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Aftermath Pearl
« on: December 31, 1969, 06:00:00 PM »
Ball NPS Score: 100.00 has the largest selection of bowling balls
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# Color: Red/Blue Pearl
# Coverstock: AVC-ET Pearl Reactive Coverstock
# Weight Block: Modified Insignia Core
# Factory Finish: Polished
# Flare Potential: n/a
# Radius of Gyration (RG): 2.488
# Differential (Diff): 0.054
# Intermediate Differential (Mass Bias): 0.016
# Fragrance: n/a

Description: Following on the success of the super aggressive Aftermath, we have produced the Aftermath Pearl. We lowered the differential on the popular Insignia asymmetric core to 2.49 while keeping a high differential of 0.054. The increased MB Diff of 0.016 makes this a strong asymmetric core. We have also reduced overall cover strength for this new release to the Insignia line. The AVC-ET Pearl provides a balanced blend of length and friction to give the Aftermath Pearl medium length for a pearl reactive, a controllable midlane and an impressive back end move. This will allow the Aftermath Pearl to be used on lighter medium to heavier medium oil conditions. The ball is Royal blue and copper red in colour.



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Re: Aftermath Pearl
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2011, 10:17:45 AM »




Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc)THS



Likes: I have this ball drilled to go long, with the stock cover it was a little over under on the line I play so I went back to the spinner and lightly scuffed the cover with a red scotch brit pad. this ball was way to strong now so I put a light coat of polish on it. Back to the lanes. First cople of shots were just to get lined up, than I went 7 strikes and a spare in the tenth. I play a little swing shot over 3rd arrow out to 8 board and bang flush in the pocket.. So far this ball has been every thing seismic says it is. very smooth and a hard turn off the dry. I am a lefty with slow ball speed and it has been hard for me to find a ball that gets down lane as well as this ball does. I only have about 8 games on the amp but with a little more practice this ball will be a winner....  Great job from seismic

Dislikes: none







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Re: Aftermath Pearl
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2011, 09:38:18 PM »

Length:40 to 41 feet

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):Modified Sport Pattern.


Likes: Ok This is my first review. I am a lefty pin is just below my middle finger kick a little to the left. With cg kick out the left. Had this ball for about 2 months now and I have pretty good feel for it now.
This ball is GREAT for playing up the boards or just a little bit of swing. Last set I shot a 750 with it up the boards. Has great mid lane, this is not your typical skid flip reaction. It all most looks like it has a double move, you see the mid lane as it is setting itself up for the back end action, then it will make its final move to the pocket. And the carry is unbelievable when it hits, carry the light hits, the high hard hits and messengers flying all over the place. Over all a very good ball.
This ball fits just under my Storm Reign or when my Reign is sliding past the break point as I said this ball has GREAT Mid Lane.

Dislikes: I thought this ball would have more over all hook. Very touchy when the back ends are flying. But I am not complaining.




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Re: Aftermath Pearl
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2011, 03:47:45 PM »
                   BALL SPECS
 Pin Length----5"
 Starting Top Weight----2.5oz
 Ball Weight----14lbs 2oz
 Aftermath Pearl is a Factory 2nd being the pin length is very long
 Pin to PAP-----5"
 CG to PAP-----4"
 mb location---1.5-2" right of thumb
 Rev Rate-----400+
 Ball Speed----15mph
 PAP/Track---High Track
 Grit----4000grit(polished Factory Finish) & 4000grit(no polish)
 Type (Matte, Polish, Sanded)--- Reactive Pearl
 Length----39-42ft Kegel Main Street Modified THS Patterns
 Volume----Medium/Heavy Oil
 Type (Wall, Xmas Tree, Sport)---more volume from 1st & 2nd arrows, very slick compared to standard Kegel THS patterns.
 Length-----OOB finish to over/under  on tighter patterns, took the ball to 4000grit(no polish) provided  better overall(hook/length/midlane/backend reaction & carry)
 Back End----A little less than the Epicenter & more angular than the Solaris Blackout.
 Overall Hook--- Perfect solution for  tighter medium(length & volume) patterns.  Good length, a touch  midlane and plenty of turn downlane @4000grit(no polish) on tighter  overall patterns.
 OOB Factory Finish @4000grit(polished), worked quite well on Standard  Wall, X-mas tree THS's that have plenty of dry boards outside or near  the track area downlane.
 Likes-----strong ability to keep pins low on light hits, with excellent carry.  Cover is very adjustable.
 Dislikes----can  be very uncontrollable downlane on patterns that break down quickly or  start off like toast.  But i played around with the cover and ball  provided vastly different results when you tinker around with the  factory box finish to gain a better overall reaction on various lane  conditions.
 Seismic AfterMath Solid(Heavy Oil) 2000grit
 Seismic AfterMath Pearl(Medium/Heavy Oil) 4000grit
 Seismic Epicenter Pearl(Medium Oil) 2000grit polished
 Seismic Solaris Blackout(Medium Oil) 4000grit
 Seismic Euphoria(Medium/Light Oil) 2000grit polished
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Re: Aftermath Pearl
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2011, 04:15:26 PM »



Volume: medium   

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): THS AMF HPL




My Info:

PAP: 5 1/4 over 1/2 up

Rev Rate: 400-425 rpm

Layout: 65 x 5.5 x 70


First thoughts on this ball was that this ball clears the heads great and still grabs the midlane great even with its 4000 polished box finish.


The Aftermath Pearl is the first ball out of my bag, pure benchmark for me. I have never had a reaction like this and I LOVE IT! As with most seismic equipment, this ball is nice and predictable off the back end of the lane, I have never seen a 4000 polished ball read the backend smooth. Its almost always the "go really long and snap hard" reaction with that surface for me.


I put my favorite layout in the AMP which is 65 x 5.5 x 70 which clears the heads good, flares enough on asymmetrical cored balls that i can get in and wheel it if i have to, and the backend reaction stays calm and allows me to use the ball on more than 1 or 2 conditions. very versatile for my personal game and many others.


Overall, you cant go wrong with the aftermath pearl, whether your bowling on a THS or a harder sport shot, the Aftermath Pearl is my top choice for the Seismic lineup. Which is why I ordered 2 more ;)



  Check out my Aftermath Pearl reaction video on YouTube!




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Re: Aftermath Pearl
« Reply #5 on: April 09, 2012, 01:01:13 AM »

AfterMath Pearl

SPECS: After Math Pearl 1:35X4X35 500 grit then Power Gel Polish over the top (AMP1)

              After Math Pearl 2: 20X5X35 2000 siaar (AMP2)



AMP1 First. It has been awhile since I got rid of this piece but I will post some thoughts on what I seen.


The stronger drilling and cover prep made this ball a monster, the smoothness made it very usable on alot of conditions, From lighter meduim volumes all the way out too meduim heavy patterns the AMP1 was a great choice.


THS: on the ordinary THS the AMP1 was a ball that I could move in with and swing out to the dry but their was no snap on the way back to the pins it made a very controlled arc back to the pocket, never quit driving all the way through the pin deck.


A small hand adjustment allowed me to play straighter up the boards and closer to friction, still no jump off the spot still very smooth and very controlled break point. Moving in deeper with my feet and break point and the AMP1 still had had the same look, made the corner easily even when playing very deep on the lane.


SPORT CONDITIONS: This ball seen alot of use on sport conditions, When patterns like Scorpion or Shark started breaking down and the track started hooking I would ball down to AMP1 and play a smaller swing than other players with stronger pieces and was able to keep up a good look. On drier patterns the AMP1 would often be first out of the bag the smoothness of the ball off the spot made it easy to use and I always had some miss room right and left of target.  


I have no complaints with the ball it was a reliable piece everytime I took it out of the bag it performed very well.




This one is drilled  very weak which was the intention of the drilling and the ball in the instance.


Keglers Bowling Lanes Manawa WI: I bowl a couples league here lanes are oiled every time we bowl but their is not alot of juice on the lane not enough for the amount of hand I use, Surface is newer Brunswick Anviline. My usual first Choice here is a Desperado but I will switch it up from time to time. When using the AMP2 I play 11-12 at the arrows and maybe 7-8 at the break point. at about 42 feet down lane. That smoothness is still present as is the control mentioned above, just far less of it. Friction is needed to get the ball to the pins and giving the 1-3 away is a bad idea. Moving in at this house with this ball is possible if I really hammer it at the bottom but the AMP2 visiabaly labors to make the pocket and carry percentage go down as a result. Objective of the ball is acheived however when everyone else is running to the left and trying to hook it around the world I have ball the WILL get through the dry and WILL still arc of the spot and WILL carry consistently as long as I keep it in play.


PBA Cheetah: Well even on Cheetah the AMP2 is to weak to start with but when the track goes and the reaction off the spot starts getting kinda funny the AMP2 makes its apperance. I play a line very similiar to the line I play at KEGLERS mentioned above maybe 1-2 boards left with everything but the same theory with everything AMP2 works like a dream. Length is very easy, and the move off the spot is clean and strong stronger than the move off the THS though still arcy and controlled.


COMPARISON: To Evil Siege, both strong Pearls and I used the same layout 35x4x35 on both balls. Evil Siege was earlier and was not quite strong enough to face up consistently and get all the pins out, ten pins were a constant issue. AMP1 had easier length and turned the corner easier than the Evil Siege, AMP1 got the ten pin with no issue on all patterns I used the ball on.


HIT: Very nice hit kept pins down on the deck at all times when I moved in messengers were abundunt and had alot of power, when I played straighter the pins all went off the deck at the same time. hit is consistent across all patterns the ball is used on.


OVERALL: This ball is a dark horse I honestly like the Pearl more than the Solid AfterMath, IMO the Pearl is more useable across more conditions. The Pearls smoothness and consistency make it a great ball it may not have the WOW factor that some other gear does but I want the pins to go down and I don't carry if it is flashy. Seismic does it with the AfterMath Pearl, Great ball Great Company! 





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Re: Aftermath Pearl
« Reply #6 on: May 30, 2012, 04:08:22 PM »
Seismic Aftermath Pearl
Headline: Smooooooooooooth

Drilled 70x3.75x45

Bowler stats:
Two-handed bowler
Speed: 16-16.5 monitor
Rev dominant
Medium axis rotation, slightly low tilt
PAP 5 and even

Goal: This was meant to be my stronger ball to fit over my Blackout. I wasn't expecting to use this much on THS, given my rev dominance.

THS experience:
First day out with all of the new balls, I was stunned about how much weaker this ball was for me than my Blackout and Euphoria. Both of those balls were hitting dried up spots on the lane and taking off, but the AMP just got down the lane and made a gradual move to the pocket. It was moving the way I expected the Blackout to move: decent length and then a gentle arc to the pocket.

I initially assumed the ball was just burning up, but I have now used both on many conditions and have realized that the ball is simply weaker for me than the Blackout (which still puzzles me, given that the AMP is meant to be a stronger ball and has a stronger drill). Though I was expecting a medium to medium-heavy ball, I am VERY pleased with what I ended up with. The AMP has essentially become my get-out-of-jail-free ball. There have been MANY nights where this ball has allowed me to take advantage of the benefits of a resin ball instead of having to switch to urethane to handle jumpy backends or burnt up lanes. The ball is smooth as can be off friction and is the best ball in my bag to combat medium-short oil patterns (36-39') or burnt lanes. It reacts as if it is a strong urethane.

On THS, I switch to this ball if my Blackout is too jumpy, if I'd rather play a smaller swing, or if I'm dealing with over/under (which the AMP handles beautifully). The Blackout is roughly 5-7 boards stronger for me and more angular. Though I start most nights with the Blackout and adjust/switch balls from there, I don't think I have a more important ball in the bag than my AMP.

Sport Shot Experiences:
Atlanta (38'): This ball was perfect for controlling the back end on this pattern. I switched to this ball after about 2 games and never needed to switch to a different ball. Around game 5 when most people's balls were starting to jump uncontrollably, this ball just continued its smooth roll, allowing me to make small, simple adjustments left to stay in the pocket.
Paris ('47): This pattern was simply too long for this ball. It had a hard time getting started. I was better off with a stronger ball on this pattern.
Cheetah: Though I had high hopes for this ball when the day began, I quickly realized that this ball was going to be too strong on the Cheetah with my rev rate. Urethane was my only option.
Scorpion: I had a decent look in practice playing relatively straight, but I had a better line with stronger balls. I returned to this ball around the end of game 5 when the lanes were starting to break down, and I never had to look back. Once again, this ball simply made a nice smooth move into the pocket when my other balls were starting to jump.


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Re: Aftermath Pearl
« Reply #7 on: August 19, 2012, 01:13:15 PM »

Length: 38

Volume: medium

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc): Dry THS


Likes: LOVE the carry, controllability on certain conditions

Dislikes: Can get to angular on the toast, but not what it's designed for