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Overseas Releases
« on: July 14, 2003, 08:25:50 PM »
I was on the website a few minutes ago.  I went onto the link about overseas balls.  It made me wonder why there are cover-core combos that we cannot get over here.  Why is there a difference between U.S. releases and overseas releases?  Example:  Messenger Ti Tungsten/C...or the Particle Ti Boss.  I saw a couple that looked the same, but under a different name.  Example:  The Riot, by Columbia, is the exact same color as the original Wicked.  I only went onto the Columbia side.  Sorry about that.  They also had a ball called the Flipside Fiesta, for lighter oil.  I do not recall a Flipside anything as a U.S. release outside the WOW, Wicked, and Wild.  Is it that there are different releases, or are the balls the same, just under different names?  But, that would not make much sense.  Some others they had from Columbia:  Casino, Ricochet 2, Ricochet/C, Rock Air, Flexcel/R, just to name a few.  Can anyone explain this?  Also, how can one get their hands on an overseas release?  I know it is possible, because I saw someone over here throwing a Gold Rage.
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