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Shock & Awe
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: Not Available
Shock & Awe, what is it you ask?  Designed with angularity in mind……. Vanguard Core Technology will once again raise the bar to a “whole” new level. With the addition of a dense lower torque cap to help generate sudden changes in direction, and by surrounding it with our new Performance Pearl Reactive cover; we have designed a ball that will quite simply leave the competition in Shock & Awe.
Drilling Layouts

Track Control Sharp Break Point Forward Roll
(PAP > 5-1/4")      
(PAP 4-1/2" to 5-1/4")    
(PAP < 4-1/2")    
Core Type:
 Modified Vanguard  Mass Bias Differential:  .022
60 Degree Avg. Spin Time:  5.7 seconds  Coverstock:  Performance Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish:  Compound  Flare Potential:  Large
Differential:  .048  RG:  2.533
Weights (pounds):  12, 13, 14, 15, 16  
Color:  Blue/Salmon Pearl


Randy Crane

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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2005, 10:16:32 AM »
Ball came with 3 " pin and 3 3/4 top weight. Pin is at 3 3/8 from PAP and MB in strong position about an inch right of thumb hole. This ball is a monster! It really opened up a tough shot for me. I have thrown the front eight twice with it already. I am very impressed with the carry. Great ball!


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2005, 09:42:04 PM »
Got this ball a few days ago. Its a 15 pound 4 oz with 2.9 top weight. Not sure on the pin, I believe 3". Got it drilled the Sharp Break Point per the MoRich drilling manual. Here is a shot of the ball.. . This ball is simply amazing. I love it. If you want something that goes long and snaps HARD and angular this is the ball for you. Hits extremely hard. I get a lot of messengers and not too many ten pins. MoRich is amazing!

Jesse James

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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2005, 12:31:30 PM »
Got this ball over a month ago. Wanted to put it thru it's paces, so I could give it a good review. I am kinda shocked (& awed) that there aren't more reviews on this ball. In my neck of the woods, this ball has been literally flying off the shelves! They can't keep'm in stock! Anyway....

Check my profile for my specs.
15#-5oz  2.5oz of top wgt.
Laid it out by way of Mo's Website. Pin under the ring finger, cg and mass bias kicked out, about 2 inches, obviously in the strong position.
This ball is awesome on the fresh shot. Especially medium-heavy to heavy oil.
Used it in the City Tournament in my area, and could do no wrong with it. WHile everyone else was confined to going more direct, due to the heavy oil volume, I found all kinds of area to play with. Only shot 235, but did get quite a few ooo's and aah's whenever I struck, due to the S&A's ability to come back from anywhere! (Made me feel like Robert Smith)
This is a great piece.But in this layout, it tends to move too much at times, especially as the lanes develop a track, making it very condition specific.
I was playing on all synthetics. About 40 ft of medium-heavy oil. The only way to keep this ball from pinging tens, or the occasional 9-pin is to come up the back of the ball. You must keep your speed up.
So far, the S&A's that I've seen that are the most effective are the ones laid out in a stacked configuration under the fingers and the one-thirty layout under the fingers. These balls flip.....and flip hard.....but they do it way down the lane at the pocket!!
This ball is a monster know doubt. A good entry by MoRich. But you have to have skill to control it. The carry is exceptional. Half hits, lite hits and pocket hits. But when the oil volume diminishes...put it up.
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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #4 on: May 27, 2005, 01:33:12 AM »
15lb. 2.5oz top weight
2 1/2 in. pin
S&A layout for medium track players foward roll

     Got this ball three about weeks ago. I Just bought a detour and a new power groove within the last two months. This was my experimental ball. I wanted to try something different so I asked a few pro's(bowled in the pro am in Jacksonville earlier this month). None of them spoke of this ball... at this point I'm kind of Superset! While watching the pros I meet Wesley and Mike from a new house in brunswick. We talked about different balls and what I was looking for. I told them I wanted some thing new and the both endorsed Morich products espesially the S&A. I get this ball and I throw it a few time a their house. Ball does the same thing all of my hooking ball do. I'm a little dissapointed at this point, cause the ball isn't living up to the hype. Wesley tells me to try it out and see what happens before we change anything. Once I got that ball on my regular house shoot it hooked someting incredible. It reved and hooked early but, It hit like five ten ton trucks crushing the hole. I don't think there will be enough oil for me to throw it every league night during the summer. It's really is a hooking ball that carries well for me. I might have to change the surface on the ball because the early hook gets me on the lane. I need to practice with it some more... I'll update sometime soon! This ball it definitely a monster. Morich might be on to something good.

Kevin Brown


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #5 on: June 20, 2005, 10:50:09 PM »
This ball was layed out by Mo Pinel
Pin Directly under and between finger holes.
X-Hole 1.5 inches to the right of the pin
MB Kicked down and to the right of the thumbhole

Ball is at 1000 Grit Abralon
Condition 1: Heavy Oil Synthetic, Wet outsides dryer insides- Ball definately hooks and keeps coming back, ball will hit very hard, but has a nack of being over/under and hard to control.

Condition 2: Medium Oil Synthetic, Wet Outsides and wetter insides- Ball holds very well and will strike if you get it to the pocket, still some over under problems but a bit of polish will help alot.

My Opinion: This ball is very lane specific according to the drilling, not very versatile, but I wasn't looking for that. Much like any Morich ball you can do whatever you want with a ball according to the drilling. I think a wet sand and polish will do a great deal of help and will get the ball down the lane. If you find the right condition with this ball you will not be dissapointed.
You'll all be left in SHOCK & AWE!!!!


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #6 on: June 28, 2005, 03:59:34 AM »
This S&A is layed out Pin 4 1/4" from axis, 3" above ML, and the MB 5 1/2" from axis, juts below and right of thumb.  No hole added.

I initially polished the ball even before I drilled it.  Polished, it created serious length and a very sharp breakpoint.  It had the most skid/snap of any ball I have ever owned.  With this surface, the ball was squirly and inconsistent.  So, I sprayed the ball with ball bite and hit it with grey pad to knock the surface down and give it a sheen look.  This did wonders for the reaction!!!  More midlane read, with a very controllabe breakpoint.  It also allowed to me handle more oil, and a wider variety of conditions.  This ball really revs up nicely , and gives me a great read on synthetics.  Ball hits and carries like any other MoRich ball, Exceptionally Well!  

Overall, an awesome ball that his very driller and surface friendly.  It cannot be said enough, make sure this ball is layed out and drilled by someone who knows MoRich!!!  If you get the layout and the surface right on this ball, you will love it.
*Erie Community College bowling*

Buffalo bowlers are the best all around in the country.

MoRich 4ever!!!!  If you don't have one, try one.  You won't be disappointed!!!


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #7 on: July 09, 2005, 03:55:17 AM »
This is my first experience with a Morich product, but defintely not my last. Ball is 15lbs; TW 3.5. Drilled stacked leverage 3-3/8ths inches from my pap (pin just right of ring finger) with a 7/8ths inch x hole. Yesterday I Tried it out of the box on freshly conditioned synthetics (THS)and absolutely marveled at the strong midlane reaction and aggressive flip just before entering the pocket. Shot 249 and 252. Tonight used it on slightly broken down heads with a bit of carry down. It still cleared the first 20 feet without a hiccup, hit the midlane and roared into the pocket again with a decisive flip that took no prisoners! Shot 242, 279, 254.

For once here's a ball that actually lives up to its hype! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this ball to anyone looking for an aggrssive skid/flip reaction that also offers control and predictability. My "A Game" is a swing shot, but with the SAW I was able to stand at 20, target around 15 with just a small swing out to 10. Essentially, I was playing down and in and the ball behaved itself despite it's massive move in the backend. For my style it offers the best of both worlds: Control and power. Great Job MORICH!!!!


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #8 on: July 30, 2005, 10:06:16 PM »
Earlier, 4/18.   Ball came in with a 3 inch pin and 2.2oz top. Drilled this one with the pin above and inbetween the fingers with the cg kicked to the right, and the mb right below the thumb hole. This ball rolls, then reads the dry very hard. Comparing this to the WMB, This has about 20 feet more length, and a much much harder backend snap. The carry was quite good though, and for a ball with this much backend, it kept the pins low, not blowing things up. Caution is advised, because this ball is an extreme over under, you need dry boards to the right, but otherwise fantastic ball.

New Addition, after about 30 games or so the factory finish wore off and I applied some storm xtra shine to it. This has become the most uncontrollable ball ever, it either skates in oil or just hooks in dry. Since I didn't want to play guess with this ball, I sanded it to 2000 and it did even everything out a little bit, and only a little bit, if I were to go more aggressive like 800 it would turn this thing into a nightmare causing either rollout or excessive hook. Now having tested 2 Morich balls, I think the this morich stuff is good for players who need a lot of recovery, have a few revs and a medium to slow ball speed.

In Golf, drive for show and putt for dough, in Bowling, strike for show and spare for dough.


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #9 on: August 16, 2005, 12:56:04 AM »
this ball as long as you set it up using morich chart i say its an awesome ball
but for a high rev player with slow speeds its way to jumpy on the need to keep your speed up with this monster unless you are a tweener and low rev player you should be okay with this ball on med to heavy oil...carry down its a little touchy..if you can find the oil to driest part of the lane your in the drivers seat with this ball...a high rev player with lots of speed 18+ will love this ball... ive never seen a ball blow the pins off the deck like this ball...way to go MORICH...


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2005, 04:27:46 PM »
one of the newest balls in my lineup.  Pin is below the left ring finger and is drilled with a wh near the thumb hole.  Honestly I like htis ball due to both length and also backend.  Ball hits like a truck and that much more.  Used primarily now as my home house ball its one of the most versitale pieces of equipment out from this company.  I have had to polish the ball on several occasions so that the ball has enough length on it.  Other then that this ball is one of the best balls I have ever thrown.


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #11 on: November 06, 2005, 11:15:57 PM »
Just wanted to post a review... Just got this ball drilled using the most agressive drilling from the website. Great ball.. Hits very hard and carries better than anything i have ever owned. First game out of the box was a 277 and I ended up with a 940 in a scratch tourney with it today. Finals next week. My first MoRich ball, but won't be my last... Good job Mo...

Ended up winning the tourney this Sunday... only MoRich ball in the house. This ball is a great matchup for my style just like my old 3-D Offset Violet was.... now i just need something for a sport shot with a lot of oil....


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #12 on: November 22, 2005, 04:28:17 AM »
Had this ball about 4 months now it is 15lb and has the control drilling where the pin in under the middle finger for a righty .Anyhow shot a 289 259 and 225 for a nice 773 series .Hmmm one day i will break the 800 in league bye for now.
Aussie Ralph


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Re: Shock & Awe
« Reply #13 on: December 28, 2005, 05:04:11 AM »
The Shock & Awe in a nutshell (on popular demand )
  • STRONG pearl reactive! Behold what an Absolute Inferno can be...
  • Unholy breakpoint shape. Hook potential and angularity galore
  • Needs some oil in the front plus a clean back end; carrydown is critical
  • Make sure you have a driller who knows to set the ball up for you.

    This is my 1st MoRich ball, and the second I have ever seen in "real life". The MoRich brand is not very popular around here in Germany, though known as a rumor. These balls are hard to get, and a MoRich ball has to be rated "exotic" for German standards. Even balls from Circle are more frequent.

    I decided, after long research, to settle on the Shock & Awe as my new standard medium condition ball in my arsenal. I was looking for something "below" my XXcel and my Fuze Eliminator, but with more length and pop as well as the ability to handle some fresh oil. A strong pearl reactive ball would fill that bill, but I wanted something with some control potential.

    After having seen my friend's Absolute Inferno, the Activator+ coverstock in Rough-Buff finish and its great controllability on almost any condition, I thought that such a ball could be the right option for my needs. But everyone uses one, and it was too rolly for my likes. Not a cool option

    When I found out (also through the help of the MoRich board, thank you guys! ) that MoRich's Shock & Awe uses the same coverstock as the AI with a slightly different, shinier surface finish, I was very pleased - especially since the technical specs were better suited for what I wanted the ball to do, including an asymmetrical core with a high mass bias.
    It was hard to get my hands onto one of these balls, and the task was not cheap. But I could not have made a better choice!

    About me:
    Style = Stroker/mild Tweener, right-handed
    Speed = 13,5-14,5 mph
    PAP = 5" & 7/8"^
    Axis tilt = 18,7°
    Revs = 250-300 RPM at release
    For more details, check out my profile, please.

    The ball and its setup:

    Once again, a big salute & greetings to Michael Kraemer in Duisburg, Germany, for his drilling support, expertise with the company's equipment as Brunswick staff player as well as his curiosity about this MoRich ball.

    My Shock & Awe is a 15 lbs. 3 oz. ball, with 2 oz. top weight before drilling. It is a 3" pin-out, with the CG slightly kicked out to the right.

    Since my XXcel with its RG differential mass bias of "only" 0.012 was moving so much, we were not sure about the Shock & Awe's setup because of the strong core with its 0.022 RG differential. I wanted to have the ball go long(er) and snap/break hard, especially since my XXcel shows a late but rather arcing, very strong reaction in the back end which covers lots of boards - too many, sometimes, but relentlessly.

    I wanted a more direct solution to the pocket as an alternative for less oil.
    Finally, after some discussion, measurements on other balls and the fresh experiences with the first Brunswick Vapor Zone test balls around here from Brunswick's staff players here in Germany (also Activator+, Rough-Buff finish, 0.017 RG differential mass bias), we decided not to use any of the generic drilling patterns provided by MoRich, but to go for something more specific.

    The result: My Shock & Awe has its pin placed at about 4 1/2" from PAP, directly at 1:00 above the ring finger hole. In fact, the ring finger hole was partly drilled into the fat pin because we were afraid that a smaller distance to the PAP and a higher position above the finger holes would make the ball too nervous.
    The PSA locator/MB was placed at ~90° from PAP for a sharp and late break, directly to the right of the thumb hole. The CG ended up in the palm, 1" towards PAP from grip center.


    * = Pin
    # = CG
    x = PSA marker

    Actual ball picture (incl. PAP and track markings)

    Looks simple but works like a charm for me and makes very good use of the ball's characteristics. No X-hole was necessary to keep the ball legal, due to the low top weight. Silicone oval finger inserts and an urethane thumb slug completed the drilling job.

    The surface remained in the single buff compound box condition. This is a very good option for length and controllability with the Activator+ material.
    This OOB finish is, however, NOT the Rough Buff finish used on Brunswick's balls like the Absolute Inferno or Vapor Zone. The Shock & Awe reads the lane much later than a Rough Buff surface ball, but it is not as itchy as a truly polished surface like on the Intense Inferno some time ago (see also addendum at the review's bottom).

    Some general notes:

    The Shock & Awe shows a strong performance. It has a very hard breakpoint reaction, much sharper than an Absolute Inferno in box condition. "Edgy" and "brutal" are expressions that came to my mind when I made the first shots.
    If I was to use Brunswick's Breakpoint Shape scale, the Shock & Awe gets a solid 95 out of 100. With a true polish, surely a full 100 (the Absolute Inferno is listed with 85). Even with the OOB compound finish, the Shock & Awe turns like a polished Smokin' Inferno, which has a 95 Breakpoint Shape rating.

    ...and this core is STRONG - or simply sick? Not only does the ball break hard, it does so unbelievably quickly. The determinator spin time of 5.7 sec. for the strong mass bias in this ball can be "seen" on the lane: with the big yellow engravings on the surface you can clearly make out how the Shock & Awe changes axis and tilt. When it breaks, it changes in an instant from skid/side roll to forward roll. The transition time is stunningly low!

    The ball in action in June and October 2006 (6MB file)

    Upon impact in the pin deck you can see and hear that the Shock & Awe has, on the right condition, a lot of energy left. Whatever is in its way is simply rolled, no: clashed aside, messengers flying everywhere. High scores through collateral damage. This ball is hell on wheels!

    The testing program:

    40' long, 6:1 ratio crown pattern:
    Here, at Duisburg's Treff Bowling, the ball was tested directly after drilling and later on, too. Great for this condition, it produced a 214 clean game directly after the thumb hole was adjusted. The ball impressed with carry and the fact that it just left easy spares, no splits. Additionally, I was always able to tell if I just made a release mistake or whether it was an irregular oil puddle on the lane when the Shock & Awe did not hit the pocket as intended.

    Playing with rather low speed and medioum revs, my best line was standing at 29th board with my right shoe tip, playing across 3rd arrow (my favorite/comfort line). With my XXcel, I surely have to move a bit deeper (30th or 31st board, aiming at 16th or 17th board) on the same shot, but the path and hook shape of these balls are much different. The Shock & Awe will go in a much more straight line, skidding longer, and jump towards the pocket. The XXcel can be swung out very far to the gutter and still come back in a late, wide arc. All in all, both balls score well here, just in a very different style. Exactly what I wanted.

    Flat 38', buffed to 40-42', sport pattern:
    This is my bowling club house which is an official bowling sport site and which bought a new Kegel oiling machine some weeks ago which is still in the adaption process for everyday use. Therefore, the results are not consistent at the moment.
    The Shock & Awe fared well here, too. On a fresh shot with enough oil, this ball truly rocks the house. Again, standing at 30th-32nd board and aiming at 3rd arrow worked best. After finding a path to the pocket within 3 shots, it is so easy so keep the ball in it and score until the oil is gone.

    During late(r) games, when the oil in the midlane dissipates and the heads run dry and spotty, you should watch out: the Shock & Awe is truly aggressive and will start to grip much sooner, 3-5' earlier are normal. Whenever your ball starts to move towards Brooklyn, moving deeper with the feet up to 5 boards(!) will hardly be enough. You will additionally have to take out some hand and back end reaction to keep the ball from hooking too much - the entry angle will easily become very steep. Speed will help, too. Consequently, even if you manage to stay in the pocket, you will leave frequent 10 pins as a righty because the pins will fly more sideward instead of mixing among each other. The entry angle becomes very steep and the ball prone to ugly leaves/splits like the 1-2-4-7-10 or 2-4-6-7-10.

    I do not seem to be alone with this phenomenon... It was for example visible on TV during 2005 Weber Cup games, when Paul Moor from UK (against Stewart Williams, I think) played a Shock & Awe with a similar drilling as mine (pin just a bit higher towards the bridge): in one game he left during the last 5 frames 4 stone corner pins while playing 3rd arrow. All pocket shots with great power and carry, but just too steep.

    Crowned 38' mild THS pattern:
    With my traveling regional league I get to see many different houses and oil patterns - but all of them suitable for sportsmanlike bowling. On this demanding THS with only 3 dry outside boards the Shock& Awe performed very well - standing at 28th to 30th board with my right shoe tip and sending the ball across 3rd arrow I was able to keep the ball in play during the whole 5-players-5-game session with changing pairs of lanes after each game.

    What makes the Shock & Awe so great for tournaments is its good nature and predictability when the lanes are fresh and oily. It makes a strong move, but gives you very much confidence when and where it will break. It was so easy to make multiple pin leaves on the left side, wow! I made, for example, a 2-7 split with a straight shot down 15th board. When the ball broke after 42', it turned violently to the left and took out the 2 and 7 pin with a powerful roll through the gap between them, as if there had never been a doubt about this hit. Since then, it has a place in my tournament bag for sure!

    Short and thin 32-35' Christmas tree pattern with 8 dry outside boards:
    This is the "low oil end" of my local testing range, home of my stationary house league. The outside boards of this THS are bone-dry, the rest of the oil is brought out into a Christmas tree pattern over grippy Brunswick synthetics and distributed into the back end after a long day by school classes and social bowlers... Generally, I'd call this medium-dry turf with back end surprises galore.

    Well, the Shock & Awe proved to be too much for this turf, yet playable. But I had to move very deep: initially I stood on 34th board with my right shoe tip, aiming at 17th board and having the ball go out to 4-7th board to make an angular turn back to the pocket. I wanted to go even deeper and play 4th or 5th arrow, but the ball rack prevented further adventures into deep space with the Shock & Awe. I ended up at 40th board, and the ball moved across the whole lane and still hit hard, showing the "typical" mass destruction picture: dancing pins, still rotating long after the ball passed through, messengers everywhere. Pushing the ball with some speed helped, but most shots went for Brooklyn, though. But: what a ball! I am now seriously considering a Sahara as a backup...

    On another occasion, during my traveling league, we had a long but very thin oil pattern on the lane. This, too, was not enough for the Shock & Awe, even when fresh. The ball broke violently and burnt out upon pin impact. Carry was so so, control weak, and I quickly changed to something with a milder coverstock.

    Some conclusions:

    This is an awesome pearl reactive ball, intimidating! When you need something to scare your competition, this could be the tool of your choice.

    My Shock & Awe turned out to be more than I ever hoped it would be when I ordered it without ever having seen one in action. For me, it is very close to the perfect pearl reactive I could wish for - I give it a personal overall 9,5 out of 10, with just some details to watch out for (see below), and because it is a bit condition-sensitive for me and my style.

    With the Vanguard core, the Shock & Awe is less "rolly" than the Absolute Inferno. It retains the Absolute Inferno's good nature due to the coverstock, but with the Shock & Awe you get a powerful core with a completely different basic reaction as a bonus - an investment truly worthwhile for an experienced bowler, but only if you know what the ball should do for you and if you have an experienced ball driller at hand who knows your game and how to set up asymmetrical core balls. Mistakes will be potentized, especially with such a strong core. So, be careful with what you do with this ball.

    Because the coverstock is just the same as on the Absolute Inferno or the Vapor Zone, you receive a well-tested, reliable ball that goes cleanly through the heads. To quote Brunswick on this: "The rough-buff, pearlized version of Activator+ coverstock used on the Absolute Inferno creates more traction in the oil, increasing the ball's mid-lane and back end hooking action, while still being clean through the front end. When combined with the more angular breakpoint of the Activator+ coverstock, this creates a ball with excellent mid-lane recovery and strong back-end power that is very forgiving, allowing the bowler more room for error." That's 100% true for the Shock & Awe, too. It just has a touch more length due to the compound single buff finish, goes very clean through the heads and turns the corner more sharply than a Rough Buff ball.

    Lane reaction on medium conditions:
    Comparison Sahara, Awesoem Finish, Shock & Awe

    Lane utility for tested ball (pattern length vs. oil volume):

    |S M L
    |h e o
    |o d n
    |r . g
    |0 0 +| Light volume
    |0 X X| Medium volume
    |X X 0| Heavy volume

    X = Best suited with effective control & carry
    + = Fairly suited (works, somehow, but lacks control)
    0 = Unsuited (ineffective, either slips or burns up)

    Very clean reaction, versatile, good length. Great core, it breaks so hard... this ball re-defines geometry - at least what's concerning "angle" from a bowling perspective. Yet, I never expected this much control from a shiny pearl reactive. I haven't had a ball before in this class that hits with such a clinical precision and inspires so much confidence through its strong and predictable reaction. Whoa!

    Another trait which makes the Shock & Awe so impressive to me is that the ball "does it all by itself". It is a stroker ball, definitively, not aball to force down the lane. I am glad we did not drill the ball leverage as recommended for a sharp hook - it might have turned out to be uncontrollably strong! While my XXcel likes revs and speed (the more, the better!), my Shock & Awe prefers an easy, gentle stroke to perform well. I tried to rev it up in my tests and to push it beyond anything the lane would permit, but the best (and most consistent) results were with a fluid stroker release, on any condition.
    My advice: just let it roll: the ball will go down the lane, break hard as if somebody kicked it from the side, roll into the deck and devastate anything. You just have to let it do its job it was designed for. Less effort, greater results. True core power and the laws of physics at work.

    What you can do with this ball's incredible powers occured recently in training at my club house - after 4 hours of tournament had passed and un-refreshed lanes thereafter. Deadly late shift conditions: the right half of the lane was completely scorched, and my friends and me I struggled with ever more weak equipment to keep our balls working, among them a Punisher, TPC Shooter, even Power Grooves were tried.
    Then, being fed up and having bagged the Shock & Awe long ago, I decided to try something insane... From some spare shots I knew that the left half of the lane had still good head oil to it, and the back end was quite clean. So I took, to my mates' horror, the Shock & Awe out again and started playing deep, very deep: 5th arrow from 46th board, 6th arrow from 52nd board... thankfully, there was no ball rack to the left, a service path to the left gave me that much space.
    But the ball worked and hit hard! Strange picture to have the ball wander from beyond the left gutter across the lane, almost dumping into the right gutter. But at 5-7th board, 45' down the lane, the Shock & Awe turned brutally leftwards in what appeared to be almost a 90° angle and headed for the pocket. The pocket was quite small, though, and I left quite a lot of nasty splits involving the 10 pin because of the steep entry angle. But it was not worse than the weak stuff on a more direct line. I just needed to give the Shock & Awe some more hand than usual, and it came back from beyond.

    ...and it looks just great. In contrast to the Absolute Inferno, I personally like the brighter colors very much. I seem to have received a specimen with a lot of big orange/salmon blotches to it - it looks flashy, proud and outstanding. Something this ball truly deserves!


    Only "weak points" I personally perceive so far are 2 things to keep in mind. Both can not really to blamed on the ball, it is just something the player should know while using this piece:

    1st is the ball's slight allergy to carrydown on heavier oiled lanes or too much oil in general. If some oil builds up on the back end, the Shock & Awe in box condition can slip beyond its breakpoint and it will not finish. A light or medium load particle coverstock would surely handle this condition better. If you recognize the oil, just play slow or around it - no problem with all the amount of hook this ball has to offer. But when you play higher volume patterns, watch the ball reaction closely and avoid carrydown.

    2nd topic is the danger of early hook in late games when the midlane dries up and a track is worn out. When there is still enough oil in the middle, moving deeper with feet and target will do the job. It is incredible from which angles you can toss this beast into the lane - and it will come back and hit, hit, hit... But the ball's coverstock is so aggressive that you have to make some additional release adjustments to prevent too much hook on the back end, or you will leave lots of corner pins and the occasional wide open split.

    Another, final "nuissance" is the permanent need to explain to almost every bowler around you what ball this is, who the manufacturer might be and why it makes this insane turn with a rack-blowing impact... Do not buy this ball if you are the introverted type of bowler. Won't work. This ball turns heads! Great job, MoRich! I am looking into more...

    Thank you for reading so far. The review is long, I know, but I wanted to be precise about this one.

    [i>Addendum Mar. 2008
    During the last year my S&A did not see much emplyoment, since it had been so strong and my new Frankie May Grypphon offered better control on changing lanes. I also foudn some decline in overall performance lately with the OOB finish - but this could be the result of infrequent use.
    Well, since I made good experience with the very fine 3M Trizact Finesse-It II rubbing compound on my Awesome Finish, I decided to try it on my S&A, too, just to get it easier through the heads. I just went to a slightly rougher base grit (2.000 Abralon instead of 4.000 on my AFi).

    The result so far is promising - the S&A has now a glossy, but very tacky finish. The shiny Trizact compound added considerable length to the breakpoint (I'd say 4-5'), but also tamed down the overall hook while maintaining the sharp breakpoint. IMHO, the core now shows more of its power or impact share in the back end, while the ball itself has not become itchy or hard to control.
    So, whoever has issues with his S&A (and probably other Activator+ balls) being too rolly - the Finesse-It II compound, coupled with a fine base grit, is IMHO a good option[i>.

    DizzyFugu --- Reporting from Germany
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    Re: Shock & Awe
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    This is my first Morich ball as well...Pin is next to the ring finger and down a little. Cg is in the palm kicked to the right about 2 inches with a balance hole. Bought it used on Ebay. This ball rolls very hard thru the mids with a lot of rotation. Anyone who has moderate to high ball speed will prosper a great deal with this ball. It has a unexpected flip at the end. This a very powerful ball, it has good corner pin carry and is forgiving.....the only negative about this ball is that it needs so desperately a nice amount of oil on the heads. I have mine shined reads the mids like a particle....but finishes like a reactive. Very unusual ball...but i love it. Its definantly a ball for game one fresh oil....One more thing: The S&A has great amount of flare when playing angles when oil is up front.. Look for my review on the "Awsome Flip" ........                  Earl