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yeah yeah whatever
« on: March 09, 2008, 04:47:49 PM »
ok you still have to roll it right . You still have to have the ability to hit your mark,(as close as possible),and just like any other ball its only as good as the bowler.that being said the cell is a pretty good ball. Just had it redrilled and it paid for itself this weekend. Havent bowled a good series with it yet ,but when you get a decent look and line the cell is a deliverer. My new set up pretty much eliminated the 10 pins i was leaving,gave me more back end and a very strong finish to the 1 3. I think once i figure out exactly what to do with it i might get down to 2 balls my cell and the pluto. Glad i didnt give up on it. now i can polish my 15 pound odyssey,this should be a good three ball arsenal no i know 4000 no polish on the odyssey ,polished pluto and cell at 1000 thats the winning ticket.its drilled pin over ring and right 1/2 inch with the mb just right of thumb ,made a huge difference in performance.Thanks roger and to my driller stormed 1
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