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Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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"Extensive testing has brought us a coverstock and core combination that will give you succuss on longer and heavier oil conditions. The High differential Modified Insignia core, the heighest in the Seismic range, gives more hook potential combined with more control. The AVC-ET Cover surface preperation allows for a stronger downlane reaction while the strength of the cover handles heavier volumes of oil."

# Coverstock : AVC-ET (Enhanced Traction)
# Core : Modified Insignia Core
# Oil Condition : Medium Oil Long Patterns to Heavy Oil

# 16# - RG: 2.50 Differential 0.055 Mass Bias 0.013
# 15# - RG: 2.52 Differential 0.055 Mass Bias 0.013
# 14# - RG: 2.54 Differential 0.050 Mass Bias 0.012



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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2010, 12:08:35 AM »

SPECS 1: 50x4x70 2000 Abralon

SPECS 2: 70X5 1/2x60 OOB

AFTERMATH 1: OOB Surface this ball had way to much backend than I was ok with, my Seismic stuff is primarily used in tourneys and very very rarely used on a THS. So I knocked the OOB Surface off with the 2000 pad this smoothing out the reaction. First test with this surface prep was PBA Shark.

Sabre Lanes PBA Shark Pattern: Started with the Requiem (70x4x40 OOB) playing very deep inside around 22 at the arrows out to around 12, after about a game the wooden lanes starting showing the track again, Requiem got a little jumpy a little to soon, enter AM1. I was able to play about the same line as I did with the Requiem I just got AM1 to go down to the breakpoint easier, the motion off the spot was a little quicker than the Requiem but smoother than the OOB surface, I had a very good look through the next 3 games actually bumping right through most of match play and staying with AM1, Finished playing about 17 out to 8 once the track burnt out enough that i could start throwing that wide.

Sabre Lanes PBA Viper Pattern: Another tourney a few weeks later AM2 made its debut, in the Third game of qualifying the lanes were carrying down bad my Epicenter with the same drill has AM2 was starting to squirt so I went right to this bad boy, About 13 out to 5 with AM2, break point was a touch past 40 feet still that easy length like I had with AM1 on Shark, movement at the spot was a very strong arc, pins were demolished, loved the movement off the spot with this drill pattern, strong yet easy to handle and predict finished the block with a 230 and 220 to make the cut.

ON A THS: Both balls in their OOB Surface. AM1 is a freak, recovery pretty much from anywhere and the pins were being mauled. AM2 is very similar in reaction to the first I had to play 3-4 boards right with AM2 from where I was with AM1 other than that everything played pretty much the same. If you are looking for something to get a leg up on the competition in a league setting this ball is a must have. I think the AfterMath was still recover if your throw it in the gutter.

Motion off the spot and comparison: AM1 with the surface at 2000 is the smoother and stronger of the two. Rolls about 3 feet sooner than AM2 and the move off the spot is more arcy than than AM2. Compared to the Requiem (70x4x40 OOB) The AM1 is a hair more angular and has easier length great step down ball from the Requiem as when the Requiem becomes to much the AM1 can be used on the same line with sucess. AM2 is earlier and smoother than Epicenter with the same drill pattern. Again they compliment each other perfectly when Epicenter isn't cutting the oil the AM2 will from the line no adjustment needed.

HIT/CARRY: Incredible the Asymmetric core is brutal in the pins messengers are flying and nothing has a chance. pins stay pretty low nothing really gets terribly airborne. The Messengers stand out they come across for the nine or ten so hard that it looks like the pin being hit might break in half. Nothing bad can possibly be said.

OVERALL: Great ball, I thought the Epicenter and Requiem were great and the Aftermath tops both of them. very adjustable cover, easy to read the lanes with and handle reaction. Excellent carry, opens a nice area to hit on the lane, makes you feel comfortable even when the shot is tight. IMO Seismic stuff can and does rival anything out their.

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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2010, 01:27:48 PM »
awesome ball if your looking for hook!!!! on a oily house shot 70 units in the middle and typical wall outside 8 this ball is a monster! left oob for first game had extreme angularity easy to find the pocket. but left some flat tens so i polished it up  and wow is all i can say havent shot any numbers yet out of 6 games but recovery is definitely not a problem.thrown several in no mans land only to come screaming back and strike.very forgiving when u miss wether left or right has the strength to rip the rack from almost anywhere.2 stubby thumbs up  for sure!!!!!!


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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2010, 08:27:00 AM »
May 2010 review

Layout: 55°x4.5"x45°
Surface: 4000abralon

Having thrown the Requiem and knowing how strong that ball is, I was hoping that the Aftermath would fit right under it. What I got was just that. Very strong hook potential on the backend whereas the Requiem was strong and continuous throughout. The Aftermath gets through the heads clean, as long as there's oil there, otherwise you'll find yourself fishing for that hold area. When the Requiem starts checking too early, I can switch to the Aftermath and stay in same spot and still get to the breakpoint. Both very good tournament pieces when there's oil.


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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #4 on: January 20, 2011, 03:24:57 AM »

Length38-50 feet
Volume:Heavy down to med-heavy

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS<,Sport,Kegel


Likes:Ball is drilled 5x45x25 and has been kept at it's 4k abralon box finish.For a heavy oiler this ball clears the heads very easy with a defined strong break point.It is a very nice compliment to my Banks in that the Bank is smooth and the Aftermath angular. This ball has great carry and continuation through the pins. It's back end motion allows me to play multiple angles and hand positions with no loss of carry The insignia core in this ball revs up quite easily giving it a nice midlane read. I'm looking forward to drilling an Aftermath pearl in the future

Dislikes: None so far


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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #5 on: April 30, 2011, 03:50:50 PM »
                   BALL SPECS
 Pin Length
 Starting Top Weight-----3oz
 Ball Weight-----14lbs 4oz
 Pin to PAP
------5"(pin above fingers)
 CG to PAP------4"
 mb location
-----1.5" right of thumb
 Rev Rate
 Ball Speed----15mph
 PAP/Track(High Track)


 Grit----2000grit & 4000grit (no polish)
 Length-----  Kegel Sport Patterns(Highway to Hell)40FT
& 40FT Main Street Modified THS.
 Length---- plenty @4000grit on your 40ft or more THS.
 Back End----can turn the  corner with the best of them when carrydown is present due to the  stronger coverstock compared to the Seismic Epicenter.
 Overall Hook------Strongest overall Hook From Seismic. Enough for Medium/Heavy Volume.
 Midlane Read-----@4000grit(no  polish) super strong midlane, strong but smooth overall reaction.
 Breakpoint Shape----Surprising strong and controllable @4000grit(no polish).  

When  used on Kegel patterns  that are 40-43ft  in(length and  volume(medium/heavy) ball shines, with a strong midlane roll and plenty  of kick downlane.  light hits mix the rack keeping the pins surprisingly  low shot after shot. NEEDS OIL plain & simple, its main purpose.
 Seismic AfterMath Solid(Heavy Oil) 2000grit
 Seismic AfterMath Pearl(Medium/Heavy Oil) 4000grit
 Seismic Epicenter Pearl(Medium Oil) 2000grit polished
 Seismic Solaris Blackout(Medium Oil) 4000grit
 Seismic Euphoria(Medium/Light Oil) 2000grit polished
               Attached Thumbnails                
                Click image for larger version  Name:   Aftermath Solid.jpg Views:   1 Size:   63.5 KB ID:   5596                   
                                                            (Seismic Photo Gallery)


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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #6 on: September 10, 2011, 02:26:36 AM »

Length:40-41 ft  


Volume:medium volume

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS (amf HPL)



My layout for the aftermath comes out as 55 X 5.5 X 35. I was expecting this thing to hook so i laid it out to suit its strengths, and it reacted like i wanted it to. WOW, this thing hooks! and it recovered from anywhere i threw it, OOB the Aftermath comes at 4000 grit, which allows it to read the midlane great and still have enough energy at the breakpoint to really roar back and demolish the pins! i tweaked the surface to 2000 grit and i got even more midlane still with enough backend recovery to carry very well.


The Aftermath for me has more overall hook than the Raging bull but doesnt read as early. This


I would say the Aftermath is my go-to ball when i encounter the longer/heavier patterns and need something to recover harder off the spot if my Raging Bull starts to fade a little. GREAT ball!



 Check out the reaction video on YouTube!





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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #7 on: December 09, 2011, 10:48:29 PM »
First and most important I want to thank Ryan Press for speaking with me and helping me out with the Seismic product name.
My info:
Ball speed: medium- high
Rev rate: above average (350 rpms)
Pap: 5" right by 1" up

Drilling: 5" pin. 45 degree mb, 4.5" pin buffer
This drilling put the pin under my bridge and mb on my Val (no hole)

Lane patterns: typical house on Brunswick original anvilane
 I tested this ball out on our typical house shot. 40 ft top hat. Heavy in the middle tapered out to 8.

 This ball has some serious shelf appeal. It looks awesome going down the lane and it HOOKS a ton! On our house shot I was able to get inside the track and start the ball at 18 and get it out to 5. When this ball hits the breakpoint the ball makes a definitive move and for a heavy oil ball the ball doesn't lose any energy at all, this ball goes through the pins and hits the 8 pin in the face (right handed bowler). I was able to get as deep as 22 and still get the ball back with ease.  With my higher ball speed I love heavy rolling balls that go through the pin deck without deflection. Excellent product!

Sport pattern: WTBA Tokyo 43ft

 This pattern has alot of volume and an OB outside of 10 with the middles playing fairly flat. I was able to target 20 at the arrows and as long as I hit the breakpoint around 10 at 45 feet this ball definitly opened up the lane. I had to roll the ball, if I grabbed it a touch the ball read early and went through the face. As the session went on I was able to get as deep as 25 at the arrows and get it out to 12 and as mentioned on the house shot the ball still had great continuation and carry.

  Very impressed with not only the color scheme but the overall performance and continuation of this ball. If your a pro shop you won't have any problems selling this piece due to the great combination of great looks and great performance!  Great job Seismic

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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #8 on: January 04, 2012, 08:38:18 AM »

Volume:even christmas tree

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS


Likes:nice mid-lane read smooth back end very strong ball great for med to heavier patterns

Dislikes: none



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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #9 on: January 06, 2012, 01:35:40 PM »

Length: 40 ft.


Volume: Med-Hvy

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):Not a lot of taper, plays more like a tournament shot



Likes:Good length, great carry, very tunable cover, just a versatile ball all around

Dislikes: not a problem with me, but did notice that it tracked a tad quicker than normal.








Final Comments:

So far I am very impressed in the limited time I have had this ball. It started out with a 4" pin, and 4 oz. of top weight. After speaking with Ryan Press, as well as studying the numbers on this ball I knew going in the Aftermath was gonna be strong, wow was I surprised at just how strong. As you can see in the pic, we settled on a 5 1/4" pin to pap distance, with a 5" pin to cg distance, and I wanted to keep the mass bias in the strong positon hoping it would give me a stronger motion through the pins than what I have gotten in the past with strong oiler type pieces.


What I ended up with was a monster at oob surface. Actually at oob, it was just too much ball for me on the conditions I see in league, so imediately I went to the spinner and put some polish on the oob surface, and it was very nice after that.


Even at 4000 abralon with polish, it easily handled the fresh in my center with ease. As the night progressed and the breakdown started, you could see the Aftermath coming alive more and more, and more impressive is it actually became more angular the further left I moved, generally in the past I would have to go to a milder piece to get that reaction because my rev rate generally makes upper end pieces burn early and not recover on the back. Not the Aftermath.


What I am seeing is a very versatile ball, that will cover most everything from heavy long patterns, to med heavy longer patterns. Also I think it will work for most styles, and for most with higher rev rates this will probably be more than enough ball for longer heavier patterns. Tweeners and Strokers will love the length and recovery, with the added benefit of a higher rg core which will rev up fast for them on longer patterns.


The Aftermath is just an all around great ball, my first in the Seismic line and I am definitely impressed and excited to try other choices from the Seismic brand!



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Re: Aftermath
« Reply #10 on: March 08, 2012, 05:02:01 PM »
Quick Info about Me:
220+ average
High Speed - speed dominant
Medium Rotation and Tilt
When I got the Aftermath, I wanted it to be a tournament only super strong solid for use on heavy sport conditions.  I drilled it with a low angle sum.  What I got was a ball that rolled early, VERY early, on anything that wasn't heavy oil.  On a THS, it was not even usable for me with this drilling.  This is exactly what I wanted, but the ball sat unused for awhile as it waited for a pattern heavy enough for its use.  After a while, I got tired of waiting around and threw a coat of Rough Buff over the OOB (4000) finish and took it to the lanes.  
What a difference the Rough Buff made.  At this surface, the ball gets good length but retains the Aftermath's controllable move to the pocket.  Even shiny, the ball is extremely predictable.  I know where it is going as soon as it leaves my hand.  This ball has become my go-to ball in my league on a wet/dry house shot.  It is strong enough to cut through the oil if I leave it in, but smooth enough that it doesn't over-react violently off the dry outsides if I put it out there a pinch.  
Wanting to continue trying different things, I took the ball down to 2000 and gave it a nice shiny coat of polish.  Once again, the ball retained its smooth but strong motion, but delayed it even further down the lane.  With my high speed, the polished ball had trouble starting up if I left it in the oil on my wet/dry house shot.  It still recovered nicely if I left it in the friction.  Overall, on this pattern with this surface, it worked much better when I slowed my ball speed down.   That is not my A game, so I took it back to the rough buff surface.  
In terms of overall hook, I will compare it to my MoRich DestroyR with the same layout.  The DestroyR was given the highest hook rating ever by Bowlers Journal International (recently matched by the Hell Raiser Revenge).  With both surfaces OOB (DestroyR is 500/2000), my Aftermath was about 2 boards weaker and much earlier.  At the rough buff finish, it was about 5 boards weaker and still earlier.  Keep in mind, the DestroyR is one of the strongest if not THE strongest balls on the market currently.  Even being slightly weaker, the Aftermath is more than enough ball to handle the heaviest of patterns.  With the correct drilling and surface, it can handle any longer patterns or medium length patterns with a good amount of oil volume.  
Expect a follow-up review in the summer when I am able to test it on various PBA patterns in our summer PBA league.