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Seek & Destroy
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Designed to provide excellent skid control on heaver oil patterns yet still maintain plenty of energy to delver a very powerful move at the breakpoint.  With a new top flip block version of Vanguard Core Technology there is only one mission at hand -- Seek and Destroy! Finally a particle ball with angularity!!!!
Drilling Layouts

Track Control Sharp Break Point Forward Roll
(PAP > 5-1/4")      
(PAP 4-1/2" to 5-1/4")    
(PAP < 4-1/2")    
Core Type:
 Vanguard Strong Asymmetrical with upper torque cap  Mass Bias Differential:  .027
60 Degree Avg. Spin Time:  5.3 seconds  Coverstock:  C4 Enhanced Reactive with Particle
Factory Finish:  1200 Smooth  Flare Potential:  Large
Differential:  .054  RG:  2.525
Weights (pounds):  12, 13, 14, 15, 16  Color: Black



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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2005, 09:29:00 PM »
Just got my Seek and Destroy set up just like the web page says for sharp break, maximum hook. I am a medium speed stroker / tweener with medium revs. I average between 215 and 230 depending on the shot in the house (no sport patterns in my area obviously...). I have a Shock and Awe and a RotoGrip RS-1. The Seek and Destroy is obviously a very stong ball. I was playing about 10 boards farther left on the approach and 2 boards left on the lane with the S&D vs the S&A which is drilled identical. The S&D reads the lane much sooner than the S&A but it really never quit. Either starts with a strong arc that continues through the pocket, or if you get it deeper in the oil, it does a mild arc then a sharper arc as it reads from light oil to just carry down. It is my first particle ball, but i really like the overall action and ball motion it gives. I will try to post a follow-up later after a couple of leagues and a tourney or two.


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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2005, 09:42:37 PM »
First off I would like to THANK John Jameson of Columbia Lanes in Columbia PA. John is a rep for "MORICH" And to my Pro Shop Guy/good friend Dom at 12x's Pro Shop In Memeory Lanes in Res Bank New Jersey if you need a ball go see him....

Now about the Ball "SEEK AND DESTROY" one word well to be honest one word is not enough. That ball is the best ball I have every used in my life. I am lefty with a high rev rate medium track and I was shocked when John told me to drill it up. More like scared but then when he said to leave it dull I laughed at him since I have always drilled it then polished before ever even throwing the ball. Not this..... No way.....

The ball does everything you ask it to do swing it IT NEVER QUITS tug it a little IT SLIDEs. But wait just hit the pocket and watch it EXPLODE......

This ball should be outlawed it is so good... I have the pin above my ring finger another first for me CG center of grip. Nothing fancy but it works on EVERY shot. Just bring the S and D and your shoes and you are set up for success.....

To John, you said to trust me and it would work. Well my hats off to you. Dom it fits like its not even on my hand..... Everybody I mean eveybody should have this in there bag. Between the lesson from John (and the after chat) The drilling from Dom I feel unbeatable...

Go MoRich with another winning ball.

Big John
New Jersey

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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2005, 02:35:59 PM »
Stats in Profile:

Alright, I have had this ball for about two weeks now and have thrown around 20 or so games with it.  I ordered the S&D from Buddies Pro Shop on Saturday morning.  It arrived at my door on Monday evening.  I requested a layout via the request form.  I was looking for a layout to give me a controlled reaction on medium volume sport, tournament, and other flatter oil conditions.  I was instructed to use a 4 1/2 pin to PAP, 5 1/4" mb to PAP and locate the pin approximately 2 1/4" above the midline.  I punched the ball up and weighed it out.  Ended with approximately 3/4oz side and 1/2oz thumb.  I decided to take the ball out and throw it a little bit prior to deciding on a weight hole.

I threw the ball on a broken down house shot (after several hours of open bowling).  Open bowling typically causes the oil patten on these synthetic lanes to vacate the head area and push all the way to the pin deck.  Usually there is some decent oil remaining outside around the first arrow.  I stood about 15 on the approach, and rolled the ball towards 5 at the arrows.  About the time it reached the arrows, the ball checked up and took off left.  I progressively move in on the lane, rolling the ball towards the 2nd and 3rd arrows, and pretty much saw the same reaction.  Finally once I moved in deep enough to get the ball to push through the heads (around 23 at the arrows), it reached the terrible carry-down and fizzled out.  It tried turning the corner, but I'm not sure any ball would be able to under these conditions.

Later on that evening I had league in which we bowl on second shift conditions (after a ladies league).  Generally, the conditions are similar to the above described, but just not as severe (usually there is some head oil remaining and the terrible carry-down has not yet set in).  From my earlier experience, I decided to take this ball back to the shop and put a little polish on it (Ebonite Particle Polish) with the hopes of getting through the heads easier and having a little more backend reaction.  I took the ball out in league and found a much different reaction than I had experienced earlier in the day.  The ball now became very over/under.  If I got the ball into the dry too quick, I would take off... any sort of pull into the oil and the ball has no finish whatsoever...  If I was able to hit within a few board area, the ball rolled up very well (acted like a strong urethane) and carry was excellent.  I stuck with the ball all night to get some games on it and ended up shooting 630.  Not a terrible score considering the high set that evening in our scratch league was 660 (yes, they are very tough lane conditions).  

The next day after league, I decided that I just didn't like the reaction I was getting from the polished surface.  So I took the ball back and hit it with a 1000 grit Abralon pad, followed by a 2000 grit Abralon pad (box finish on the ball is 1200 grit matte).  This gave the ball a shiny sheen finish.  I also decided to drill a weight hole in an attempt to get a little stronger break point from this ball.  I placed the weight hole 1" past my VAL on a line from the center of grip through the cg.  I used a 11/16" hole 2.5" deep and pitched away from the center of grip.  That night I bowled league in a different house on a fresh wall pattern (wood lanes, tons of oil inside and dry outside).  I threw the ball through warm-ups and the first few frames of the night...but it was just very touchy.  It didn't seem to have enough recovery to cross the soup and bounce it off the dry.  If I was very precise with my line, launch angle, rev rate, etc. I was able to get back to the pocket and carry.. otherwise it just didn't quite have enough to make it back...  I wasn't too surprised by this as I had layed this ball out for control on medium oil volumes... not really the shot I was playing.  Also, the surface of the ball didn't really match up to the volume of oil.  For this shot, my leverage WMB with box finish matched up much better.

Still looking to get a better reaction out of the ball, I hit it with 800 grit sand paper.  As a general rule of thumb, I don't match up well with dull equipment, especially with surfaces of 800 grit or stronger, but I figured I would give it a shot.  Surprisingly, 800 grit didn't dull the sirface all that much, but rather appeared to still have a sheen finish...  
I took the "stronger" S&D out and it acted like a different ball.  This ball now starts up a little earlier than my leverage WMB and overall covers 4-5 more boards!  

Updated ratings:  
Looks: 6 (still an ash-black color)
Hit/Carry: 9
Versatility: 5 (upgraded from the previously disappointing number)

Overall: 7.2

Overall I have upgraded the ball due to increased preformance/results for me from a surface change.  With an 800 grit matte finish, the ball is now stronger than my leverage WMB in box condition.  The S&D now needs a bunch of head oil in order to get down the lane.  The more oil on the lane, the greater the length and the bigger the backend.  The hit and carry of the ball is still well above average..the only pins I have left are 2 pin or 7pin or 10 pin on light hits (probably 75% of light hits carry).  So far (knock on wood) I have carried all flush and high flush hits.  

-Strapper Squared

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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2005, 12:06:03 PM »
Stats in profile

Ball 1 #15, 3" pin

Layout: 3-3/8 x 5-1/4 x 2 no x-hole required

Finish weights: 1/2oz finger, 1/2oz pos side, 1/2oz top.

Oil Pattern: Standard house wall,wood, 50 units at 15ft in the middle,18 units on the 10's drier outside of 10, 42 ft buff.

 This is the same drilling I used on my first Weapon of Mass Bias. Not only does this ball rememble the WMB in looks it mocks the Weapon's motion, with one exception it covers more boards. I began on a relative fresh shot following the Saturday morning Youth league. I picked a pair that was used by mostly straight bowlers using plastic equipment to see how it might be effected by a lane without a definitive track. It did not seem to effect the ball's reaction at all. Smooth hard arcing motion with continuation through the pocket. I ended up playing a couple more boards left of my normal line when using a D/T Thing Lives with a 4-1/2 x 3-1/2 layout. The S&D handles the oil better as expected, and responds well to the dry even though it is a particle, I never saw a sign of burn up even letting the ball outside early, it continued left of the head pin without reluctance. I generaly begin on a fresh shot 34(feet) 13 at the arrows out to 8 at 40 ft. with the S&D it is a minimum of three boards left of all three points and keeping the speed up. The combination of the Vanguard core and the C-4 particle cover is an explosive combination, able to handle most any oily condition.

Ball 2: #15.4, 3" pin, 1200 matte or satin finish (box)

Layout: Assymetrical flip 4 x 5-1/2 x 3-3/4

Finish Weights: 3/4 oz finger, 1/2 oz neg. side, 1/2 oz top

I noticed when laying out the ball I had an offset MB, so I pretty much figured I'd get away with out having to use an x- hole. After drilling and weighing I saw the cg was in the neg quadrant of the center line about an inch or slightly more. As I weight the ball it had a negetive weight which concerned me as I'd never had one before. What I got was recovery from hell-o.
I thought the first ball was a hook monster this one can be a nightmare. Using the ball for the first time on a fresh league shot in warm up was amusing. Several one our pair were talking about how much wetter the shot seemed until I launched the first guided missle. I was using the same line as described above, the ball traveled a good 4-5 feet further than the other ball than made an abrupt left turn rivaling any reactive pearl. What I saw was quite remarkable, I never thought a particle could manage to turn that hard, let alone still being so predictible at the turn. Great continuation, and as usual major pin action produced from the Vanguard core and coverstock combination. The ball became a conversation piece the rest of the night.

The assymetrical flip drilling will allow more length, produce more backend movement than the standard 3-3/8 x 5-1/2 x 2 drilling for a sharp breakpoint. A good 4-5 feet in length was achieved with a much sharper breakpoint, without burning up. I leaked several outside of the designated ball path, not to see any burnout caused by too early friction occuring, just kicked it hard left without sacrificing the hit or pin carry. An absolute must for the bowler who sees enough oil, or one who wants to go coast to coast.  

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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #5 on: January 09, 2006, 01:59:30 PM »
Now that I have about 20-25 games on this ball I think it's time for a review.

Player Profile
Right handed tweener/higher speed stroker
17-17.5mph, 330-340rpms
PAP 5" right, 1/4 up

Center Profile
House #1: Old Wood surface. Medium-Heavy blended house shot.  Tapers off to extremely dry gutters.  The more games bowled on it, oil dries up, never really carries down.
House #2: HPL Synthetics, Longer pattern with a very heavy concentration of oil in the middle from 12-12.  Tapers off to the gutters.  Shot forces you to stand right and bank the ball to boards 2-5 early in order to come flush in the pocket.

Ball Specs
3" Pin Out Above and to the Right of the ring finger(4 1/2" to my PAP)
C.G. within a 1" radius of the palm
MB drilled into with thumb(MB 5 1/4 from my PAP)
No x-hole
Ball tested at 3 different surfaces:  2000 Abralon, light coat of Storm Proacta-Shine, and 1200 box finish.

-Very strong reaction on just about any condition.  Core provides a very angular motion off the "spot".
-Hits very hard and carries light hits with a very high strike percentage.
-Exaggerated breakpoint gives the look of a polished particle pearl in the wrapping of a lightly sanded medium load particle.  Core strength of this ball is very critical to the ball's angular nature as any other core with this type of surface would yield a rolly early reaction.
-The softer you come out of the ball, the more continuation you get on the backend, giving you maximum forgiveness to minor release errors when you "miss it" at the bottom of the swing.
-Very versatile with different drillings

-Due to the strength of this ball at the breakpoint, continuous flush shots can lead to some intriguing leaves.  Strong 8s, 9s, 10s, and even high 7-9s, and 4-9-10s will leave you dumbfounded on what appeared to be a great hit.  The thing is, this ball never stops hooking as it enters the pocket and that's what causes the awkward flush leave.  There have been times I've seen this ball go flush and it'll leave the deck right behind the 7 pin or on the left side of the 8 pin.  
-The ball hits so hard that it can give you a false read of the lanes as they go through transition.  You may not see the shot burning up in the area that you're playing right away because the particle shell is smoothing the read up front and giving you a strong motion in the back with a strong finish.  This could leave you stuck shooting a high 180-low 200 game with a decent look while there's something else in your bag that could have given you a better look through transition and you'd end up shooting 220-240 without all of the single pins.

Other Notes
This is definitely one of the stronger Morich releases I've seen so far.  It gives you the read of the Weapon of Mass Bias for the first 30 feet with the angularity of a Polished Total Shock & Awe on the backend.  For me I've noticed that if I go on a string of 2 or 3 flush single pin leaves in a row that it's probaly time to put this Big Boy back in his cage, it's just that strong of a ball.  Rarely there comes a ball that overpowers most conditions but this Seek & Destroy definitely is one.  

Low rev players will love being able to stand deeper than they ever have before with a particle ball and actually watch it turn the corner.  High rev players will love being able to open up the shot on tougher/wetter conditions with this ball.  For the higher speed tweeners like me, it's awesome for coming out of the gate on a fresher house pattern/tough condition and playing direct with speed.  My downfall is sending the ball through the breakpoint but with Seek & Destroy it's really almost impossible to send this guy through the breakpoint.  I can honestly say when the condition is there for me to use this ball, I don't think I've shot under par with it yet.  It might not see a ton of play in my overloaded arsenal, but I have confidence that when I can use this a big game is coming out of it.
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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #6 on: January 20, 2006, 02:10:07 PM »
Got this ball from a friend who went to a Morich/Brunswick seminar. Got it for 135.00. Drilled at Hitt's Pro Shop. Specs in my profile. Pin below bridge, MB close to if not on my VAL. Reads the friction early but is very strong in the backend. When it reads dry, the ball stands up and jumps left. Great hitting power. Great for heavily oiled lanes. But very shot specific. Oh well, it does as intended.


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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #7 on: January 24, 2006, 12:33:49 AM »
Drilled according to the Morich sheet; max leverage.  Bowled first on a heavy house shot and played the inside line.  Fun to do for a left hander!  Strong turn to the pocket and truly continuous w/ consistant roll.  Next bowled on a spot shot with dry outside.  Able to get the ball outside and still had enough energy to the pocket with the continuous movement.  Bowled with it on a burt shot and found that it made it down the lane but was too strong on the backend.  Overall a great ball by Morich and a bread winner.
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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #8 on: February 09, 2006, 11:15:58 PM »
This ball was recomended to me by one of the guys at my pro shop who had actually talked to Mo Pinel in person. I got this ball drilled to handle floods and wow this ball does just what it is advertised to do. I was bowling after a womans league so there was massive amount of oil in the middle and some carrydown due to their plastic balls. I have a paradigm which i usually, in these conditions, stand at like 19-20 and throw to 10-15, with the S&D i was standing at 32-35 and was still able to play deep inside or swing it out, and this ball came back like a FREIGHT TRAIN!!! Great midlane read and amazing pin action. Ive stuck with Storm for about 2 years now but the way this ball works for me i might start sticking with morich. This is a must have for any serious bowler low speed/low revs or even high speed/high revs. Morich has got a winner
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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #9 on: March 12, 2006, 02:34:45 AM »
Had the ball for some time, leverage drill.  Nice reaction out of the box, but the ball has died slightly......which has only made it better.  Straight out of the box it has an amazing angular move, but when the cover has died down a little becomes an even rolling wonder.  Very sweet ball for wet dry conditions.  Gets through the oil if tugged and is smooth because of the particle off the dry.  Sweeeeeet ball, but like I said, a little too much off the dry straight out of the box.

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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #10 on: March 14, 2006, 01:59:41 PM »
Specs: 15lbs, 3-4" pin, drilled pin right of ring, cg stacked below, mb at 45 degrees, box finish

When this ball first came out, I was not impressed by what I saw out of people who threw it. After getting my own, however, I am in love. This ball takes all of the guesswork out of ball reaction. It has enough power to turn the corner on its own and just rolls hard, heavy, and true through the deck. Once it gets there, the hit is phenomenal--light hits just collapse the entire left side while high flush sounds like a bomb going off. I have only owned 2 MoRich balls, the Total Shock and Awe is my other, and they both hit like absolute tanks. With this drilling and prep, I can use this ball to play a gentle swing on a medium pattern or to go straight up on a tighter one. Either way, as long as I put it on my mark, the ball takes care of the rest. The only con that I see to this ball is that it can lend itself to leaves like pocket 7-10s because the ball flips hard and gets steep from the outside. This only happens, though, when I miss to the wide side and the ball uses itself up trying to recover. If I keep it in the oil, the ball is just a champ. Overall, I'd rate this one no worse than a 9 out of 10; it's smooth, predictable, and hella-powerful. Mo has another winner here.
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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #11 on: October 13, 2006, 02:31:42 AM »
I LOVE the Seek & Destroy. I couldn't handle the hook out of the box, so my drill guy polished it for me. This ball just crushes the pins on oil. This is my second MoRich ball, the Mayhem was the first. I loved that ball until one of my friends put a nick in it. The S&D reads the oil very well and finishes beautifully. Don't use this ball on dry lanes. It will turn left early and won't stop until it's in the left gutter. It's a great ball.


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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #12 on: October 13, 2006, 11:54:02 AM »
the seek and destroy is the best particle ball i've ever thrown. i had to double check because i didnt believe it was particle by the way it rolled. this ball is fairly strong in the midlane (just like other particle balls) but has a strong arc that not many other particle balls can give you. this ball hits very hard, but almost too hard to the point that perfect shots leave solid nines. you will also leave more eights and sevens with this ball. that is only negative. on an average house shot this ball will give you a ton of area. the low-medium rg gives decent revs off the hand, the ball has a strong mdlane read and a lot of backend. i like throwing this one because even when the lanes begin to breakdown a little bit, you can definately move in deeper. i am a tweener. ball speed 16.5-18.0 depending on where im playin with average hand. i can move to 35 and deeper with no problem. the box condition should be strong enoough for 95% of house shots. i wouldn't be suprised if it was too strong for most. i had to polish mine up just a little bit. this gives it a lil more length but still enough midlane read so that i can't throw it threw the breakpoint even if my speed went into the high 18's or 19's. the great backend is still there and the move is bannana shaped. i have thrown it on sport patterns also. the move is slighty stronger due to the clean backends, but the midlane read is still predictable and strong. great piece of eqiutment.


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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #13 on: October 18, 2006, 11:19:21 AM »
This ball is by far the best ball I've thrown.  It has increased my average by at least 15 pins in the last year or so.  I'm a high end stroker/low end tweener and can gravitate between the outside lines and inside lines depending on conditions.

The best part about this ball is it's versatility.  I started out with it's OOB finish and played a tight inside line of about 25 over 15 and it was golden.  The lanes don't burn up there and S&D gets great length and a heck of a snap at the pocket.  I eventually sanded it down with a 500grit pad which dulled it but really didn't change the reaction much.  What it did give me is the ability to go way outside, I now play 35 over 15-20 and I get a very smooth midlane roll with a great snap on the back end.

If you're not a high rev bowler and prefer the down and in shot this ball also works well.  Even with mine drilled ultra agressive I can play an intense outside line with this ball if there's some oil.  I tend to not mess around with my ball speed, but if you are comfortable with that then you can throw an outside line down the 5-10 board all day long.  

The core really shows it's ability to read the backend with it's turning ability for the last 5-10 feet.  I almost never wash out and if anything I may see it snap even harder from time to time.  If I have one problem with the ball (and it's more a problem with the lanes than the ball) it's that I do get some roll out from time to time.  But that's because I have it sanded dull and it only rolls out when the lanes get really dry.

Over all I'm sold on Morich and this ball is a great addition to your arsenal.  I went out and got a Sahara because I loved the core and action in this ball so much.  You won't be disappointed and the versatility will make this ball your number 1 weapon on the lanes.


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Re: Seek & Destroy
« Reply #14 on: October 27, 2006, 01:47:08 PM »
This ball is dead nutz!
SPECS: Fingers are right next tot he pin and mass bias is about 1 to 1 1/2 inches out. Essentially the Med track sharp break point drilling on MoRich web site. PAP is about 5 inches out. and the ball is is box finish

MOUNTAIN BAY MASTERS LEAGUE SHOT: Varies each night is a little different but when there is heavy oil this is how it is setup. 41 Feet of oil buff to about 43-44 feet very heavy in the middle and not much less on the outside, out of bounds is at the 7th board and is strictly enforced by the lane. S&D made the shot look easy, I put the ball over the arrows at 15 or 14 and sent out to 5 didn't expect it to comeback the first time and it did anyway BOMB pins were long gone! The break point was down the lane quite a ways I know the ball is desingned for late angular break but wow it really is the length of a Reactive Resin with the hooking power of Particle coverstock. I would say the ball revved up at about 41 feet and at 43 it flow to the right. Not Snappy turn but it was angular just not out of control like some of the Pearlized balls out there these days.  Ball hit like all MoRich products hard very hard pins were smoking the next time the rack brought them down.

LOCAL HOUSE SHOT: 38 feet buff to 40-42 feet, med oil relatively flat across the lane and these goofy Brunswick that don't carry for a feth.
S&D is a little to strong for this pattern especially after 1 and a half or so games have been bowled on them. Still gets down the lane very well better than I thought it would. I usually send the ball out right at 15 at the arrows and the break point is whatever the ball breaks at as long I don't pitch way out to the gutter it will comeback but I usually try keeping it between 5-10 board at the break point. Ball is very forgiving it makes up what you miss very easily. Breakpoint is still angular not arcing but it tends to want to jump a little to much for this condition polish or a weaker drill pattern and it would be golden on this shot also maybe a little less hand or moving way out to the left would be good adjustments as well. But it is just to strong for my taste later in the night and if I use it at all it will be during the first game then I will go to my Professional or Piranha/C for the later games.

I haven't really had chance to use this on any tournament patterns yet but the Mountain Bay shot is tougher than alot of sport and tournament patterns I have bowled on So I would assume the the S&D would still be a great choice.

Overall: If you need a ball that can get down the lane and still cover a tremendous amount of boards in alot of juice this ball would be an amazing choice. Stronger Earlier than Awesome Flip and later and weaker than Awesome Hook.

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