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Author Topic: AJ Rice shoots 900!!!!  (Read 9327 times)


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AJ Rice shoots 900!!!!
« on: February 05, 2024, 07:28:37 AM »
Sitting at home Saturday when my son texts me and says AJ just shot 900 with the NU bowling in a tournament in Spartanburg, SC.  First thing I do is go to Youtube of course and initially did not see anything but about 30 minutes later; someone posted the last 3 shots.  Dead labeled all 3.  Crazy part is the guy filming said AJ had to have the first one in the tenth to break the house record of 884.  Then my son tells me he threw the first 3 of game 4 before he missed.  So front 39.  Now move to Sunday.  Get another text from my son saying AJ followed up his performance on Saturday by shooting 840 with the same NU.  Told him that the NU is a special ball and he needs to get one as my son is also a lefty.  Not long after the first video posted, it got to Hammer Bowling's channel as well and Brunsnick said it has been added to the Hammer Bowling website.  Congrats to AJ on an amazing weekend!
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