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PAP migration
« on: May 28, 2003, 05:44:41 PM »
Was wondering about the PAP.  I know you are supposed to use a "do-nothing" or "spare" ball to find your PAP.  I have a polished white dot that is as "do-nothing" as it gets that I use for most spares.  The ball tracks fairly consistantly as long as I don't do anything different with my release.  There is no problem getting the PAP from that ball.

On my other balls, I usually have an inverted track with the track center around 3 1/2" away from the thumbhole.  With a little wrist change I can move it to 4" away.  By changing again to an end over end release, I can move the track to where it will clip the edge of the thumb hole.  The PAP in these balls can vary by 2" or more.

So, if you drill for the PAP from the spare ball, and then change to your strike release on strong core balls, does the drilling you have selected actually start fighting the reaction you want?  Or doesn't it matter?