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Absolut Flip
« on: June 11, 2014, 03:35:31 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Hammer Absolut Flip Ball Specs:

- Color: Royal/Copper/Silver All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
- Coverstock: H-200 Pearl
- Core: FatMax Core (including Flex-Resin additive, Ceramix surfacing process, and Carbon-Fiber outer core)
- Factory Finish: 500, 500, 500, 1000 Abralon with Power House Factory Finish @ 300 RPM Speed
- Reaction: Devastating backend
- Recommended Lane Condition: Medium-Heavy Oil
- RG: 2.48**
- Differential: .048**
- ** RG and Diff are based off of 15 lb. balls
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- 3 year manufacturer's warranty



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Re: Absolut Flip
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2014, 11:30:59 AM »
Another winner from the Hammer Brand....


PAP/Track:  5 1/8” x 1” up
Axis Rotation:  25 degrees
Axis Tilt:  12 degrees
Rev Rate: 440
Ball Speed: 17-19mph


Lane Patterns Used: 41' House Shot, 2014 USBC Team & Singles/Double Pattern


Ball Layout: 60 x 5 35

Likes: The Absolut Flip with the same core with the Absolut Curve & Hook, but has the Carbon Fiber outer core and a pearlized coverstock = AMAZING BACKEND MOTION. I love the Absolut Curve, but this ball is much angular compared to the Curve. This ball definitely goes sideways on the backends, but not provide over/under from what I see. This is the perfect complement for the Absolut line. For me this ball worked best on when the patterns were in transition and I needed a ball to recover in the backends when the lanes opened up. This ball is perfect for the medium-lighter lane patterns.

Dislikes: Tends to be a little too strong off the spot on the fresher patterns. I will drill another one with a pin down to smooth out the reaction for some tournament patterns.

I saw this ball in action during the recent Bowl Expo bowling showcase, and A LOT of pro shop owners like what they saw in this ball. This ball will work perfect for the lower rev rate bowlers that need a ball to get through the front part of the lane & turn the corner when the transition has forced them left of their comfort zone. With the pearlized coverstock, this ball will help bowlers have a ball that will get down the lane with ease & turn the corner in the backends.
With the Carbon Fiber outer core, Hammer has provided a 3 year warrantee on this ball, so this is another great product from Hammer & an excellent value for the money.

Make sure you place your order through your local pro shop for this great rolling piece from Hammer.


Michael Thompson
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Re: Absolut Flip
« Reply #2 on: July 28, 2014, 09:52:48 PM »

Length: 40 FT

Volume: Medium to Heavy

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS


PAP/Track:  5 3/8” x 5/16” up
Axis Rotation:  45 degrees
Axis Tilt:  20 degrees
Rev Rate: 400
Ball Speed: 14-16 mph
Dual Layout:  100x2 1/4x70


Likes: Really smooth on the front part of the lane.  Decided to go with higher degree angles and went 2 1/4 from the pin.  The flare was about 2 inches and it went pretty long.  Once the ball turned it over on the back.  The ball really hits like a freight train.  I can't wait to try on a medium Sport or shorter PBA pattern.   

Dislikes:  None, only way to really judge is when I'm on a Sport Shot or PBA pattern. 

People will really like this ball when they are bowling on medium patterns or they are pinned deep inside when the lanes start to breakdown.

Thanks Hammer for creating another weapon for our arsenals.

Gil Salang
Hammer Staff
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