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Raging Bull Stampede
« on: April 23, 2013, 10:36:38 AM »
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Coverstock Specifications
S.F-7/9â„¢ Solid Reactive
Bulgarian Rose/Barn Red
Box Finish
2000 Abralon
Oil Condition
Medium-Heavy / Long
Core Specifications - Horn Coreâ„¢
Weight   RG      Diff        MB
14lbs - 2.509 - 0.053 - 0.020
15lbs - 2.490 - 0.054 - 0.020
16lbs - 2.480 - 0.054 - 0.020



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Re: Raging Bull Stampede
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2013, 05:40:33 PM »
Drill pattern:65x4 1/4x70, 2000 abralon surface

PBA SCORPION: On well used Brunswick Anviline lanes. RBS is a very strong choice on this pattern. I usually use the Raging Bull the first game then ball down to the RBS to start the second or late in the first. I play about 18 trying to hit ten at about 43-45 feet for the break point. RBS gives you room to miss right of target, carries light hits very consistently. As the Lane dries out the RBS will still get nice length, and a strong move off the spot. As transition occurs I will bump in deeper and and RBS is the ball to move in with. The strong motion off the spot stays very strong I love how the ball doesn't quit no matter how deep you play it just keeps tearing off the spot. I usually stay with the RBS until I am very very deep on the lane about 25 at the arrows or maybe a touch deeper before I will ball away from it.

Lake Shore Lanes: THS Heavier Volume pattern far heavier than most of the other THS patterns I have seen. Surface is Anviline. RBS is a beast on this pattern, I play 15 out to between 5-8 at the break point. RBS again as easier length and more aggressive turn off the spot than the Raging Bull. Still retains the easy length and will hold off from jumping if you miss into the dry to soon and will hold line if the shot is pulled, No need to ball down in transition just move left and keep throwing it to the right and it will get back from the parking lot.

HIT/CARRY: As with all the Horn Core line this ball has amazing carry, as long as the ball hits anywhere near the 1-3 the rack will go down. Lights hits go out very well. All the balls in this line have pretty good pop in the pins. Pins stay down very well and messengers are all over when I move inside.

COMPARE: To Raging Bull and RBC.

Raging Bull (70x4x40) is a foot or two earlier than the RBS and smoother off the spot and handles heavier volumes than the RBS. RBS is a better choice on a wider variety of patterns than the Raging Bull, RBS can be used to play deep on Medium patterns, and is good playing a tighter straighter line on heavier volumes. 

RBC (Same layout) RBC has easier length and the RBS and is faster off the spot. RBC Handles a wide variety of conditions just like the RBS, But the RBC is more Medium on down to dry where the RBS is Heavy down to medium conditions.

MOTION: RBS has easy length for a solid, quick response to friction and a very hard arc. The length surprises me even on a meduim condition the length is very easy no need to fight it down lane, the motion off the spot is consistent regardless of lane condition also, from heavy all the way down to meduim the motion is quick and angular.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This ball is awesome, probably my favorite angular solid since the Total Annihilation. Every time I take the RBS out of the bag I am impressed by it never fails no matter what surface,condition or house the RBS will strike when it hits the pocket and it is always easy to get it to the pocket. IMO this line  of equipment is one of the best in bowling. Their is not a condition you will see that can't be covered by one the balls in the Raging Bull Line.
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Re: Raging Bull Stampede
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2014, 08:08:02 PM »
Typical house shot, modified Kegel Stone Street on Brunswick Pro Anvil Lanes. We use the Twister synthetic pins that last long and very durable, but can be tough to carry on sometimes.

Length: 41'

Volume: 25ml

Type (THS, Sport Pattern etc):THS/Modified Stone Street

Layout: 40deg x 4-1/2" x 75deg, pin centered and 1-1/2" above mid-line with mb 1" past val and weight hole between cg and mb. This ball is all about a strong controlled arc with a very strong finish and continuation through the pins. Absolutely love the reaction and how this ball revs up so easy, great compliment to my Solaris Platinum I just drilled. This ball does need some oil and when I have to get to deep I can use the RB TSE, Solaris Platinum, or Desperado TSE. I think with this lineup I will be able to play on a lot of different lane conditions. Another great ball from Ryan and the people at Seismic! Just my $.02, Bruce

Likes:Everything! Ball is one of the best rolling, predictable and controllable I've used. Just use it on the correct lane conditions!

Dislikes: None so far!

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