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Defiance ECX
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The Defiance ECX: The Defiance ECX features a second-generation elliptical asymmetric weight block that is designed for versatile layouts and distinct reactions when compared to traditional symmetric cores. Compared to the original Rebel ECX, the Defiance core features a higher overall RG, combined with lower overall and asymmetric differentials.

The Defiance ECX also uses the new C60R-XL Extra Length Reactive cover stock that provides increased length even as the heads dry out and makes a stronger, more continuous change in direction from the breakpoint to the pins compared to earlier reactive cover stocks. This core and cover stock combination provides superior reactions on medium to drier lane conditions for all bowlers.

The specifications are: Part Number: 60-103529; Cover Stock: C60R-XL Extra Length Reactive; Surface Finish: Polished; Color: Blue Teal Pearl; Weights: 12-16 lbs.; RG Max: 2.620; RG Intermediate: 2.613; RF Min: 2.585; RG Diff: 0.036; Asymmetric Differential: 0.007; Average RG: 5.8; Hardness: 78-80; Hook Potential: 85; Length: 150; Typical Breakpoint Shape:95.