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Pure Fuel
« on: September 09, 2004, 12:07:29 AM »
Hey finally got around to trying a pure fuel I had laying around for about 10 months!  

Oh I like this baby!

Don't know if I'll be able to use around here on this bony midlane condition they put out!

However the move really is nice.

Note that in the house I bowl in the oil pattern is very steep and I hear the oil is very cheap.  Olive oil or something, quick breakdown!

Cleanness thru the midlanes, (not a particles best friend) is required.
For whatever reason this problem is even more prevalent on the left???

So particles are almost never seen, Except on the right????

Anyway put this ball up against the beautiful Sonic Boom in this house.

The Sonic Boom may be my answer to this crappy long but thin pattern.
Both balls were 1500 dull.

The move of the Pure Fuel was very impressive.  Drilled 4 X 4 1/2 with a mass bias 1 inch left of thumb for this lefty(basicly stacked).  This ball may have the best reaction for a particle in this house I've seen.

Long(not as long as boom), and a smooth but very strong recovery on the back.
Boom a little sharper.  This is a best of breed pearl particle that compares very favorably to an Eraser Pearl Particle but is longer.  Ball did not have the striking power of the Boom but that was merely a factor of the condition.
(lack of midlane oil seems to bleed off energy for all but the fastest bowlers with particles in this house).

I could see this ball really creaming some normal patterns of 40 feet and less with midlane oil with its very controllable length and strong but not snappy backend.

This fuel core is a really nice motor for a bowling ball a great combination of  
controllability, continuation and hit.

Will try polished and report back but in general this has not been the answer to the riddle in this tricky house.


PS could see going right up the street and bowling where they buy lane oil, instead of nineral oil and having a very nice day!
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