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Photon LMB
« on: November 21, 2014, 10:22:37 AM »
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The PHOTON line is a new line in the Seismic arsenal to use the popular HORN Core, our fast revving Asymmetric core from the BULL series.

The PHOTON LMB (Low Mass Bias) contains a modified version of the HORN Core, with a reduced Differential and Mass Bias, allowing you to achieve easier length through the heads and midlane with more angularity on the back end.

The Photon LMB combines the best aspects of both symmetric and asymmetric core balls.

Be scientific when building your arsenal - add the PHOTON.

Suggested Oil Pattern - Medium Length and Volume Patterns
Seismic POWER RATING™ - 225

COVERSTOCK: S.F-8/8 Pearl Reactive
FACTORY FINISH: 4000 Polished
RG (15lbs) - 2.580
RG Dif (15lbs) - 0.030
MB Dif (15lbs) - 0.011
COLOR: Royal / Aquamarine



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Re: Photon LMB
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2015, 10:39:13 PM »
Photon #1 35x6x35 at 4000 abralon

Shore View Lanes THS: Higher friction in the track with tighter than normal backends this season. Gave the Photon a try on this shot. Started playing a tighter line in the track area, going about 13 out 10 or so Photon made the move at about 42 feet or so. As the night progressed I could move in with my feet and was able to easily get Photon back from anywhere in the track area. Stayed with the Photon all night all adjustments were easy.

Comparison: To the BlackOut, same layout same surface. Photon is longer and a touch more angular off the spot. Photon handled oil a little easier than BlackOut, on a fresh shot the BlackOut would wobble a bit off the spot even when playing straighter, Photon reads off the end of the pattern better and does not wobble.

USBC Masters Pattern: Grabbed the Photon for the Break down. My Dominion was reading a bit early and to fast off the break point. I was able to move about 4 boards back right when I pulled Photon out, I played 14 or 15 out to 10-8 had to be right of ten at the break point. Photon cleared the front of the lane easier, and had a smoother move off the break point. Was able to move in deeper as needed as the lane went away. Photon opened the pattern up and took some of the tightness of the pattern away.

Motion/hit: ball reads smooth off the spot but never stops turning through the pins corners well enough to get the corners out but does not over do it. The Shore View THS has been nasty at the break point all season and Photon blended alot of that out. Photon as great hitting power gets great mix on light hits and keeps pins down on solid hits.

Overall: Drilled this ball to be a smoother option for lighter and meduim conditions and it fits well in that mold. I would easily see a Photon drilled stronger easily handling meduim to lighter heavy conditions with a good amount of hand. Photon is quickly becoming a go to ball in my bag, a spot previously held by the Dominion. Versatility in the Photon is unmatched. IMO more people need to talk about the Photon, because it is a dark horse in the market right now
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Re: Photon LMB
« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2015, 08:09:53 PM »
Photon LMB 90*1 3/8*60 OOB surface

Shoreview Lanes: nothing fancy just the THS. Wanted to try something a little straighter and smoother. This Photon fits that bill. Was able to play 10 out to 5 and got a very nice roll at about 42 feet down lane. As the lanes transitioned I was figuring on needing to go to something longer and stronger when I moved in but that was not the case. Photon allowed me to move in a few boards go a bit more up the back of the ball and still get the same nice smooth arc off the spot.

Comparison: to the Photon I have drilled 35*6*35, The Photon I am focusing on in this review is a bit earlier and alot smoother than the 35*6*35 Photon. It allows me to play straighter and closer to friction.

Even with the extreme layout the Photon can hit and carry with the best of them. Carrys the light time after time. Ball never seems to run out of energy once it starts hooking. I drilled this Photon for the specific job of being my dry lane ball and it fills the job like a dream. Gives a great look and gets down lane easily when the lanes are wrecked
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