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Legends World Class Particle P
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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Coverstock: World Classâ„¢ Particle Pearl
Ball Color: Burgundy / Red All colors do vary somewhat from the picture shown.
Finish: 1000 Sheen
Flare Potential: 5"
RG Average: 2.57 (Medium) on a scale of 2.43-2.8 Very low-High Break Point
RG Differential: 0.035 (Medium) on a scale of .000-.080 Low-High Flare
Includes an accessory kit
Description: A perfect balance of control and power suitable for a wide range of bowlers.



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Re: Legends World Class Particle P
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2008, 01:41:19 PM »
Box condition
4 inch pin placed under and between the fingers
CG kick out 2 inches with a weight hole

The World Class Particle Pearl has all of the attributes you would want in an all around bowling ball. This gets easy length provided by a 2.57 RG. The Core is the largest one that Lane Masters utilizes in any of there bowling balls, which gets it into an early roll that is very controlled from the mid-lane to the break point. At the break point the move is very angular, but still gives a consistent controlled move to the pocket. The medium Diff of .035 provides more than enough flare, but does not return any over under. Carry down is never an issue because of the particle load. Compared to the Black Pearl, it is 2 to 3 longer in length, which allows you to play pretty much the same line for as many games as necessary and carry with a very high percentage. Hits super hards. Pin action is jaw dropping.


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Re: Legends World Class Particle P
« Reply #2 on: March 04, 2008, 05:41:03 AM »
I gotta agree with robo -- this ball ROCKS! Mine's drilled Label Leverage, just like my blue Particle World Class. It goes long, turns sharply but smoothly, and just keeps going through the pin deck and almost out the back wall of the center! All L/LM stuff hits hard, but this puppy is right up there with the hardest hitting they've ever put out. Few ringing tens, but I do get some stone 8s and 9s. Doesn't bother me--means I made a good shot, and they're easy to pick up!

I rolled this last Wednesday on some pretty crummy conditions and was in the 230s to 250s seven out of eight games rolled. One bad game because of bowler error; pulled it a couple of times and went through the nose leaving unmake-able splits. Definitely my fault and not the ball's.

This ball is also great because with some pretty minor hand/release/speed/loft changes, you can play just about anywhere on the lane.

Compared to the Blue WC, this one goes longer and turns sharper, but is still very smooth and predictable. I'm anxious to get the WC Reactive to complete the set.

Maybe my favorite ball! Highly recommended.
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Re: Legends World Class Particle P
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2009, 01:15:07 AM »
About the Ball: 15 lbs, 3" Pin, 3 3/8" x 3 5/8" close to stacked leverage, Pin just right of ring finger, CG just right of grip CL on ML

About me: See my profile

The Lane Masters Legends World Class Particle Pearl (they'll never fit that on the album cover) is an excellent benchmark ball, covering a wide range of conditions from medium-heavy to medium-light. It is versatile enough to play on fresh/strong back ends, but doesn't squirt on carrydown. This ball has one of the largest cores I've seen and, like other Legends balls, surrounds the core with the highest quality reactive/light load carbon particle mixture without a wrap. What separates this ball (and most Lane Masters/Legends equipment) is the quality of materials used, high coefficient of restitution, and longevity of excellent ball reaction (just clean it after each set). The ball is a roller but with a strong, consistent back end reaction. The medium RG and differential RG, along with the symmetric core and light particle load suggest control and this ball meets this expectation.
I have used the WCPP on synthetic lanes: Brunswick Anvilane, AMF HPL, and Murray synthetics (Pathfinders?). I had my best look on the HPLs but good looks on the harder synthetic surfaces as well. The ball works well on house patterns as well as sport patterns. It gets through the heads well unless they are toast, reads the midlane and continues through the rack without roll-out. Oh yeah, that Lane Master/Legends "crack" of the pins is there in spades. This ball just shreds racks!
All in all, the WCPP is one of the most versatile, quality pieces on the market. An excellent choice for a benchmark ball in a large arsenal or as a primary ball for the bowler who chooses a smaller bag of round tools.
Nice extras in the box: A quality see-saw bag, a small bottle of cleaner, a small bottle of polish, a gray scuff pad, a burgundy scuff pad, a ball cup, and a good drill guide.
Aesthetics? The burgundy/red pearl finish looks great: Right up there with the Hammer Black Widow Pearl for a great appearance.
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Re: Legends World Class Particle P
« Reply #4 on: May 02, 2010, 10:12:12 PM »
mine is pin below ring findger.weight hole by them.great hitting ball.rolls smooth also.has great weight block.everyone jokes oop red ball up 5.but it usually means bad news for them.great ball overall.has a different reaction then the bl prl prt.with the different weight block.
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