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Raptor Attack
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
- COLOR:  Purple/Black Pearl
- INNER CORE: Predator
- COVERSTOCK: Atomix SFP Reactive
- FINISH: 2000 Wet Sand/Power Gel Polish
- RG: 2.46
- A few tiny pit holes in the cover stock of the ball are normal
- DESCRIPTION:  The pearl RAPTOR ATTACK is the first asymmetric  pearl ball ever released by MOTIV.  Utilizing Atomix SFP Reactive cover  technology, the Raptor Attack is very long and clean down the lane with a  fast response to friction on the backend.   On sport shots, it dominates when heavy oil patterns break down and  transition.  On the THS, bowlers with moderate to high rev rates will be  able to swing the ball with confidence, seeing an impressive backend  move as the Raptor Attack sinks its talons into the lane.           The Raptor Attack utilizes the proven Predator inner core, which was  first used in the Raptor P7.  It revs very easy with a 2.46 RG and makes  an aggressive move by utilizing the .060 primary differential and .015  intermediate.    The shelf appeal of the Raptor Attack is just as impressive as the  performance.  The purple pearl and black pearl shell provide a gorgeous  background for the green pearl and silver pearl NeoMark graphics.



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Re: Raptor Attack
« Reply #16 on: April 10, 2012, 10:20:33 PM »
Bowler Stats-Ball Speed 17 MPH Rev Rate-App 275 Axis of Rotation-30 to 60 degrees Axis Tilt 22 degrees Right Handed

The Motive Raptor Attack is designed for heavy or medium to long oil patterns. The ball performs as advertised. It pushes through the heads with ease as on fresh shots with high volume of oil in the heads, revs up in the midlanes and make a very strong move to the pocket.  The change in direction is sharper the the Cruel LE as well as reading the lane later then the Raptor or either of the Cruels. The Raptor Attack can cover an equal number of boards as any of the Motiv Assym equipment if there is sufficient  dry area.  For me, this ball plays much better from the track area and deeper as it saves plenty of hitting power for the drive to the pocket.  I have successfully used the Raptor playing inside, at times deep inside when few others could go there, and swinging the ball to the dry as well as playing the track.  The Raptor Attack (and Raptor P7) Asymmetrical Core provides a unique look on the lane that should easily allow a bowler to know when it's time to put this one up and ball down or change the shape of the roll.  As long as there is sufficient oil in the heads and the mids and ample dry down lane the Raptor Attack is an excellent choice. 
The Raptor Attack, as with all of the recent Motiv releases, does not seem to have a surface preference as it reacted well on all surfaces on which I have used it.  The surface of the Attack takes and holds changes to surface of the ball very well.   The ball also holds up very well to repeated use. 

If you use this ball as designed on longer or heavier oil patterns, it is a very effective ball.

The Raptor Attack gives Motiv a piece of equipment for Motiv believers who needed a ball to cover a lot of boards with an asymmetrical skid snap reaction.   I'm very colorblind but I've heard from multiple bowlers that the ball is very pleasing to the eye and will give it good shelf appeal.

Dug Barker
Motiv Staff
Bellarmine University Asst Coach
BTM Youth Writer
Ken-Bowl Lanes Youth Director
Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach
Dug Barker
Motiv Staff
Bellarmine University Asst Coach
BTM Youth Writer
Ken-Bowl Lanes Youth Director
Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coach


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Re: Raptor Attack
« Reply #17 on: April 22, 2012, 10:52:04 PM »

The new pearl RAPTOR ATTACK strikes with power!    It’s the first asymmetric pearl ball released by MOTIV. Utilizing the Atomix SFP Reactive cover technology, the Raptor Attack is long and clean down the lane with a quick response to friction on the backend.


 I recently punched up my Raptor Attack and I have am very excited about this release. This is the perfect ball for when the lanes go through transition and the original Raptor becomes too strong up front. The Raptor Attack allows me to get through the heads with ease and allows me to open the lane up. The Raptor Attack has a much quicker response to friction compared to the Sigma Tour and rolls stronger in the midlane compared to the Primal Impulse. The Raptor Attack is not as strong throughout as the original Raptor, but bridges the gap between the Raptor/Cruel combination and the Sigma Tour while providing a different down lane look. Motiv is really doing a great job making quality balls versus quantity. The Raptor Attack just explodes through the pins! Pick up YOURS TODAY!!! Get MOTIVated!!!!



David Schroeder


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Re: Raptor Attack
« Reply #18 on: May 12, 2012, 06:28:04 PM »
Ball Specs:
Motiv Raptor Attack
2000 Wet Sand / Power Gel Polish
Asymmetrical Core
Layout 60x4x50 P2 Hole

Bowler Specs:
Right Hand. PAP 5 Over 3/4 Up
Rev Rate 275. Tilt 20. Rotation 50.
Speed off hand 18

I am very impressed with the Raptor Attack. I typically like Asymmetric balls due to the extra "pop" I get on the backend. The Raptor Attack gives me this great backend motion but lets me stay with the ball a  long time with smaller adjustments than I expected. The Raptor Attack fits well between my Raptor P7 and Primal TV4.
I tested this ball on two House shots that were slightly on the wet side. The ball was very strong and had great recovery even when I put it right of target. I could actually see the ball read the midlane and then the backend movement. I used the Raptor Attack with the box surface and later with 2000 wet sand with pad. I saw earlier roll without the polish but the Raptor Attack had the same great backend and hit either way. I do however prefer the factory sand and polish.

Strong ball with great midlane read and backend.
Excellent hit and carry.
A lot of hook with predictability.
I believe this is a great core and cover match up.
Anyone that wants to make an oily house shot easy should try this ball!

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Re: Raptor Attack
« Reply #19 on: May 14, 2012, 03:18:32 AM »
If you liked the very strong Raptor released last year, then you will like the Raptor Attack.  Again, this will provide a 1-2 punch.  The Attack is designed with the same core but in a pearl shell.  This gets the ball cleaner through the heads, further down the lane, and still provides great continuation and pocket impact.  This will provide a more angular reaction than the original Raptor.  On the fresh, it is great to use the Raptor, and then when you need to move your feet inside, you can pull out your new Raptor attack to be able to bend the ball and create a more angular attack. 

On a typical house shot, this ball allows me to create more room for error, as it will recover if I miss right and hold the line if I miss inside.  Both reactions still create great pocket results. 

I drilled mine 70X4x25 with a P3 Hole.  I placed the MB right above my thumb, to create a delayed reaction. 

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Eric McIver