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Awesome Finish
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
  Saving the best for last...The final ball featuring our proven Vanguard Core Technology is sure to satisfy even the most demanding player. With its super dense body and lighter weight dual caps, AWESOME FINISH provides length through the front and finished stronger than any MoRich ball to date. Please note that due to color swirls during manufacturing, actual swirl patterns and concentrations may differ from this sample.
  • Core Type: Vanguard Strong Asymmetrical with upper torque cap
  • Mass Bias Differential: .030
    60 Degree Avg. Spin Time: 5.0 Seconds
  • Coverstock: Spectrum Solid Reactive
  • Factory Finish: Polished
  • Flare Potential: Medium/Large
  • Differential: .048
  • RG: 2.488
  • Color: Violet/Orange/Lime



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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #1 on: April 19, 2007, 01:22:32 PM »
    I have been a big fan of MoRich equipment for a long time, but haven't been able to throw it much because of the amount of hook they produce. I don't normally post reviews on balls, but this one need to be to let everyone know what they are missing.

    My Specs:
    350-500 RPM depends on release.
    30-40* of Axis Rotation
    5-10* Axis Tilt

    Ball Specs:
    15lb 3 oz
    3" pin
    3.1oz top

    Pin is 4.5" away from PAP 1 3/4" away from my VAL. MB is 5" away. X-hole is above fingers. Mo laid out a Awesome Revs for me at the Masters last year and this is how he laid it out. This drilling/ball compliments the Revs perfectly.

    I have bowled with this ball in 3 different center so far and all have totally different conditions(not sure what they are, but don't play alike at all) I have 3 sets with this, 1 set in each center.

    Center # 1
    Shot 752 out of they gate with this, played inside everone else( which is normal, but allowed me to play the same spot long with out hardly notice of transition. Which is huge because this centers has big problems with transition. This ball Reads the dry tremdously no jerk but still strong. Carry was not even a problem at all.

    Center # 2
    Brunswick AnvilHANG! LOL
    Shot is basically a straightest heaven, if you can play 10-12 straight up you will absolutely kill this place, I can play there but I have to throw plastic. Anyway, Extremely BLACK AND WHITE with HUGE OB. This ball was AWESOME I could throw it to the dirt from about 18 board and it would jerk but it read early enough to not bring the OB in play. Had 732 which is alot for a twister in that house.

    Center # 3
    OLD OLD Wood, basically beat to crap wood.
    Let me say this first there are only 3 people that AVE over 200 in this house. The shot is tough, the heads hook like crazy, which makes it tough to create any backend to strike. Well I found that the Awesome Finish is the answer to this house. It glides through the BURNT heads better then anyball I have ever owned( suprised because it is Brunswick). And created enough back-end that I was striking at will. I shot 770 with 3 8pins and 2 9pins. I had one shot I didn't get off my hand clean and left a wash-out but I covered it.

    This is my go to ball now, I have had it for about 3 weeks and have practice so much with it I have over 100 games on it. We'll If your looking for a all around ball from the CHINA to the Crap in a cow feild(tough conditions) This should not be overlooked.

    Thanks for reading my book. HEHE
    Also would like to thank MO Pinel, for the Revs at the Masters, and some insite on my game.

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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #2 on: May 20, 2007, 12:21:51 PM »
    I just drilled this ball last Saturday and threw it for the first time Wednesday night.  Pin is 4" and below middle finger, 15lbs. I throw around 14-15 mph and revs are @400rpm.  This was a fresh pattern, 38 ft 10-10, synthetic lanes.

    This ball is a gem!  I've had the Awesome Flip about 11/2 yrs and have trouble getting it through fresh oil. Not a problem with this new weapon.  It goes long and strong and it's name is appropriate.  It finishes hard with great carry.

    I average 190 and witout any practice shot 685 right out of the box.  What's better, I only left 2 10 pins all night. When this ball hits the dry it turns hard and seems to pick up speed and revs.

    Thanks, MO!!
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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #3 on: May 26, 2007, 10:11:12 AM »
    Drilled this ball at the Junior Masters Tournament in Dayton on the 12th. Drilled with a 5 inch pin to pap, pin below middle finger, MB at like 70 degrees out (can't remember how far it is from my PAP). No hole. Left OOB. Ball gets great length and is very responsive to hand position changes. Can be a big snap in the backend, or can be a heavy roll backend. Was pretty surprised at how responsive it is to hand position changes. Great overall ball reaction on medium-heavy oil. Works good with any angle on the intended conditions. Great pin action. Just an overall A+ from Morich.

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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #4 on: June 08, 2007, 06:28:55 PM »
    Ball: Asymmetrical 4 inches from PAP 1 inch inside of VAL. MB ended up on the outter right of my thumb 5inches from PAP. I left the box finish on it.

    Lane Conditions: I have only used this ball on my house pattern so far.

    Heavy Oil: Mo has much better selections for heavy oil than the FINISH. Use this ball for what it is intended.

    Medium: AH YES!!!! The perfect slot for the FINISH. It will get plenty of length but the way it reads the end of the pattern is unbelieveable! It moves so hard at the break that I think it frightens the dry boards.

    Light: This is not out of the question with this ball. It is not a Sahara by any means, but with the MB strength and placing it in the proper spot the FINISH could sit here very well.

    The FINISH is a good 5-6+ boards less than the REVS. They make a great 1-2 combo for use on almost any condition.

    I normally do not place balls that are strong in the backend in this category, but the FINISH is pretty controllable due to how well it handles the midlanes. It will not start up until it reaches friction.

    I got exactly what I wanted out of this ball. I wanted length with a very strong move down lane. I can get my feet nearly as deep as I want and as long as I get the ball into the friction soon enough it recovers.

    STRENGTHS: Length....Backend motion....and the normal exlposion of a MoRich ball at the pins.

    WEAKNESSES: Long flat patterns. I do not think this would be as much of an issue with a tweak to the coverstock, but that is what the REVS is for.

    I stated earlier how I can get as deep as I want and as long as I get the ball to friction soon it enough it will recover. FOR ME it is not the recovery that is the recovery and still being able to get the corners out, and the FINISH does just that. If you have REVS and want something underneath it with a very similiar overall ball motion then grab a FINISH!!!!!!!

    Carl Hurd
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    Youngstown Ohio

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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #5 on: August 14, 2007, 10:36:57 AM »
    Got this ball over the summer and I must say that this the best Morich Ball I have owned. I have it drilled pin above ring finger. It goes long enough to get through the heads and it has an unbelievable amount of back end. It is best suited on medium-medium heavy oil conditions. I would not recommend this ball for heavy volumes of oil. My speed is around 17-18 mph (according to my house). I use it on burnt up wood lanes. I have not had a chance to use this ball on synthetic lanes yet as my other league has not started. I average about 215 and we just started fall league on 8-13-07. This ball is phenomenal. Such a tremendous move to the pocket if drilled correctly. It goes about 3/4 the way down the lane and then makes a huge left turn, damn near made a u-turn and came back to me. I will post again when used on synthetics.
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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #6 on: August 20, 2007, 09:40:22 PM »
    i got this ball when it was first released and i have to say i had trouble at first taming this beast...but after throwing it after a month and changing the surface around a few times ive finally found  my groove with this ball...being a high rev bowler it was tough to find my line with this the end it was basiclly GO BALLS DEEP!!...this ball gives length a new name...longer then any ball ive seen or shot for me would have to be medium oil to heavy oil just because i can get this ball back from anywhere on the lane...great finish on the pins in typical MoRich 10 pins literally decreased by 65%...first ball out of my bag and some nights the only ball i a nut shell...struggled at first but after a few adjustments and practice this ball its a keeper and will be in my bag for a while...thanks Mo!!
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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #7 on: August 24, 2007, 01:56:38 PM »
    The MoRich Awesome Finish ("AFi") in a nutshell:
  • OOB offers surprisingly much length for a solid reactive ball, can be itchy!
  • Fits well between the Sahara and Awesome Flip/Shock & Awe
  • Best suited for medium conditions
  • Classic PK18 solid meets Vanguard core, 'nuff said

    Why this ball?
    I am a little late with a review about this piece. Higher forces kept me and the Awesome Finish apart for some time. I ordered the ball already in early April this year, but the German distributor company for MoRich's equipment screwed the whole AFi order up, so that the balls arrived in late July.

    The background, though: still looking for a medium condition ball, the AFi came out in April 2007 and looked... interesting. At first I was afraid that it would use a modern ultra-aggressive solid coverstock, so that it would basically be too strong for my needs. But when I was confirmed through different, independent and reliable sources that the so-called "Spectrum" coverstock on the AFi was "just" PK18 solid, I was tempted. Since I always wanted to try a solid PK18 ball with a lower RG than Brunswick's BVP balls, and through my positive experience with the great Vanguard core, I had to get this one.

    About me:
    Style = Stroker/mild Tweener, right-handed
    Speed = ~14-15 mph
    PAP = 5" & 7/8"^
    Axis tilt = 18,7°
    Revs = ~300 RPM at release
    For more details, check out my profile, please.

    The ball and its setup:
    With the information above, I planned to fit the AFi between my S&A and Sahara, as an angular MoRich combo for medium-dry to medium-oily shots. Both balls have a similar drilling (pin above ring finger, about 4.25-4.5" from PAP, mass bias stacked), so the AFi would, with the same layout, fit hopefully right between them and offer the same strong reaction I like so much about the MoRich balls.

    The ball came with a pin distance of 4", just as asked at the pro shop. Again, credits to Michael Kraemer at Michaels Proshop in Duisburg for the support with this one. The ball had 15 lbs., 3 ounces weight with 3 ounces top weight before drilling. ´
    The CG was shifted 1.5" to the left from the direct pin-PSA line - very good for a righty like me to avoid a balance hole with this layout, and the CG fell right into the palm.

    After punching it up, this is the result:


    * = Pin (in ring finger hole position)
    # = CG
    m = Mass bias/PSA

    Black oval grips plus a urethane thumb slug completed the setup. The ball remained in its OOB shine, which should be Brunswick's standard 400 grit base + high gloss polish. The ball looked good, but later on I found some poor quality issues (see below).

    The testing program - Part 1 OOB:

    Medium to medium-light 38' crown pattern, 1994 Brunswick synth surface:
    Maiden flight in my club house. Currently, the oil pattern comprises 22 units of oil, mostly flat between 12th and 27th board, with a 3 board wide, sharp oil edge and a buffed outside zone up to the gutter that is slick when fresh but which is easily worn down through traffic outside of the 3rd arrow. Changes quikcly and dramatically.

    As predicted, the AFi fared well on this medium shot, and proved to be very versatile. With the lane in virgin condition, the ball could make use of the buffed zone for a pretty straight line into the pocket. Standing on 28th board with my right shoe tip, I sent the ball across 13th board at the arrows out to 6-8 at the breakpoint - very far down the lane, I guess at 45'. The breakpoint was hard and sharp, followed by a "small" but violent hook into the pocket. I never expected the ball to yield that much length!

    With the pattern breaking up after 3 more games I started opening up the lane, just to see the ball's recovery potential from far outside and deep lines. I ended up at 33rd board with my feet, playing across 18th board at the arrows, and the ball would still break hard and recover back to the pocket, wrecking the deck with low pins and messengers galore!
    But the only problem with this deep and steep shot were occasional wide-open splits like the dreaded 2-4-8-10 or 3-4-6-7-10 - but this came more or less natural through the use and is not the ball's "fault". First serious set with the AFi was a 185-203-213, not bad for a new piece in the bag.

    40' or so medium-oily shot, 2004 Brunswick AnvilLane:
    On more oil and an not-so-clean back end, the AFi lacked traction. Even though I was able to play lines from 22 with my right shoe tip across 2nd arrow out to 5 at about 40' down the lane through 26/13 to 30/16 with small release adjustments to create more or less movement off the breakpoint, this was not really the ball's turf. Too often the ball would slip through the break point and cut a 1-2-4-10 spare, or it would over-react and go Brooklyn. It appeared to be very speed-sensitive in this environment.

    Interludum: Surface problems!
    After this confusing experience I checked the ball's surface and I recognized that the engravings' filler protruded remarkably from the otherwise shiny and even surface. Since the engravings are very big the ball would constantly track across them and lose proper lane contact. I blame much of the former erratic reaction, especially on longer oil, on this poor surface.
    Therefore I decided to give the ball a resurfacing/surface refreshment and scraped the engravings flat with a spatulum. I was surprised how much white excess filler material came off! Afterwards I hit the ball with a green 600 grit pad on the spinner, followed by a 1.500 grit pad and 4-sided Brunswick High Gloss Polish. During this process
    I also found a couple of air bubbles in the coverstock material , right under the surface - the biggest being 2-3mm in diameter. It is just a cosmetic thing, but I never found something like this on any ball I had before. I might start another riot with this statement, but it appears to me that Brunswick has some quality control issues at the new Mexico production plant?

    The testing program - Part 2 Resurfaced:

    40' crowned medium shot, 2003 System 300:
    New tests with the evened-out surface puzzled me at first on this slick synth surface at Duisburg, but it could have been that the ball simply needed some time to break in.
    The first trial game was a long and painful search for the pocket, and a workable line in general - 5 splits in a row was a new personal record! The overall reaction was pretty much like before: very long, 40-45' down the lane before the ball would break, and then a hard and quick but rather small turn towards the pocket. Rollier than a Sahara, but not as hooking-happy as my Shock & Awe (see also video below). Nevertheless, the ball was more consistent at the breakpoint and in the back end, so I guess the surface operation was the right step.

    Despite this improvement another problem lingered on: since it would go so long, spraying the AFi too far outside would not yield enough recovery back the pocket unless I would play the ball dedicatedly slow and with extra revs. This was a real surprise to me, since I expected it to be as booming-happy as my S&A. And even though I finally figured out that I could move pretty deep with the AFi on this condition, I would have to keep it on a tighter line - I ended up standing at 30th-31st board and playing across 15th-16th board at the arrows, breaking at 5th-7th board at about 42' down the lane, and the first serious game with it after sorting the line problems out was a whopping 222, mainly through sheer impact power and messengers galore.

    As a benchmark, I also tried my Frankie May Gryphon at 2.000 grit Abralon, pin under ring, CG stacked. Even though I could play it on a very similar line, the ball would show more recovery when tossed too far to the right, and it would have a slightly earlier breakpoint and smoother back end move, which would be easier to control than the AFi's violent move.

    Medium to medium-light 38' crown pattern, 1994 Brunswick synth surface:
    Back with the "new" ball at my club house for open training. What a difference! The AFi became much easier to control and to keep in the pocket. I used it on a freshly made pair of lanes after 3 games with my Frankie May Gryphon and with traffic from 7 bowlers on various lines - a standard league situation after switching lanes.
    I just had to make 3 shots to find a line, now, and again the 1st game was another 222. As before, I recognized that the polished ball would not cover that many boards and had to be kept on a tighter line. I ended up standing at 29th board and played across 16th board at the arrows, breaking on the 7th-8th board (FMG: 30/15). Too far out, and I'd leave 1-2-4-6-10 or 2-4-8-10 splits as before, while lucky Brooklyn hits carried well (no 5 pin standing). I also left very few 10 pins - thanks to the not-so-steep entry angle of this ball due to its relatively small/short hook.

    The testing program - Part 3 The motion picture:

    Finally, I made up some video shots of my ball, and tried to arrange a comparison section to show how well the AFi fits between the Sahara and Shock & Awe:


    Since the video material is not that good and the angle is quite low, I am not sure how well the differences can be made out? The vids were taken in 2 local alleys (Oberhausen and Duisburg), have fun watching and hopefully you can draw conclusions . For further reference and visual help...

    Some conclusions:
    A strong piece, but what else had to be expected (*lol*)? True core power, but less recovery and more speed sensivity than expected. The two lower density flip pucks lower the ball's RG and make it deliver its energy a tad easier than older Vanguard blocks, e. g. in the Shock & Awe.
    Paired with the less aggressive (read: less violently responsive to dry boards) and polished PK18 this ball moves well through the heads, and once it breaks it revs up violently, like a guard dog that's unleashed from its chain. It kills pins - quick and dirty

    I like very much how well this ball responds to release changes - but it seems consequently to be susceptible to speed invariancies and release errors. You can do a LOT with it - play it tight on a direct line with a late and sharp snap, or take speed out, add some side roll and send it across the lane almost from gutter to gutter. It will still be rolling back to the pocket and spread havoc despite the long ways it can go - the Vanguard core is a true masterpiece in energy conversion. You just have to have the ability to control this, consistently, and that's quite a challenge. This is NOT a beginners' ball.

    What impresses me about this special Vanguard core "final stage" is its brutal change of rotational axis as it goes down the lane. I was impressed by the S&A's breakpoint, but this one is even sharper!
    Playing rather slow and with medium revs, the breakpoint shape is for me as angular as the great pyramids in Egypt, the motion steady and predictable. Take out the 7? Just let it roll down 10th board, close your eyes and hear the wood being knocked over

    Thanks to the solid PK18 the ball is pretty smooth, desite its angularity at the breakpoint when it has dry boards to cling to. But the OOB polish creates typical over/under problems when the back end is not so clean anymore, or if the oil is simply too long.
    As a side note: I learned that the surface process at Brunswick comprises a 200 grit base, then Rough Buff and THEN high gloss polish is applied - a very slick combination which could be the reason for my reaction problems.

    Neverthless, even at OOB surface: if you just let it roll without forcing the reaction, the AFi is pretty good to handle, and I assume that without polish its traction ability should improve and it will surely read the lane much earlier (see below). The balance between surface prep and core characteristics seems only to allow a small error margin for a proper match-up. Tribute to the high-end core?

    Lane utility for tested ball with re-polished surface on 1.500 grit base (pattern length vs. oil volume):

    |S M L
    |h e o
    |o d n
    |r . g
    |0 + X| Light volume
    |0 X X| Medium volume
    |+ X 0| Heavy volume

    X = Best suited with effective control & carry
    + = Fairly suited (works, somehow, but lacks control)
    0 = Unsuited (ineffective, either slips or burns up)

    The chart concept is borrowed from Storm's 2003 print catalogue. Surface prep and drillings may change the results, it is just personal experience with my style and the reviewed ball

    Is it a versatile piece? IMHO yes, but it needs an experienced user, and the player better ought to know what he/she wants the ball to do - for use and setup. You can do a lot with this piece, and if you have a plan, the result will be worth it.

    With the AFi ball buyers receive a very versatile package for medium-dry to medium-oily shots, but IMHO the ball really shines on medium length patterns and medium volumes. Clean back ends make it break as if struck by a lightning. Like many strong core balls, you just have to watch out when the head oil goes away or the mid lane area friction rises. For lighter conditions, short oil and late games both cover and core are IMHO too strong, the Sahara is surely the better option - and these 2 balls complement each other well.

    Besides, it is nice to see that "old" coverstock technology still shines when the core matches up. With the AFi MoRich has launched a ball that nicely fills a gap in their current arsenal. I am not sure how well the PK18 cover can handle heavier/longer oil with some surface, but this should also be a serious optional use for this ball since it can be drilled well to roll early and its low RG should help it. I made some games on fresh 42' lanes, and the ball still shines with a violent back enmd recation, despite the sort distance from the oil to the pins. Wow!
    I am pretty sure that crankers will like this piece on oilier shots, since the AFi all has very good length and can deliver its energy spontaneously, in a very confined space on the lane. I haven't seen a ball yet that breaks this fast and completes its skid to roll transition in such a nick of time!

    I just fear that the Awesome Finish, with the advent of the LevRG and its new generation core, will be easily overlooked. If you can, give it a try and behold what PK18 can do beyond mid-priced balls when the right core is inside

    Finally... the looks:
    This ball is "loud", literally. I like its blazing, almost psychedelic style: it reminds me of classic flame designs on a chopper motorcycles
    But from the press/catalogue pictures I expected the ball to be (even) brighter, its color much lighter and the color contrast even more flashy. The fat white engravings are also a bit too large to my liking, because they make it hard to tell what the ball actually does on the lane - it looks like a piece of junk as it whirls down the lane... visual white noise.
    And, as a deja vu and quality comment, the white engraving filler on my specimen protruded remarkably from the coverstock surface. "Awesome Finish"? No, not really, and nothing I had before with any OOB Brunswick production ball. This does not, after a survey on and at local alleys, seem to be a general problem, but if you get a ball from Mexico, better check it twice

    Addendum Sep. 07:
    The ball performs well, hit is superb, but the recovery problem from far outside with the polished surface has been an ongoing issue. Therefore I decided to try a 4.000 Abralon finish - the idea was to make the AFi read the lane and break a bit earlier, therefore creating more room for error and recovery.
    Said and done, the first tests with the "fresh" 4.000 grit ball confirmed this theory: The breakpoint had been mellowed out, and the AFi broke 2-3' earlier. Not much, but for me it had been a recognizable improvement. Its tendency to miss the 1-3 pocket occasionally has been successfully reduced, even though the ball would need more head oil now - the overall grip level has improved very much, hit and carry is still astonishing! Nevertheless, at 4.000 grit the reaction has become very similar to my Shock & Awe at Rough Buff - still a bit longer, but the gap has become smaller between these balls, too small to be a long-term option.

    To take this experiment further, I wanted to try something in between a true polish and the 4.000 Abralon surface. I did some legwork and ordered some Trizact rubbing compound from 3M, namely a bottle of "#50077 Finesse It II". This is a very fine rubbing compound that is used on car bodies, to smooth out paint clouds and very fine sanding lines in the 3.000+ grit range.
    It had been a bold experiment, no ideas if it would work at all. I applied a coat of 3M's 50077 over the 4.000 Abralon finish (from 4 sides), and the result was a high gloss surface ball without polish! The PK18 surface became tacky as hell, with a mirror-like shine and without any negative effect on the coverstock material (like clogged pores).

    Back on the lane the ball would perform as expected: better length than the 4.000 Abralon finish, especially through the heads, but still a much better recovery at the breakpoint once the ball would hit the dry than the OOB or refinished polish. The reaction falls right between the former trials, and I guess that this will be the surface solution that suits my needs best.

    Anyway, generally the 3M 50077 compound can be recommended for the use on bowling balls. It is oil-free and can be applied like any polish or rubbing compound, and it offers a surface that is much finer than 4.000 Abralon but also much more aggressive than a polished ball. I can see that it will be useful on light oil balls and also for carrydown situations on late games, when you need both length and grip and where a polished ball frequently fails on the carrydown.

    Addendum Apr. 08:
    Nothing much to add, just the fact that the compound finish is very durable and gives the Awesome Finish a wide range of usability. I recently used it successfully on longer (42') oil that prevents a wide swing shot - but for a shiny ball I was surprised how well the low RG core delivers its energy once the ball hits the dry. Very sharp and violent recation, as long as there is some dry area to cling to. Carrydown is not its turf, even though the low RG core helps in this case, too. A very nice coverstock-core-combo - not for beginners, but a ball you can have fun with and see gaping maws from neighboring lanes because of the sick breakpoint shape if you drill it sharp like mine
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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #8 on: September 15, 2007, 06:14:33 PM »
    I purchased this ball in a package deal with the Awesome Revs to strengthen my arsenal.  I had never purchased a MoRich before, but I had seen them in action and liked what I saw.  

    This one is punched to go long and strong.  Pin is above my ring finger and CG is on a steep angle with a balance hole parallel to it. Looks something like this.

    I threw this ball on the Viper PBA condition in my experience league over the summer and was able to play a pretty nice swing shot from 15 out to 10 with a nice backend read.  This ball has a solid backend hit and carries pretty well.  

    I also threw it on a THS for the first time a few nights back and was able to play 20 out to anywhere between 5 and 10 with very hard kick to the pocket.  I am impressed with this ball and MoRich's products in general.  Both the Revs and Finish blow my Angular One out of the water and I will most likely purchase more of their products in the future.
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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #9 on: December 04, 2007, 03:44:17 PM »
    Finishing Strong

    SPECS: Dual Angle Layout I am not sure of the angles I will get them from Pro shop guy today and will add them to the review later, but the ball is drilled for length with a controllable backend move. OOB Finish

    House 1: AMF synthetics, Heavy oil all the way across not flat but heavy, most bowlers who bowl in the league are playing straight up the track area and thus it is torched very quickly, the oiling the center is a little to heavy to get a ball to setup in so you have to move left pitch it to the track area but not past it. I grabbed my AF sent it from, 12-13 at the arrows and about 7-5 at the break point about 44, ball was very controllable at the break very easy to read no hesitation and no snap just a smooth turn that was still strong enough to cover a a good number of boards.

    House 2: Brunswick Synthetics Medium through the middle and lighter in the track with a hold zone left of track area. Enter AF moved left went about 15 at the arrows and had alot of area to use, if I kept it inside the ball was smoother of the break and if I through it out it would turn harder, really nice wish I would have used it more at this house. I experimented with the break point going from about 5 to about 10 and each shot made it back easily the only difference was how hard the ball turned.

    COMPARE: To my Shock and Awe drilled for max length and max flare. Overall both have about the same length down the lane the difference is the break point S&A revs up alot faster and snaps real hard AF is slower and smoother off the break covering about 2-3 boards less than S&A but the AF makes up for it with a vastly more controllable reaction.

    OVERALL: Great ball man I haven't used that much I have maybe twenty games on it but I am gaining trust in it and using it more and more. I love the hit and carry the ball posses keeps pins low to the deck and moves them around really nice. Amazing control, go Mo
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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #10 on: December 11, 2007, 09:11:32 PM »
    i purchased a color blem ball that is absolutly the ugliest ball that i have  ever bowled with. that aside , the finish is one of the most forgiving balls that i have bowled with. always have been a storm man but have definately changed my company now. i have always been a 190's bowler for the past few years. Since buying the finish my average has gone from 186 to 210 in a matter of 7 weeks. have also rolled 2 700's and 4 series over 650. dont think i will buy a storm ball for a long time.

    looking forward to the insane levrg after christmas.great job mo

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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #11 on: December 11, 2007, 09:52:16 PM »
    Ok I am finally deciding to post my reviews on the AF... Im a higher rev player with slower ball speed. If I had one bowler to compare myself to it would be more of the lines of Mike Machuga. I have a great game although many would say I have a strange PAP location. My PAP is 3 3/8 over and 1 5/8 up. Not sure how I developed this location but here goes......

    1St Awsome Finish= Rico Drill(Pin in the Palm) with the mass bias at 45" located about 4 inches from the thumb.

    2nd Awsome Finish= Pin is 3/4" to the right of my ring finger, with the mass bias at 45" and located an inch from the thumb.

    3rd Awsome Finish= Pin slightly under both fingers with the mass bias being straight below the thumb and located 2" from thumb. This is the only one at 1000 Abralon.

    4th Awsome Finish= Pin is about an inch from my track(being left of my middle finger and up 1 1/2"...being 2" from my hole. This put the mass bias 2" over and 1" down from my centerline.

    Some may thing this is not a good idea to have this many of the same balls... Well believe it or not but all these balls have totally different reactions. I wanted to experiment with mass bias locations and pin locations to really see the changes in ball reaction. My strongest reaction is none other than the rico layout. 2nd would be the pin near my track layout. 3rd would be the pin beside the ring layout. And the weakest overall hook would be the one with the pin slightly under both fingers. I was going into this thinking that the last one was going to maybe be the strongest overall hook but it was right the opposite. I think this was due to putting the mass biass staight under the thumb.

    I just want to say that with all these balls and different layouts, theres not one of the that handle oil well! I think the specs on this ball can be very decieving at times... Im not saying dont give this ball a try but if you are hoping to use this ball on oil because it says Awsome Finish then ur going to be disappointed. All these balls have very good burn rates which bowlers need in todays conditions. For lane condition medium and below this ball will be very effective. Even the very dries conditions will still allow this ball to get through the heads...

    Overall I would rate this ball about a 9 out of 10 simply because this ball cant handle volumes of oil. I have a spinner and have tried multiple surface changes and I just feel the coverstock dont read oil well. Im a proud user of Rons Magic Carpet. For those of you that havnt tried it. Well its ur own loss!


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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #12 on: January 06, 2008, 09:25:21 PM »
    This is my first Morich ball. I don't really know the drill pattern or pin placement for the ball. I was kind of surprised what the ball works on. I thought it might be for a little heavier oil but whenever I threw it on heavier oil it would skid. But I found that it works best when the lanes have broken down some. I'm able to throw it out and  it will normally come back. It hits really hard and gets really good pin carry. I have been very satisfied with the ball and I could have shot my first 300 with it one of my first games using it but I messed up the last frame. I will probably buy another Morich ball in the future after buying this ball.
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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #13 on: March 08, 2008, 04:56:12 AM »
    Ball: 15 pounds, 2.5-inch pin, 2 oz. top, box finish
    Drill: 50/4/50 drill using the dual-angle technique. Puts pin above and almost in the ring finger, MB just down and to the right of the thumb, CG under ring
    Me: PAP 4 over 3/8 up, tweener, good speed, good circumference coverage

    This is the first NIB ball I've drilled at my home shop, and the first MoRich ball I've owned. It's not the first Mo Pinel-designed ball I've had, however, as I owned several of his AMF pieces back in the day. I liked his work then and I was hoping I'd like it now.

    This ball may be the perfect medium-oil ball. Unlike others who have used it, I did not find this ball to be skittish, over/under or anything else negative. On a fresh house shot, this ball offered good reaction off the dry, excellent hold, and the best pin carry of any ball I've thrown this year save for perhaps a Storm Paradigm.

    In my hands, the ball offered hold at the expense of recovery, which is my preference if I'm going to lose one of the two. I found the hook shape to be a power-arc (which is what the dual-angle instructions said I should get) rather than skid/snap or anything uncontrollable.

    Carry is best described in nuclear terms, with the most evident difference between this ball and most of my others being the way it throws messenger pins around. The core and coverstock complement each other nicely and fit my game well. It seemed to handle carrydown with minimal fuss.

    The ball is a bit speed-sensitive; shots that I added a lot of speed to tended to go longer than I expected. Also, the core is too strong in this ball to try to play on dry heads; as soon as the ball encounters friction, the combination of that friction on the coverstock and the core doing its thing will send this ball dead left.

    Summary: This ball handles anything from dry-medium to wet-medium provided there isn't a lot of operator error at the release in regards to speed. This ball should be perfect for most any league bowler who can handle throwing a strong assymetrical.

    I was very pleased with this ball and will give greater consideration to MoRich products in the future.



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    Re: Awesome Finish
    « Reply #14 on: July 10, 2009, 06:01:10 PM »
    wow I never wrote a review on this one? Omg

    15 lb
    30 x 4 x 65
    3 inch Pin Buffer
    surface 2000 AB Pad

    This is my fav ball. I can use it one light to med heavy. I got this off ebay for $80 shipped and shot a 300 2nd week I got it no 800 tho. I won over 5K with it not counting what I have lost. We never count those
    This ball owns hot like a truck and carry is awesome just like the name
    This ball can own almost everything excpet long oil. You would have to lower your speed and maybe you have a chance to use it. Cover can be change easly with albralon.

    THS   - 10/10
    Sport - 9/10

    I rate this ball a 10 out of 10

    I like bowling because it give me 3 holes of fun.