares.

I'm contemplating getting rid of my spare ball and letting my barage do double duty. This ball is so consistent that I'm also contemplating getting another one and having it drilled for a slightly more agressive reaction.


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Re: Barrage
« Reply #8 on: April 14, 2005, 10:42:16 AM »
Picked this one up used for $20 shipped. The ball was received and looked like it was brand new. What a steal!!

I wanted this ball because I wanted something for drier lanes. Especially my Friday night second shift league. The shot is usually pretty sloppy and I have a hard time controlling anything.

I didn't have to plug the ball as I left the drill pattern as it was. Pin under ring, cg in palm. I had to slug the thumb and redrill the fingers to take inserts. Ball was left in OOB condition.

Took the ball out on my Friday night league, second shift. Sloppy heads, spotty backends. Needed something long and controllable to get to the hole. This ball did the trick. I lined up and put the ball up 10 all night long. I didn't have to move once. Came out and shot 675 with it my first night out! This ball reacted long and smooth as i was hoping it would. It had a nice arc on the backend and just slammed the rack when it was in the pocket.

Very good ball for the price I paid. Heck, its even a great ball for the price it goes for NIB. Excellent for broken down shots or when the track area is seeing alot of use, this ball will get down the lane and keep you in the pocket. Very good ball from Dynothane. I got alot more than what I expected!!

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Re: Barrage
« Reply #9 on: April 27, 2005, 03:33:44 AM »
I purchased the 16lb Barrage after lots of research. At the time, I was your run of the mill 180-ish average bowler, on the verge of getting better, but not sure how to (yet). Anyway, the motivation was a summer league where the lanes appeared to be natural wood. I used to throw a Columbia Pulse 300 Blue Pearl, but that was way too aggressive for my style.

In came the Barrage. Because it IS a light condition ball, it turned out to be a perfect solution. I tend to have high revs, and I know that I throw at about 15.5 MPH. The Barrage's simplistic core counteracted my revs, which ultimately produced a very predictable ball *in the right conditions*.

I stress the conditions, because the Barrage THRIVES in a consistent DRY condition. On occasion, you can get surprised by lots of carrydown or odd patterns, where the Barrage won't quote work.

Anyway, on dry, synthetic lanes, I've shot a 300 and 297 on the Barrage. For only costing me $68, that is a hell of a bargain. But, better yet, is that I even got friends of mine interested in the ball, and, after throwing mine, they've been impressed.

I don't know what the status of this ball is, as of now (it was harder to find as of 04/25/05) but it will remain as my "comfort" ball for quite some time, as I know exactly how it will behave.

Highly recommended for the bargain. When it hits the pocket, it usually HITS HARD. Literally, burying the shot when all is right. On numerous occasions, I've dumbfounded people with shots that would appear as if a split would stand, but would end up with the split falling over for an "X" on the frame.


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Re: Barrage
« Reply #10 on: August 16, 2010, 08:42:22 PM »
I have had one of these for a while now and just now getting to do a review on it.  
I found this ball to be great for my local house shot on the wood lanes.  even worked well on the synthetics.  But my problem with this ball is the cover.  Every through I get the ball back with new markings on it.  my pro shop said that was common with this ball.  So I have a great dry lane ball that looks more ugly every time I use it.  anybody else had that problem?

As far as the ball goes it's a good ball for light conditions.  I have hooked with it and played down the gutter.  length it good and the backend is just as well.  This ball does hit hard but only in low oil conditions,  

I sanded the cover of mine with emery cloth just to see the reaction change.  WOW!!  It moved this ball from light conditions to any condition.  oil or not I have used it recently on a chemolion pattern and ate it up.  The ball looks very bad but it's the one that throws everyone off when I do use it.
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