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Author Topic: Hammer Black Pearl Urethane (WWRD 3/21/2024)  (Read 2519 times)

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Hammer Black Pearl Urethane (WWRD 3/21/2024)
« on: March 07, 2024, 06:09:58 PM »
Hammer Black Pearl Urethane @15lbs 2.495 .048
WWRD 03/21/2024   12-16 lbs Alternate cores 14 & 12-13 lbs.  Volume- Light
Core- LED       Coverstock- Urethane Pearl 78D
The Hammer Purple Pearl has been legendary in performance and continues to win all over the World. However with the PBA surface hardness adjustment, Hammer had to go back to the drawing board to have a ball ready for the start of the PBA season in January. In order to fill the void at the moment, the NU was released. It has and still is well received but it is not urethane and the surface properties were a bit stronger. Using the same core in both, the RG and Diff numbers changed. The difference was due to the density of urethane vs. resin. But with the Black Pearl the numbers are the same as the Purple Pearl. The hardness change and box surface makes the Black Pearl close to the Purple with the same core numbers. Since the ball has a harder Durometer reading it will be a bit straighter. Staff members have reported 4 boards less with the feet and 2 boards in with the eyes. This is a more closed launch angle. The 500 grit surface will make up for it to be closer to the Purple and more can be added if needed, for the Pros. League and recreational bowlers may not need this if they want hook. 2 handers…go for it! It is a great choice for certain tournament patterns and high friction centers for when control is needed. Slower speed bowlers might look to the Black Pearl when reactives are uncontrollable.
Box Surface- 500 Siaair      Color- Black Pearl
Recommended Cleaner: Hammer Urethane Magic Cleaner
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