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Super Sonic
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Roto Grip has broken the "Barrier" with the all new Super Sonictm. This addition into the entry-level mid-price market, shatters all the previous standards in performance.

The Super Sonic's newly designed X-1tm core creates the strongest mid-lane motion along with unparalleded backend reaction at this price point.

Sure Grip IItm is the coverstock of choice for this high powered machine. This translates into traction, angle and pin carry.

Go ahead, shatter your own records!


Factory Finish  1500- Polished  
Radius Of Gyration  
16# - 2.6
15# - 2.61
14# - 2.63
12-13# - 2.67  
Differential  Low (.035)  
Lane Condition  Light-Medium Oil  
Flare Potential  3-4 Inches  
Coverstock  Sure Grip IItm Solid Reactive  
Available Weights  12-16 Lbs.  
Weight Block  X-1tm Core
Color  Reflex Blue/ Sunset Orange  
D-Scale  75-78



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Re: Super Sonic
« Reply #16 on: December 03, 2006, 12:23:43 PM »
This ball is a control freak's dream.  If you're like me and you're stuck in between the world of tweener and raw power, than this is the perfect ball for those fresh mediums.

I initially overlooked this ball when roto first released it.  Looks are definately deceiving.  It has the same "shelf look" of the storm eraser, so I immediately thought to myself length with a smooth break for lighter conditions.  Not the case!  The Super Sonic is one of those rare low priced balls that goes where you throw it, but actually picks up midlane roll and never gives up in the backend.  This may be the only ball under 100 dollars that I have been able to use in carrydown.  When my other stuff is struggling around the corner, like the pearl Horizon and Silver Streak Pearl, the Super Sonic picks up a roll before the carrydown and cuts right through it with ease.

The Super Sonic is drilled with the pin 5" from my PAP and 3" above the midline, so it's above and to the right of my ring finger.  As funny as it may seem, I can jump 3 boards left with my Super Sonic when my other Roto pearls are not turning the corner.  That, I liiiiiiike.  This cover is very aggressive for an older formula, but the low diff makes sure that it doesn't grab too early.  That gives you great control through the first half of the lane and a strong charge for the backend.  

Better grab one off ebay before they are gone for good.  Reactions at this price point don't come along very often.  Another great job by the company giving you the most for your money, Roto Grip.