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Apex Particle Resin
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
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Ebonite International, Inc., announces the introduction of the Apex Particle
Resin. The ball is available immediately and cleared for PBA regional
competition beginning January 12 and national competition January 15. The
Apex features a two-cores-in-one design, combining the high flare attributes
of an hour-glass cylinder core and a smoother reacting light-bulb core. The
light-bulb core is offset from the pin at a 65 degree angle (5 inches on the
surface of the ball), creating the BOMB influence. The Bomb is in the down
position, or on the same side of the ball as the center of gravity. This
allows the core to be drilled to create the standard strong rolling mass
bias drillings as well as the ability to be drilled to create the longer,
stronger hook characteristics of a symmetric ball. The Big Easy cover stock
is a lighter load particle resin, designed to bridge the gap between
particle cover stocks and reactive cover stocks. The specifications are:
Factory Finish: 15 micron sanded Big Easy( particle resin; Color: Two tone,
Reflex Blue and Red Hot; RG Rating (actual): 16 lbs.-2.478, 15 lbs.-2.475,
14 lbs.-2.527; Differential (actual): 16 lbs.-.042, 15 lbs.-.047, 14
lbs.-.044; Mass Bias (BOMB): .012; Flare Potential:  high; Length: scale 1
to 10 (early to late) with factory finish: 3.10; Backend: scale 1 to 12
(least to most): 11.8; Overall Hook: scale 1 to 23 (least to most)
dull/shiny: 22.2 dull/ 14.1 shiny; Breakpoint Angle: scale 1 to 10 (smooth
to sharp): 7.5; Best Lane Condition: Medium oil to heavy oil.



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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2001, 02:29:06 PM »
i think ebonite got it right w/a premium ball this time.drilled the ball pin at 4 in n bomb at 3 1/2, ball had a 4in pin out so had to place the pin above the fingers[w/ my high ball track i prefer this anyway] wght hole on val 2in below pap. the ball has exceleent length out of the box condition w a stong arc on the backend, biggest problem at 1st was a number of 4pins, but took care of that by drilling to 1/2 oz neg side. ball also worked well ebonite particle polish on light med. condition. this ball is definetely a keeper

Tony Glickley

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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2001, 09:45:52 PM »
Hey all;

 Was waiting for my Apex to arive looking at the new core and wondering how I was going to drill it? So here we go!

 My Apex ,15 lbs 4.5 inch pin out, 4oz top weight.

 The big selling point of this ball is its ability to be drilled as an        A-symetrical, or a symetrical weight block, Drilling the BOMB out of the ball will give you a strong reaction like a Vortex (symetrical) or leaving the BOMB in tact to give you a reaction a lot like a Matrix (A-symetrical)

 I've drilled 2 of these and like the results of both.

 The first one, Drilled a 12 o'clock leverage , pin and CG in a line with a 1-1/2 inch shift to the left from CG, placing a weighthole at 5-1/2 inches.

I left the shell of this ball *out of the box* and went to the bowl.

 The shot that we bowl on is a typical house shot.....50 units of oil from 12 to 12,10 units out to the 4 board, chemical spill to the ditch.

 This ball got thru the heads well, but if you got it out the the ditch, get the turn signals on , because this thing is going left fast! Had to protect from getting the ball out to quick, or cutting the speed short, but shot 250 the first game. Next game, ran out of lane and put it up :(

 The second ball I drilled, we polished it with the Factory Polish from E. The ball was a 3-1/2 pin out, 4-1/2 top weight. I put the pin above the ring finger, putting the BOMB just to the right of the thumb, to be sure that I hit the neck of the BOMB. This ball I could open the whole lane, and was able to throw it the whole night by moving left and using more angle thru the heads to acomodate dressing breakdown :)

 Shot 670 and if it wasn't for operator error, should of had 700.

 The big difference I saw in the two balls was the influence of the BOMB.

The first ball had a strong, sharp defined move, great for houses that give you pin carry problems.

The second ball was an everyday in everyway ball, meaning I could pull it out anywhere and find a line with it.

The Shell of this ball gives you option too, I want to polish the 1st one and dull the second one to give that a try!


Ray Edwards

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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #3 on: February 23, 2001, 01:19:31 PM »
In a word, the new Apex is great.  I've got mine drilled with the pin above the bridge and the CG kicked out about an inch off the midline.  A small hole back to 1/2 pos and a little particle polish.  I tried it on a fresh oil synthetic surface without the particle polish and it hooked a little too early.  The pattern was about 28' so a little shine was necessary.  This extended the break point and made the break much sharper.  I recently brought this ball out to Reno and used it in the Bowlers Journal tournament with good success.  Unfortunately the conditions beat me there and I shot only a 626 for the three games of doubles.  Demanding conditions for any ball/bowler is what to expect at the Bowlers Journal this year but when I made a good shot this ball gave me the best 'look' to the pocket.  Carry was around the 75% mark which I consider very good.  The lower particle loading is definately an improvement as the ball clears the heads much cleaner than say the TPSIII.  A side note - a guy is leading the ABC Singles event in Reno with a 798 and he used an Apex.  Give it a try.
** Ray Edwards **
Ebonite Regional Staff

Dwight Albrecht

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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2001, 09:42:59 PM »
Ist Off. Thank You to one of the Best in the Business, Brian Persel from Ebonite for his Friendship and Support.

The Apex is a Continuation for Ebonite for Producing Just Better and Better Balls over the last 2 Years. These guys are making some Great Stuff. Give This one a Try.

COVERSTOCK: Big Easy. Lightly Sanded Less Particle Load, Smooth Feel and Look. Can be Polished for Better Length.

WEIGHT BLOCK: Large Low Rg Core with Offset Mass Bias Knob.

DRILLING: Pin 5" from P.A.P. Mass Bias 75 Degree from P.A.P.

LANE CONDITION: League. Medium/Dry outside, Medium oil inside. Ball achieved great length even out of the box condition and came with a strong smooth sweeping arc on the backends and just crushed the pocket. 729 Series out of the box. A Great Gapper between "Skid/Flip" Reactives and too early hooking Particle balls. Wonderful Job again Ebonite for producing balls that make me "Look Good". Thank You for Reading This Review and Enjoy your Apex.


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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #5 on: March 02, 2001, 02:23:05 PM »
Well, Brian Pursel was nice enough to send us one of these balls to find out my opinions on it, and to drill their new asymeterical core design.

I drilled the ball with the pin above my fingers and the CG an 3/4" off the center of the grip.

I tried to throw this ball on a 2nd shift condition, straight out of the box. and I was inside of 5 arrow and wiping it to the gutter and getting it back no problem.  

I move to another lane, and had the same reaction.  I was debating on whether to polish it or not.  I didn't and went to the Association Tournament in our area.  I shot 650 with it and had trouble all day sliding, so I think that was pretty good.

This ball clears the fronts great, for a particle ball, and gets to about 40 on our normal house shot, and then unleases.  

The Apex generates a great entry angle to the pocket and has awesome hitting power. On the off pocket hits, this ball skatters the pin well.

On a scale of 1-10, I would give this ball a 9.  It is stronger than an other Ebonite ball I own.  It out hooked the Pantera and the Vortex 3 by about 5 to 7 boards.  This is a good read ball and I loved the heavy roll when it made the move.

I think this is a great particle ball, and I am looking forward to shining it, in the near future, and I will repost with information on that.  I didn't notice early burn, like other particle balls, when the lanes started to dry up.

If you have any questions, please email me at


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Jim Lewis

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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #6 on: March 04, 2001, 08:59:21 PM »
The APEX from Ebonite is another new line starter--and what a starter. This is definitely the power ball but it still maintains a clean path through the heads, except on drier lanes. I have always had difficulty with particle balls burning up too early, and therefore had to stay with resins even on long heavy oil patterns. The APEX will change that it is stronger than the Vortex 2 and doesnt burn up as early as other particle balls i have used. The coverstock is easy to adjust as well. One word of caution, this ball is NOT for drier lanes. I will do more comparison and provide a more detailed review in the future. But it sure seems like Ebonite has hit another home run with the APEX


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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #7 on: March 11, 2001, 06:20:51 PM »
Oh gosh what can I say but sheer brilliance on the part of Ebonite, I was a little skeptical on buying it because I had a bad incident with the Trimax III.  I got this ball Friday night just in time for a tournament this weekend, my dad told me I was brave for using it in a tournament the day after i got it.  I got this ball drilled for leverage with the pin 5:30 to my ring finger and the thumb drilled through the BOMB, this ball is great  for soaked conditions on fresh conditions in the tournament I could throw 5 to pocket time after time shot after shot.  The ball hits like dyanmite was taped to the pins.  I shot a 245 with it Satuday morning and finished the tournament in first.
I hate league bowlers.

Chuck Gadbois

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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #8 on: March 15, 2001, 06:30:52 PM »
I wanted a new power ball to take to the Nationals ,so I chose the Apex over the other balls becauce I have had good success with Ebonite lately.I chose a 15 pound ball with a 4 inch pin out 3 oz top weight.I went to Wayne Webb for advise and to get the ball drilled. I had the strongest drill pattern, with the pin 3 3/8 from pap and the CG and bomb stacked one inch to the right of the thumb, with a weight hole on the horizontal. I practiced at The Orleans  which has a very heavy oil pattern gutter to gutter. I could stand 30 and swing 18 to 7 and have the ball get back with power to carry the 10 pin. After a week of practice, the ball does everything I wanted.    


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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #9 on: April 02, 2001, 12:46:32 AM »
i have had this ball for about 2 months at first i loved this
ball but now i think it needs to be shined
still it is a great ball and i know i will like again after
i get it shined
8.5 out of 10


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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #10 on: April 05, 2001, 11:45:08 AM »
Axis coordinates are: 5-1/4 right and 3/4 up.
Pin distance from cg: 3-3/4".  Top Weight: 4.5
Pin, cg, and bomb are lined up.

Ball Layout: Pin is 3-3/4" from axis and bomb is 3-3/8" from axis.  Weight hole is in the bomb.  Surface is box finish.

I drilled this ball at the beginning of February and I must say I am impressed with this ball. This ball can be played on a variety of shots with the exception of dry heads and dry lanes.  I am able to open the lane on a typical house shot and when there is oil in the back I can square up and still get an excellent reaction.  This ball really clears the front part of the lane very well and corners very well. The ball drives very well through the pocket.  I have been tempted to polish this ball.  However, as well as this ball reacts to the lane, I am resisting the temptation.  One note of caution.  This ball started with high top weight.  When the weight hole was put into the ball, the weight hole barely broke through at the base of the thumb.  This is the 2nd apex I have drilled.  The first Apex I drilled, I have had trouble with the roll (over/under) and I will do a review of the ball at a later time.


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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #11 on: June 10, 2001, 08:17:32 AM »
This ball is MONEY! Borrowed my friends Apex the other week and I could not believe how much this ball carries. I am left handed, the ball was drilled pretty much straight up for max backend. The lane condition was pretty simple, about 38 feet wet/dry, with clean backends. I started off playing my normal line, which is playing over 12 out to about 5. The first few balls came in a bit high, I was either leaving 6 pins, or 2-7 babies. I moved a couple of boards deeper inside, and nailed the next 9 in a row flush. I cant explain how solid this ball is, probably the best ball I have ever thrown. I used it the next night in league and shot 248, 270, 227 for a nice 745. Told my buddy the ball is mine, gonna get it plugged and drilled to get just a little more hook in the ball, for heavier oil. I was a little doubtful about buying this ball at first, simple because from what I understand, Ebonite and particle balls didnt quite go hand in hand. This ball goes hand and hand and strike. 9.5 out of 10. Go buy one ASAP if you havent already.


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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #12 on: June 13, 2001, 01:11:48 AM »
I had the Apex drilled for the full roller leverage.  The Apex (polished) has a controllable backend with excellent carry on dry lane conditions.  The ball also performed well on medium oil conditions with dry backends.  I threw the Apex on medium oil with carrydown and the ball had too much length, so I used a green Scothbrite pad (600 grit) on the cover.  The ball rolled earlier, but it could not make the turn on the backend.  I tried several different angles to the pocket without any success (the ball just did not have any backend on the carrydown). I pulled out my Lane1 Cherry Buzzsaw and thew it on the same condition, and it turned the corner without a problem and shattered the rack.  Overall the Apex is a good ball, however I would not recommed the ball for carrydown or heavily oiled lanes unless you are a cranker.

Rating (1-10)
Dry Lanes: 9
Medium dry: 9
Medium with carrydown: 4
Heavy: 3

You will not see me on the PBA Tour, but I love the game!!!


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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #13 on: June 13, 2001, 10:10:23 PM »
please read my PROFILE to see how i bowl
I had the Apex drilled with a mix of drill pattern 1 and drill pattern 4.  Pattern 1 is intended for medium flare, length, smooth breakpoint, and a continuous arc.  Pattern 4 is for high flare, and basically maximum break in oil.  The pin is up and between the finger holes.  Bomb and CG out to the right of the center of palm.  Bomb is about an inch higher and 2 inches to the right of the thumbhole roughly.  I threw 4 games on dry heads, with medium midlane and very little carrydown on backends.  I had to stand about 4 boards to the right of the left most dot, and throw over the 1st arrow to the right of the center arrow.  The 1st thing i noticed was a great ability to get through the heads clearly. The ball had length with great energy for the last 15 feet.  The dry lane series for the first 4 games was an 804 (4 games).  
Next i came back home and bowled in my usual house conditions, see PROFILE, but today seemed to be a little more oily.  I stood in about 4 boards than i usually do and threw out further and this ball had no problem getting back to the pocket.  The only bad thing i noticed was that this ball will wear you out.  You must be just as aggressive with the ball as the ball is with the lane or you'll kill yourself, not literally.  Even after carrydown(unlike the shaggy guy that reviewed this ball) the ball broke in a hard, smooth, consistant, manner, in which i had great control over.  The last 5 games of the day at my home house series' was a 1031, which consisted of a 226, and a 215, not to mention a few bad games.  The highest two games were the last two games, in the carrydown.  the ball is very versatile- i could throw about 16 mph down the outside and about 12 mph from the inside to outside. The ball was bought for carry and hitting power, and now seems to have been a wise choice on my part.  In the 9 games i bowled today, i only left 7 tenpins.  My average is at least 2 a game.  If you have any questions please email me at or just message me through


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Re: Apex Particle Resin
« Reply #14 on: June 21, 2001, 09:27:20 PM »
this is a follow-up on my previous review.
i ordered some Ebonite PowerHouse Particle Polish for this ball expecting greater length and later break, because my house has switched to what they call their summer pattern, which is meduim heads and dry backends.  the out of the box finish was too much for these lanes.  the ball polished very easy and held polish very well.  now for the reaction, as usual, even on dry heads, the ball gets through the heads fairly easy, went about 45ft down the lane with about half the midlane reaction that it did have and still had a stealthy backend.  i have bowled 16 games with this ball and have only left 6 tenpins.  this ball is amazing. without polish the ball breaks around 10 boards, with polish it breaks about 5 or 6 in the midlane and has about half of the backend reaction with polish.  good luck and may all your lanes be oily